Reflections #52-53 - "First Post, w00t!"


[Starbase 47, Promenade Deck]

Russell was strolling around on the Promenade Deck with his arms behind his back. He was just enjoying the surroundings and the business that went on on a busy Starbase like this one. He was in a rather good mood. Mostly because he received a message from home and he was able to send one back to tell them he had shore leave the next two months. A change to go home and see his family.

Caelen came from the airlock, guitar strapped to his back again. He spotted his trusty Chief Medical from yards away and called his name to get his attention "Doc!". Two or three doctors reacted, including the one he meant. He excused himself to the others, he should've been more specific, and walked up to Russell.

Russell halted and saw Caelen walking towards him in a rather casual outfit, jeans and a T-shirt with an Iron Maiden-logo on it. But he had his combadge and rank pips on. Russell noticed an extra pip on Caelen's collar and replied "Cap'n! How are you doing?" Remembering the latest rumours about the Pegasus being decommissioned, he presumed his `Cap'n' could be in a bad mood. But since he heard all but rumours he tried to aim for Caelen's sence of humour. "Promoted without a ship, sir?"

Caelen smiled in stead of lashing out "We got something better" he reacted, putting his hands in his side and waited for his reaction,

"Something better?" Russell asked with a curious look on his face. "You mean we get a bigger ship?"

"Even better!" Caelen spread his arms, nearly hitting a passing by officer "This! We got this!"

"This?" Russell asked even more surprised. He pointed to the floor with both hands and asked again. "You mean you got the command of this Starbase?" He didn't need his basic counselor skills to tell him that Caelen was very pleased with that. "Wow, congratulations!" he said.

"And you!" Caelen responded to him "if you're willing of course… You'll get a staff as big as the entire crew of the old horse." he smiled. Although the memory of the Pegasus was still Very fresh they had to move on, and they got a Starbase for crying our loud. "It'll be much better for Alexandra, meeting kids around her age, getting someone else then me and Jennifer teaching her."

"Me? As CMO on this Starbase?" Russell asked. "I'd love to, sir!" he answered with a big smile on his face. "Can't wait to tell my wife and kids." Then a question immediately popped up in his mind. "And the rest of the crew, will they transfer as well?" he asked.

"If they want..." Caelen stated, although he couldn't blame them if they wanted to decline "...There is enough room on the Base for you to invite your family... I think we even have a school here."

"There is. I just walked past that a while ago." Russell said pointing behind him. He then looked back at Caelen. "Well, I was planning on 'going home for the weekend' so to speak. So I'll be sure to ask them." he said. "I'm sure my son Peter doesn't need a split second to consider." he added with a smile.

Caelen smiled "Let's hope the rest thinks about it the same way..." He hit the doctor on his shoulder "...I think we should celebrate."

"Sounds like a plan, sir." Russell replied smiling. "The usual?" he smirked, gesturing in the general direction the Tellarite bar was located.

"Why the heck not" Caelen stated, starting to walk towards the Tellarite bar "I sure hope this will last longer then the Pegasus"

"That was indeed a bit short lived. The ship deserved better than this." Russell said, thinking of their rather short, but very eventful serving aboard the Pegasus. "But now we're on a Starbase things will calm down, I hope."

"You don't know anything about this Starbase do you...?" Caelen smiled "...Don't worry, I'll fill you in over dinner." he added walking into the Tellarite bar.


A "Beginning of a new Saga" JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lieutenant (jg) Russell D. Floyd M.D. Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)