That's My Q #54 - "The Dark Monk"

-={On}=- [Costume Party, Starbase Ronin]

This was going to be so much fun! He almost couldn't contain himself, strolling through the gathered personnel of the Starbase, he loved costume parties, there were so many possibilities.

He himself was clad as some kind of dark monk, the hood covering his head, making sure nobody would recognise him. Surely his picture was spread all over Starfleet with big red letters signifying him as "Dangerous"

Walking up to the bar he spotted the man that called himself Captain of this Starbase, the Captain was fully clad in black as well, with an exception of the mask. "Good Evening, Captain" there was no need to mask his voice, surely the Federation wasn't that thorough.

Caelen turned his head towards the dark monk "Good evening" he replied casually, although he wondered how he was recognised. "I'm sorry but your costume makes you extremely hard to identify" he then said, having studied all the personnel on the base for some time, the ones that would be attending here he knew.

"Isn't that the point of a costumed party, Captain?" the dark monk asked

"Then I obviously failed" Caelen said with a shrug and then turned his head away again.

"Come now, Captain, you haven't failed completely…" the man answered, more mockingly then compassionately "…at least some people didn't recognise you"

Caelen shook his head "Why don't you just order a drink and go mingle with your friends?" he asked, still wondering who this man was and why he was so insubordinate "if you think the costume will safe you from any repercussions, don't worry, my Chief of Security knows how everybody is dressed up"

"Ha..." it was a trademarked response of the man "…then the cat is doing an even worse job then I thought he would…" he responded, still laughing silently "…I'm not part of your crew, Captain"

Turning towards the dark Monk, Caelen simply remarked "Then leave…" he said "…please?" he added as he saw that the man was unresponsive.

"No… I won't leave…" the monk folded his arms "…I wasn't invited and that makes me very sad" he said in an overly dramatic voice. "So I'm here to put a few things right" he added, a smiled just about visible in the shadow under his hood.

"If you're not part of my crew…" Caelen remarked "…I'm sorry but I can't be inviting everybody from all across the galaxy to make sure people aren't left out"

"Ah… but the Galaxy would not have been enough" the man remarked, lifting his hand to put down the hood and finally reveal his identity.

Caelen hanged his head and sighed "Oh God…"

"Q will suffice…" he responded with a smile "…although I have a striking resemblance to your Terran God or ancient times"

"Hey…" Caelen suddenly looked up and motioned at Q "…aren't you supposed to be harassing Captain Piccard and his crew?" he asked

Q shrugged "I am…" he simply remarked "…but their parties are so passé"

Caelen frowned a bit before realising "Ah yeah… omni-present" he exclaimed with a sigh.

"And omniscient, omnipotent…" Q lifted his arms in a `whatever' motion "…omni-omni really" he remarked, as if it was a curse rather then a gift. "Now to liven things up a bit" he snapped his fingers and flashed into a Starfleet Captain's uniform.

A sigh escaped Caelen's mouth as he realised it would only get worse from here, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"People! Ladies! Gentlemen!" Q shouted to be audible above the `socialising' crowd "And everything in between" he then added looking around the room spotting several really well dressed individuals. "Are we having fun?"

There was no response from the crowd, some didn't recognise him and others who did had not clue what Q was doing here.

"I had this fun idea to make everything just a bit more interesting…" Q stated widening his arms in a grotesque motion before continuing "…surely you are all Dressed as famous characters…" he said looking around to make sure he had all the attention, boy did he love attention "…but do you even Know what they stood for? What they did? What they thought? What they went through?!" he folded his arms.

There was still no response from the crowd, they whispered amongst each other but not to Q, they probably knew it was of no use. "Well… you are about to find out" a smiled now appeared on his face as he lifted his hand, just before he snapped his fingers he added "Have fun…" the snap of his fingers let everybody disappear in a white haze of light "…I know I will" he then added.


(OOC: Ok Everybody Listen Up! You have been hurled into your own Character's Story! Time for some Character Devellopment. Nifty little addition is that, with some effort, you find that you can do what your character is intended to do... Unfortunately if this means killing innocent virgins you will understand why the character did it and even urge towards this even if it's against your own morales)

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Dark Monk a.k.a. Q The Omni-Omni being Q-Continuum