River of Forgetfulness # 17 - Waiting to Enter


[Cargo Shuttle Ozuma - Cargo Hold - 1531 hrs]

The cargo shuttle Ozuma slowed to a stop outside Starbase 47. Rosalie Bailey stood among several crates in the cargo hold with a padd containing her everything she owned. The air was cool giving her shivers under her work attire, denim blue overalls over a long sleeve black sweater. She loved having plenty of pockets; hidden, medium-sized, large-sized pockets, pockets, pockets, pockets!

"There's going to be a delay. Some kind of security lockdown, miss," called the shuttle pilot over the intercom.

"Crap! I wanted to setup shop and do inventory before opening tomorrow," Rosalie yelled. She walked to the wall communicator and tapped the button. "Find out when we can disembark. There's an extra prize if you can swing it."

It was just like leaving Starbase 60, the red tape and security checks, as if she was a common criminal. <Where is my buddy to handle customs?> she thought. Rosalie moved to the next crate and remembered its contents, perfumes. Another crate contained a various assortment of Klingon teeth sharpeners. Another prize catch was a crate of human lingerie. She grinned.

Her competition on the Starbase is the replicator and it was a huge challenge. Rosalie had decided to name her shop, "Rosy's Real Antiques," provided the CO allows it. She was born in West Virginia and grew up among shopkeepers. Her Starfleet experience in diplomacy landed her at Starbase 60 after the academy but her real desire was to trade and make a profit.

At least two people have declared her to be part Ferengi. The fact is she knew many black marketers around Samuel's Nebula and Starbase 60. This caused her eventual departure from Starbase 60. Rosalie had talks with several intelligence officers in the past six months all wanting to know where she acquired her cargo. Her sources, of course, were private.

She checked off the next crate on the padd, a unique collection of spices from Bajor. Rosalie walked back to the communicator. "Say, can you open a channel to the Starbase, I want to speak with Captain LaBrie," she said.

"I'll try to reach him. Communications red-tape," the pilot replied.


Hi, I'm the new shopkeeper, your source for antiquities. Anxious to open my shop.

Rosalie Bailey Shopkeeper Starbase 47