[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures -

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Lt. Commander Lee had just came off duty, and smiled to himself as he stepped out of the turbolift. This would be his first "for pleasure" visit to the Starbase, and he was looking forward to spending some time on the Promenade. The two Security Guards posted at the Port were exchanging their posts with two armed Marines, compression rifles slung over their shoulder as the two Sec's gratefully nodded and headed inside. Marshall didn't know how much good weapons would do against the Q, if any, but he tried to cover every option, and the MCO also agreed some of his men needed some "trigger" time anyways. Lee nods at the two guards as they pass, "Gentlemen," he says softly, as he steps into the Docking Port.

As it cycled open, a rather thin and wiry man approached them. "Lieutenant Commander Lee?"

Lee stops in his tracks, a bit suprised to see someone waiting for him on the other side of the lock, "Yes, I am Commander Lee, what can I do for you?" he asked, the doors beginning to close behind him....

"I was wondering if I could ask you a favour," the officer questioned him.

Lee grins, "I never do a favor for someone when I don't even know thier name," he replied, his voice jovial.

"Oh! Right, yes. Yes, I'm CPO McClellan. I'm...well I guess I'm CMO for the time being...our CMO is...uh...MIA."

Lee grunts, "Yes, I was made aware that most of your senior staff is missing Chief," he replied, "So what can I do for you?"

"I need medical staff, Sir." McClellan said. "We're already shor-staffed, and with all our senior staff missing..."

Lee nods, looking down at the young Chief, "I spoke to Lt. Naru about your manpower shortages, and I offered the assistance of our crew. Have you cleared the request with her before coming to speak with me Chief?" he asked, stepping aside as a few more Jima crew came out of the Lock.

"Well Sir she's a little busy right now...and I figured it was easier to apologise later than to ask permission now."

Lee nods, "Very well then, I will also send a report to Lt. Naru, I'll try to keep you out of trouble Chief," he replied, winking. "Now, I suppose we had better get down to brass tacks, care to accompany me to the Bar," he asks, "we can work out the details there."

Yessir." McClellan said, scurrying along behind him.

Lee leads them down to the Bar, rather quiet for it being an evening. They settle into a corner booth, as Lee waves over a waitress, "Whatya have there Commander?" the perky waitress asks, "Scotch on the rocks," he replies, smiling at the pretty young lady, "And whatever the Chief wants."

"Uh, just a water please, " McClellan said, nervously.

Lee chuckles, "Relax Chief, I'm not as hard as I may seem," he says, as the waitress patters off, "So, what exactly do you need of the Iwo Jima?" he asks.

"I need, uh... a lot of staff, Sir." McLellan said, scrabbling for the PADD he brought with him.

Lee grunts, "That bad huh? Perhaps with a large request like that, you wish to go ahead and speak with my Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Dalton. However," he says, taking the pad and signing the order release at the bottom, "You have my authorization, so, hammer out exactly what you need from Dalton, and go from there." He takes a sip of the Scotch after the waitress returns with it..

"Thank you Sir. And I...I apologise for the inconvenience, but with all the people missing..."

Lee holds up a hand, "No need to apologize Chief, afterall, we're all in the same boat here. Get with Lt. Dalton ASAP," he replies, sliding the PADD across the table, "And let me know if you need anything else Chief."

"Uh...yessir." McLellan said. "I'll do that."

Lee nods, taking another drink of his Scotch as he looks around the bar....

Lt. Commander Marshall Lee

Commanding Officer

USS Iwo Jima


Chief Petty Officer McLellan

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 47

(NPC'ed by Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll)