Sweet Child o' Time #3&4 - "On The River"


["Lucky 47" Casino, Deck 64, Starbase 47]

Brent had arrived before the lockdown that was triggered by an explosion. He hadn't heard much about what happened there, but did hear there were victims. Brent could imagine what was going on, why there was a red alert and there was a lockdown, but it was the least of his troubles. Personnel, that was what he needed, dealers, technicians, the whole shebang. At the moment it was the only thing he could worry about, the Casino would open soon, and without people to work, no fun.

As a preparation he advertised on Earth a few days before he left. Brent also placed ads asking for personnel reading "Outer Space Casino, Looking for Outer Space Personnel." And the moment he arrived at the Starbase, he advertised for the grand opening of the Casino. Brent was looking forward to opening the doors for everybody on the Starbase.

Today there were going to be several solicitants for the dealer positions. Brent would be doing the interviewing himself, and asking them to show their dealing skills.

Valerie was a bit nervous about all this, she knew she was good at dealing cards and that her social skills would at least help. She just hoped that Brent had good memories about her mother, she knew that this world was all about connections. She sat in the corridor, on a rather uncomfortable chair, waiting to be called in by Brent himself, he was going to do the interviews himself, that made her extra nervous.

Brent came up from his chair, it was 3 o'clock, time for the first interview. He picked up the PADD from his desk, containing names on who he would be interviewing the coming hours. The first name on the list was Valerie Errin, as Brent was walking towards the corridor where she hopefully was waiting. <That name...> Brent thought for a second. <Off course, Vanessa> Vanessa was a very good dealer and very friendly. <She did have a daughter, I never saw her, but she could very well be>

The doors slid open, and Brent looked out in to the corridor. There was a girl sitting on what looked like a very uncomfortable chair, he looked at her. <I wanna bet Vanessa is her mother, she looks a lot like her.> Brent thought to himself. "Are you Valerie Errin?" He asked.

Valerie almost jumped from her seat "I am" she smiled a bit nervously, immediately wondering how that made her look. She walked closer and extended a hand in greeting, "nice to meet you sir"

A smile appeared on Brent his face, she looked like a very nice girl. Brent extended his hand as well and welcomed the greeting. "Nice to meet you too." He answered. "Let's walk to my office." Brent said and pointed with his arm in the direction of a door in the back of the casino. "Do you happen to be the daughter of Vanessa Errin?" he asked, "I'm sorry if I'm so direct, but I'm curious, you look like her."

Valerie smiled, at least he remembered her mother "Yes... yes I am" she stepped inside the office, still quite nervous but getting it a bit better under control now. She sat down in a chair and waited for Brent to sit down behind his desk.

"Please take it as a compliment" Brent smiled as he walked to the other side of his desk. He sat down, "She was a very friendly woman, always a smile on her face, and off course, one of the best dealers around" he added. "But tell me something about yourself and why you are here." Brent thought over that last part he said. "I mean, I know why you are here" He laughed a bit. "Why outer space, why this casino?" he asked, waiting for an answer.

Valerie was able to suppress blushing looking up slowly at Brent "It's different..." she said sheepishly "...I like space... so liberating... so mysterious" she smirked a bit, that wasn't even near the real reason but it seemed to work perfectly for all her friends who started to work in space.

Brent nodded a bit, he was reading the PADD which contained some basic info on Valerie, "Why did you never continue studying?" he asked "You could have become more then a dealer at a casino. Or was the power of the games more powerful then your urge to go to school?" Brent smiled. "I don't really mind, I'm not going to hold you back on your chances." Brent said, being fair and giving everybody an equal chance.

"I felt school... and the education system way to restrictive..." Valerie answered truthfully about that part "...and I really like poker... but my parents wouldn't let me after they found that it affected my schoolwork" she shrugged "so it only made sense to me to drop school... because that affected my poker playing"

"So you would say poker is the most important thing for you?" Brent asked, "Did you make a lot of money playing poker?" he continued. Brent was curious whether she was good or not. Having played and won numerous tournaments, he could spot talent from miles away.

Valerie shrugged "Not nearly your level..." she spoke honestly, she had tried to enter some high stakes tournaments, she only twice actually qualified. And in those tournaments she got kicked out before reaching the top 100. "...highest finish ever was 173 for me" she added, proving her point.

"That is a very nice finish for such a young girl as yourself" Brent looked at her and smiled. "All you need is a little training, you're still young, so don't give up hope. Maybe if it isn't busy in the casino at one point, we could play a game." He said to her. "But first let me see how you handle a deck of cards" Brent spoke, getting a pack of cards out of his desk. He got the cards out of the package and gave them to Valerie.

"Ehm..." Valerie hesitated as she looked around and didn't see a poker table "...unless you just want me to show you how to shuffle the deck I think I need a Poker table" she hoped that he wouldn't be offended by that.

Luckily at least one poker table had been delivered, the rest wouldn't arrive until Tuesday. "Follow me" Brent said as he stood up from his chair and walked towards the door. They walked over towards the poker table in the middle of the casino. "If you can deal like your mother, you can count yourself on the team" Brent smiled at her. "You can wait right here until the casino opens" Brent laughed "Just kidding." He added and waited for Valerie to cut the deck.

Valerie smiled as she got the pack of cards from the container and spread them on the table, to show all the cards were in there before she started shuffling, "I'm better than my mother" she sounded a bit arrogant but it was kind of true, she had learned at a very early age. She shuffled a bit more before splitting the deck and dealing the cards to Brent and two empty spots.

Brent looked at his cards, "I call All-in" Brent immediately said. He then looked at the other cards laying on the table "They call" He said as he laid open all the cards. Brent his cards showed a 4 and 6 of clubs. Not something Brent would go all-in with most of the times, but it wasn't serious. The other two cards showed a pair of aces, and the others showed a queen and jack of spades.

Valerie nodded "Everybody is all in... pot contains nothing" she spoke as if it was a real game, she put the cards closer to the middle of the table and smiled as she took the first card off the top and put it aside, she then turned the flop. "Ace of clubs, nine of hearts and an eight of clubs" she said as she revealed the cards. She then proceeded, putting another card aside and turning the Turn "three of hearts" at the moment it looked somber for Brent but knowing his reputation he wasn't out yet. She put another card aside and turned around the final card, called 'the river' "eight of clubs..." she shook her head a bit and smiled "...winner, River Knile" she indicated Brent.

"How I love this game, it's just the luck of the draw" Brent smiled as he pretended to be hauling in loads of chips from the table. "Consider yourself hired" he said cheerful as he stood up and straightened his leather jacket. He extended his hand to shake hers. He was looking forward to interviewing the rest of the candidates.

"Wow... ehm... thanks..." Valerie shook Brent's hand and smiled widely "...thanks a lot" she got the job and already his promise that if the casino was calm that he would teach her a few tricks.

"Your welcome" Brent said, walking her to the door. <Well, at least I've got one dealer, she's a nice girl> Brent thought to himself. "Get yourself comfortable on the Starbase, I'll let you know when we're going to start, ok?" Brent asked in a nice way.

"Will do sir..." Valerie responded, picking up the cards and putting them back in the carton container before pocketing them in her jeans. She got a deck of cards from Brent Knile, no way she was just going to leave them here.


A joint post by:

Brent "The River" Knile Owner of Casino "Lucky 47" Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Valerie Errin (NPC) Poker Dealer at "Lucky 47" Starbase Ronin (SB47) (As played by Caelen LaBrie)