River of Forgetfulness #83 & 84 - Doc's New Friend


[Main Promenade, Deck 45, Starbase Ronin]

Russell needed a break after the 'Reman incident'. After he and Lt. Zorach had strapped the violent guest back on the bio bed and he checked if his nose wasn't broken he decided to go around the block. With a starbase this size the blocks were huge. He went to the Main Promenade. New businesses were opening almost every day so it didn't come to his surprise there was a new place called 'The Ark'. He decided to check it out and walked in.

Xena was finishing wiping down the bar stools when she heard someone come in. She immediately bowed and said, "Welcome to the Ark." When Xena came up again her eyes came upon his eyes looking at him with a new view. She immediately turned her head away to hide the blushing and to clam her heart down. She walked behind the bar table and said quickly, "What can I get you?"

"I'd better stick with something non-alcoholic." Russell said with smile walking up to the bar. "I'm still on duty." He looked up thinking what he might take and looked back at her. "Do you have some iced tea?"

"Yes we have some delicious ice tea and even some new flavors: Raspberry, Orange, and Blueberry" "Would you like it sweeten or unsweetened and with or without a lemon?" she asked trying to hide her emotions. It was very hard to do this since he was sitting face to face with her.

Russell noticed she seemed a bit uneasy, maybe because she appeared to be ex-Borg which Russell noticed from some remaining implants. "I'll have the orange, unsweetened with lemon, please." he said. He tried to comfort her a bit. "Are you the owner of this nice Ark? Looks like a great addition to the Promenade." he added with a smile.

"One orange unsweetened with lemon coming up."

She replied softly while walking away smiling. This was the first time someone had smile at her that didn't make her circuits fly off the handle. She carefully took out a glass that had dogs running around the top and bottom rim. She took one tea bag, put into the glass and got out the cold water. By which she poured into the cup, drained the tea bag and stirred the drink. "So anything weird happen?"

"You could say that." Russell said. "It's not every day that I get punched in the face." he smirked. "Lucky for me I was in the Sickbay already." He gently rubbed his nose. "No visible damage there anymore." he said smiling. "Is this your opening day?" he asked.

"No yesterday was" "I had two people come in and tried the two specials" she replied bringing back his drink. "Who punched you?" "If you don't mind me asking"

"We have an unknown visitor at the base. I found him on the Promenade heavily injured. After he woke up I wanted to give him a hypospray, but he didn't feel like it." Russell explained. "I guess he was scared to death and started waving his fists around. One of them hit me." he smirked and took a sip of his drink.

She smirked at him when he said that. "I don't see how someone could hurt such a handsome man." she smiled while replying while walking away. She put the cold water back into the fridge and went in the back to clean dishes.

"I can't imagine that either." Russell chuckled. He looked around the restaurant and took another sip of his iced tea. "Boy, I really needed that." he said softly speaking in himself. "Nice restaurant. I should bring Laura here sometime for a nice cozy dinner." he commented the comfortable atmosphere.

She sighed thinking it was hopeless. "Who's Laura?" saying giving off a fake smile. Xena always knew there wouldn't be anyone out there for her, but the thought did come from time to time. She came back out and sat on a chair that was behind the table so she could talk more with the doctor.

"Oh... eh... Laura is my wife." Russell said feeling caught talking to himself and faced Xena. "I'm Russell D. Floyd by the way. Chief Medical Officer on this starbase, but you might have guessed something like that from the uniform." he said extending his hand. "And you are...?"

"My name is Xena Astrodon" "And how you guessed it I'm owner/ bartender/waitress/cook for the Ark?" she replied shaking his hand.

"Please to meet you, Xena. I just assumed you were, because you're the only one in sight." Russell said with a faint smile. "So why did you decide to start a business here?" he asked with interest. He'd like to hear her story getting from Borg to bartender.

"Hmmm, I see you've noticed I am part Borg" she said "For your other question, it was when I was at Rehab, cooking made me feel relaxed like I was at home"

"My mother from the memories my brain has allowed me to see have shown me that she loved to cook and when I was a little girl I cooked with her."

"Almost the same as my story. My parents are both doctors, so it seemed almost logical I would become one too." Russell said faintly smiling. "The difference is I've never been Borg. Must be hard for you." he said with a serious tone.

"It was, being taken from my home then knowing my home world was destroyed by Borg." "But, I moved on looking for the one thing that was taken from me"

"And that would be...?" Russell asked. "Friends, family, a home?" he added guessing what it was she was looking for. "My soul" replying looking deeply into his eyes. She thought she put this memory to rest but looking at the doctor made her want to talk about it more. "My life was so happy with my parents, then 'whoosh' it was all taken away from me and then I was a machine." "Everything I knew was a lie."

Russell frowned a bit. "I can't imagine what that would feel like. I'm sorry." he said sympathising. "But your memories are real, aren't they?" Russell said. "Why would you see them as a lie?"

Xena looked at him with the look of 'i'm going to kill you' but sighed and replied "Yes my memories are with me but that's all I have left of my people, my race my home, and my family." "I came to this Starbase so I may search for someone to share the same qualities like me"

Russell saw that very different but brief look on her face and figured he might have said something wrong. He decided to let the matter go as she changed the subject. "Opening a business can do that for you." He said. "It's a starbase on an interesting place in space. Lots of different people come through here." he added and finished his drink.

"Yeah I know" "So...how long have you and your wife been married?" she asked seeing how he changed the subject for her. So she decided to do the same for him. But, that was the only question she could thing off so she blurted it out.

"Almost 19 years." Russell answered. "It doesn't seem that long, though." he added smiling.

"That's a long time,by the way do you know we've been sitting here for a long time?" she asked smirking. "Where is your wife now?"

"You're right. I should check up on that guy that punched me." Russell smirked. "And my guess is that the misses is checking out the shops opening all over the Promenade. Being idly in our quarters is not her idea of having a good time." he added standing up from the bar stool.

"Well, I hope you and the 'friend' of yours gets into a better conversation then last time" she said while giggling. "By the way thanks" she replied holding out her hand seeing if he'll shake it. "And thanks for coming"

"He'll have to, he's strapped down on the bio bed. If he ain't nice, he ain't getting out." He said with a slight evil grin, but in a humorous way. "And thank you for the iced tea. I'll recommend your restaurant to my friends." He said smiling shaking her hand. "Time to go back to work." he added heading for the exit.


Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer Starbase 47


Xena Astrodon Bartender "The Ark" Starbase 47