That's my Q # 51 - 52 - "Beldar meets V"


[Starbase Ronin - Recreation Deck - Costume Party]

"Mip! More synthehol please," Zorach said as he approached the bar counter. He nodded at the man wearing the costume from V for Vendetta. "Nice party. Don't suppose you want to mix business with pleasure?"

"That would beat the point of a party now wouldn't it?" Caelen asked, plus he didn't really have pleasure, he just came to give a good example to his crew. Although hiding behind a mask all night wouldn't really be a good example he wanted his crew to follow.

"Ah. I knew a pilot once. Pilot got grounded. For him, it was like losing a best friend. So he chained himself to a bar stool. Just existed for awhile. Not having any fun, much like you are. It hurt for a long time. It's probably nothing what you're going through. V, I was that pilot. So, other than yourself, who has a good costume?" Zorach said. <It never stopped hurting, missing the flight line and that pilot seat. He could swim his fighter between asteroids and find his target, but no more.> he thought.

"My wife just left me..." Caelen said turning his gaze to this man who thought he knew him "...she took the only thing away from me that gave me purpose" he looked away again "so don't pretend you know me because you can't fly again... because frankly I wouldn't really care if you couldn't Walk anymore..." he looked at Zorach again "'s not the costume that's important it's the idea... The idea Mister Zorach... is timeproof."

Zorach leaned back in surprise. "Allow me to speak freely, sir. As V is quoted from the film, `Certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.' You can feel as sad or mad or by God anything you want, because you are the Captain. But don't try to wiggle from the reality of it. The idea? You want to fight the inevitable. We lose people, everyday. A wife, a brother, a lover, a friend, a son, a daughter. By cause or fault or war, you are not immune from it." Zorach took a breath and a big swallow of his drink. Zorach calmly added, "Yes, sir. I don't know anything more than what you've told me and how you acted. You're human. I'm sorry for your loss. Rousseau wrote, `General and abstract ideas are the source of the greatest errors of mankind.' I really don't get the idea of your costume."

Caelen slammed his glass down on the bar "I don't give a Damn what Rousseau wrote" he said, his voice rather loud before he calmed down again "I might not be immune from faults, war or any other thing like that, but I'm the Captain, I should be able to handle it" he looked at Zorach and stepped a bit closer "There is one thing I like even less then losing someone and that is people telling me they know how I feel and giving me advice on what to do..." he stepped back again and leaned on the stool "...But again, truth be told, if we're looking for the guilty we need only look into a mirror."

A few eyes turned upon them and glanced away. <He's mad enough to chew neutronium. Who am I to complain, he is the Captain. Best make a retreat before he shoots me down.> Zorach thought. "Aye aye, sir," Zorach said and stood up. He had an escape plan in place. It was just a handy recording keyed into his combadge. A gentle squeeze and a recording would play asking for his attention to an intelligence message. It was polite way to escape without any hurt feelings. Zorach felt for his combadge but it had slipped lower than expected.

Caelen frowned a bit, although this was obviously invisible for his Chief Intelligence "Am I making you itch, Lieutenant?" he asked a bit sarcastically "If you want to leave then you have my permission to do so..." he looked away from the Lieutenant, making his departure even simpler "...have a good time, Lieutenant" <it will be long before you have that opportunity again>

Zorach felt the edge of his combadge poke into his thigh. "Costume malfunction. Good evening, sir." He limped away slowly.


Captain Caelen LaBrie (AKA "V") Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)