Renegade Deception # 117 - 118: A is for Abriel


<<Starbase 343, Ryylar's quarters>>

Between the goldfish, chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberries, Ryylar was absolutely dead tired. Oh and the sex was fantastic too. He rolled over and saw the sleeping girl he had helped cheer up, laying beside him there in the bed.

Her chest heaving gently with each peaceful breath, a blissful smile on her pale features, the make-up smeared over her face, adding to the 'battle-worn' look of the now very nude female. She rolled over a bit, giving Ryylar a clumsy Whap with a hand, and snerksnoooored in her sleep.

Ryylar leaned over and nipped at her neck, sliding out of the bed and standing up, crouching down and leaping up to nab his shorts from a light fixture where they had been carelessly flung the night before, heading into the shower. She had been good, but it was time to get washed up and back to work.

She'd frown a bit in her sleep, no longer finding her feline lover, her Romeo and her hero there, and rolls over again, trying to find him, which ends in her rolling right off the bed, landing with a hefty THUD which wakes her up, she rolls over onto her back, tries to sit up, as another THUD announces the introduction of her forehead to the underside of the bed.

"You fiend of the unexpected headache, get thee away from me !" came her muffled cry as she'd rub her forehead and swat at Ryylar's bed, cautiously crawling out from underneath it.

Ryylar was purring and meowing rather loudly in the sonic shower in the morning, washing some of the oil out of his fur and trying to get that sweat off of him from last night. He heard the first thud, the second thud, and then really bad poetic language...

'Yup, she's awake.' He thought.

A few moments later she'd stumble into the shower area as well, wearing a simple bathrobe that he happened to have lying around - oversized on her, but still. A tired smile as she heard him mrowl and purr, a slender hand reaching over to caress his cheek

"Good morning, wondrous being of fur and smile, and of great stamina .. " her attempt at bad poetry interrupted by a great yawn. " .. who's face shall linger in my memory long after we part ways .. Pray, tell me your name, so I might whisper it in the lone dark and feel more at ease .. "

"Rrrryylar." He said simply, pulling her into the shower and kissing her even though she still had the bathrobe on.

"Waa !" she giggled as he pulled her into the shower and kissed her, arms wrapping around him and kissing him back, smiling into his slitted feline eyes with her own dark orbs .. Then nuzzling into his neck gently, giving him a peck on the check before leaning uuuup to nibble softly at his ear, whispering ..

"Such a gentle name, Ryylar .. I am called Alodenabriel, of the Third house of Fareny Daralagyn .. But my close friends call me Abriel."

"How about I jussssst call you A?" He asked, thinking that it might be all the easier. He didn't like knowing their names. It just got in the way half of the time. Especially when he was expected to remember the proper one in bed. Using a letter was just oh so much easier. At least there he had much better odds of getting the right one.

A nod as she snuggled in against his chest, closing her eyes "A .. the first .. The best .. " A soft giggle again, nuzzling into the fur of his form "But .. It can not be more than just this past night, wonderful and full of stars as it was .. For I must abandon thee, and this station, later today, to return to my home - though I dread the moment."

"Yeah, that'ssssss the ticket hon." He said, encouraging her to just run with that thought about her being the first and the best. He held her gently in the shower and then after a while stepped out, walking into his room proper and getting dressed in his uniform for the day. He might as well enjoy his last few days here... I mean after all. There were 25 other letters of the Terran Alphabet to work with and only so much time to do it in.

As he wandered out of the shower he'd get hit in the back with his own bathrobe now soaked, as Alodenabriel of the third house of Fareny Daralagyn went about her shower, singing softly as she does, a sweet song, a lament about things that are not, but should have been - her voice soaring, hitting every note flawlessly, with the ease and apparent absentmindedness that only the most accomplished and trained of vocalists could ever hope to aspire. "This black page in history is not colorfast - will stain the next - all that remains is just a feint of what was meant to be. This black page in history is not colorfast - will stain the next - and nothing seems, in life and dreams, like what was meant to be .. "

He closed his eyes and tried his very best to drown out the racket from the bathroom and decided to break into a strain of "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee from Earth's history. Of course since his work at the bar his voice had gotten much better, and given the activity of the previous night, it certainly seemed appropriate.

And after not a very long while, she would emerge from the shower, now looking remarkably plain with all her make-up washed off .. She'd smile at him, tracing fingertips over his cheek again as she passed him, on her way towards her clothes. Once there, she would start to get dressed again.

He fixed the pip on his collar. It was only a little black pip, and someday he honestly thought it might be nice to work with a few gold ones there. Not too many. Just about four on either side. He didn't think that was particularly greedy. Now if he wanted a black box around them, THAT would be greedy. He constantly reassured himself of this and then turned and walked towards the exit, looking for letter B.

As Ryylar passed into a corridor, and through it, towards the promenade deck, he would pass a poster on the wall. The woman in the poster looked rather familiar .. Written in great letters, her name, Alodenabriel, the famous singing sensation from Anaya 4, who apparently came to the starbase for one performance only ..

Ryylar smiled and nodded satisfactorily to himself.

"Well at leassst it ssseemssss that I have good tassste..." He said with a chuckle, heading to the bar to begin his duty shift.


A JP by:

Alodenabriel of the third house of Fareny Daralagyn Traveling Diva extraordinaire "Nothing seems, in life and dreams, like what was meant to be" (NPC played by Kristiana Petrova)


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