That's my Q #140&141 - "Playtime Is Over"


[West-African Jungle, Earth]

<Old> "I think they got their nightmare before they even ate." Russell replied referring to the natives he scared the hell out of. "Come on, Q! Get us out of here. We're done playing!"


Q appeared several meters ahead in a tree, clad in an African explorer's outfit, complete with the hat and a jacket with an amazing amount of pockets "Giving up already Dear Doctor?"

Although he called out for Q, the sudden flashy appearance of the omnipotent being startled them a bit. "Yeah, I speak for my wife as well when I say that a day in the life of Tarzan and Jane was quite enough. You could have gotten us killed with your games." Russell said quite annoyed.

"Now, now Doctor..." Q got out of the tree instantly and was now in front of Russell "...death is such a relative term"

"For you maybe, but we doctors deal with it a lot. You may have noticed it's quite a permanent state." Russell said now looking Q straight in the eyes. "It kills you."

"Sure... it kills you in one reality..." Q shook his head a bit "...anyway..." he started pacing a bit back and forward in front of Tarzan and Jane "...did you have fun?"

"Fun? Well..." Russell scratched the back of his head. "I must say swinging through trees has a certain appeal to it."

"Oh, come on." Laura said. "Being tied up fearing you might be dinner is no fun at all!" she added while giving Russell a pat on his arm.

"It looked very amusing from where I was standing... and the Doc over here did a half decent job of rescuing you as well" Q smirked

"I must admit that was a great trick you pulled." Laura said to Russell with a twinkle in her eye. "Never knew you had that in you. Told you that the costume would fit you perfectly."

"Oh really." Russell smirked. "I've never had to rescue you from cannibals, you know." He now turned his attention to Q again. "What's the purpose of all this? Where you that pissed you weren't invited to that party? There must be so many parties you've missed..."

"The purpose you ask..." Q put his hand under his chin and looked up slightly to let them think he was thinking it over "...I was bored really..." he shrugged "...but if you insist... what do you think the purpose was?"

"For one thing, learning that being omnipotent is apparently boring." Russell smirked. "But living a childhood fantasy for real does have it's disadvantages." he said.

"You wanted to be Tarzan when you were little?" Laura asked surprised and burst out laughing. "You never told me that." she snickered.

"Now you know why..." Russell said smiling.

"And?" Q asked, knowing that they must have gotten more from this then that.

"And what? Is this a quiz?" Russell asked. "Give the right answer, or else...?"

"I think I know what he means, Russell." Laura said, recovered from her giggle fit. "He probably wanted to see what you would do if I were in danger. But I could have told you that straight away, mister Q!" Laura said with a stern look at Q.

"Vis a Vis, Love?" Q asked a bit teasingly "if that will be all, your friends are awaiting back at the base" he lifted his hands "any last requests?"

"I think you could say that." Russell said putting an arm around his wife. "No, no requests. There's always a catch with you. Just get us back to the base, please." Russell added.

Q snapped his fingers, warping them through time and space, the light was a blinding white, making it impossible to see anything.


Q (PNPC) Omnipotent being Q-Continuum (as played by Caelen LaBrie)

Lt.(jg) Russell D. Floyd MD aka Tarzan Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Laura Floyd MD aka Jane Starbase Ronin (SB47) (played by Russell D. Floyd)