River of Forgetfulness #87&88 - "This is the Future..."

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Deck 7, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen was pacing in front of the window in his ready room, what was he to do, his daughter missing, God only knew what happened to her… Several ships docked that wanted to get going, several more awaiting permission to dock. Including a fresh transport of Cadets and Ensigns for their cadet and resident cruises.

(OOC: Medical personnel has two more years of `learning time, the fifth and sixth years are Resident cruises and they already have the rank of Ensign at this point)

He figured that in the current situation he was going to need the most out of his personnel and he knew it was going to be a good `initiation' for the cadets and ensigns.

Everything inside him shouted that he should lift the total lockdown… but what then? Would the Tal'Shiar send in more personnel? Would there already be more personnel present onboard? He shook his head and tapped a few controls on his console.

He needed to lift the ban because he needed to send the USS Odysseus out, not on patrol or science but to find the USS Gemini. But he couldn't miss his best personnel right now and he knew that they would need to be on the Ody if they wanted to have even a little chance of success.

Caelen leaned against the force field that separated him from space, "Why did I even take this job…" he sighed "…why did I ever let her go" he added, more emotional, referring to his daughter.

He pushed himself off the force field and started to make way for Main Operations. The doors parted at his proximity and he stepped out of his Ready Room. "As you were" he stated before anyone could even react.

"Stand down to Yellow alert, I want the lockdown lifted and Docking Protocol Gamma initiated" he looked around to his officers who looked a bit surprised, "Give that Academy transport priority" he ordered his Flight Operations officer before he turned to his Communications officer "And get me the captain of that Transport"

=/\= SS Future here, what kin I do y'all fer, cap'n =/\= a heavy southern American accent came across the comm.-link.

Caelen turned to the screen and stood in the standard at ease position =/\= Sorry for the delay, Mister McClure, we had some problems with the Tal'Shiar =/\= "Tha's affirmatory, Cap'n." McClure responded. "But ye might wanna let me land this here shuttle o' mine - them passengers are gettin' a wee bit restless, y'hear ? Them's right itchy, they are - like them's got ants in their pants."

John Conahan: =/\= Trust me, We are working on it... =/\= Caelen answered after having only 'decoded' half of what the man said =/\= ... you will recieve docking permission in just a few minutes, we're trying to clear up the mess around here... =/\= he explained, =/\= ... is there anything I can do for you at this time? =/\=

"Ye shore can, cap'n ! Warn yer main lounge ta heat up a good ole' cuppa-joe fer me, an' Ah'll be right happy, I'll be." Bubba McClure replied cheerfully. "Future, Out."

Caelen shook his head a bit and smirked, he then looked at his Communications officer "Well what are you waiting for... I hear a good restaurant just opened... contact the owner". While he smiled his eyes betrayed his true feelings, he was worried, angry... afraid. He turned to his Flight Ops Officer "Where are you putting them?" he asked.

"Docking Bay two, Sir." The flight ops officer on duty responded. "Plenty of room there, and it's right near that restaurant you mentioned." as he tapped in the commands, relaying the cleared-for- landing message to the SS Future.

[Ten Minutes Later, Docking Bay 2]

Caelen stood in front of the Airlock, awaiting for it to open and the Cadets, and pilot, to walk out. In his hand he held a PADD, with the information about all the cadets and their new assignments. He wasn't a good Speech giver but at least he would be trying.

The Future's hatch opened, and a definite 'sight' appeared. Bubba McClure, wearing what resembled a cowboy's outfit. Jeans with leather chaps, tall boots with spurs, a simple button-up shirt with a jacket over it, and a large brown, weathered Stetson hat on his head. He was chewing on a reed of sorts, as he disembarked his ship. "Howdy, cap'n, pardner !" He spoke, and grinned at Caelen quirked his eyebrow, he certainly dressed up a bit before getting off his ship "Good afternoon, Mister McClure..." he reacted "...your order is being prepared as we speak... I'll help you get to the restaurant after I've spoken to the Cadets"

"Sure thing, Cap'n." McClure responded, with that grin again. He tipped his hat to Caelen before walking on again, the spurs on his boots tinkling with each step.

Caelen turned to the Airlock again, waiting for the Cadets to walk out and fall in line as they spotted the Commanding Officer waiting for them on the other end of it. Some of the faces turned serious instantly, others didn't realise what was going on so well and again others just followed the one in front of them without knowing at all what was going on. "Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome aboard Starbase Fourty Seven"

-={Off}=- (OOC2: For those who don't know, Gamma Procedures indicates that every ship is inspected and double checked before the personnel and passengers can disembark or unload their supplies… and yes I just made that up…)

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin


Bubba McClure (NPC) Commanding Officer, SS Future Cowboy Pardner (NPC'd by Petrova)