River of Forgetfulness # 35 - Preparing for a Meeting


[Starbase Ronin - Intelligence Offices - 1201 hrs]

The flashing red signal on the wall panel was most annoying. Zorach resisted the urge to visit the fly deck and watch the fighters preparing for combat operations. He settled behind a terminal and read a message from the CO.

Zorach took a sip of coffee and accessed the classified database. Colonel Sock and Major Bokma were Romulan Tal Shiar operatives, according to records but their exploits were not listed.

"Computer, protocol Zorach delta five one gamma," he stated and the lock engaged on his door. A sensor sweep of his office verified the absence of listening and video collection devices. A single chirp came from the computer signaling a clean sweep.

"Verbal interaction. List known details for Romulan named Colonel Sock," he requested.

Zorach imagined the database scrolling down the lists of known details of Romulans. The computer replied, "Colonel Sock, last know posting as Commanding Officer of Imperial Romulan Warbird T'Met, location not known. Sock is 6 foot tall and about 180 pounds, black hair, dark brown eye color. He is male and born on Romulus about April 7, 2316 based upon birthing records. Notes to the record: He likes strategy games, poetry and drama. Often seen with Major Bokma."

"Pause," Zorach said. He took a sip of cold coffee.

He tapped the resume key. The computer continued, "Sock appears outwardly calm and calculating. Based upon his gaming habits, he insures that his odds of success are better than his adversary before striking. Suspected to be involved in several past counterintelligence operations for the Tal Shiar. Suspected in two RNZ incursions that lead to Starfleet ship losses. End Record." A photograph of Sock appeared on the monitor.

"List known details for Romulan named Major Bokma," Zorach requested. A photograph of Bokma appeared on the monitor.

"Major Bokma, last posting as Executive Officer on IRW T'Met. He is male, 6 foot 2 inches tall, 195 pounds. His hair is black. His eye color is dark brown. Romulus birthing records state his birth on July 4, 2336. Notes: He likes un-armed combat, explosives, and can you believe this, art, specifically paintings."

"Pause. Who appended these notes?"

"Intelligence operative 35217," the computer replied. "Operative was killed in action six months ago."

"Continue," Zorach said dryly. "He should have described what kind of paintings Bokma likes, nudes, scenery, nature." The computer hesitated until its question algorithm came back with a null condition.

"Notes continued. Bokma is aggressive and based upon his actions probably thinks that the ends always justify the means. Message intercepts on this target found that he blames the Federation for the loss of his wife, maybe 60 years ago. Bokma is suspected of several murders of Starfleet intelligence operatives. It is not known if he has any romantic interests but it could be away to get close to him. End record."

A message intercept clicked on his monitor. Zorach opened the file and sat back with a smile. "Ahhh. The challenges of youth," he said as a collection of nude photos paraded across the monitor. He didn't recognize the female in the photos. He hit the delete key.

Zorach has seen many women over the years, but he didn't recognize Jackie Stoller in the photos. He remembered what Cleopatra looked like since the costume party and missed her. Zorach rubbed the back of his head. He wondered if the Q had let her go. Cleopatra was beautiful and innocent like the young petty officer she was. But if she was stuck in ancient Egypt, he didn't know how to help her. "Anari Bryson, I remember you."

"Please tell they have them under surveillance. Computer, location of Sock and Bokma?" Zorach asked.

"Promenade, Section 7 H," the computer replied. Zorach tapped the release of the protocol and terminated the verbal interactive mode.

"Lunchtime," Zorach said. He put a recording device in his pocket and started for the door.


If my timing is off, please imagine the correction.

Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)