Renegade Deception #103 to 106 - "Blood on the Carpet" V3

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-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck 1, USS Pegasus]

It was an all out fire fight on the Bridge now, Romulans firing on the Hudorians and the Fleeters hiding from the fire. The hostages were still in Hudorian control and Caelen needed to find a way to save them from harm, especially his wife and daughter. He decided to not fire and made clear to his men that they shouldn't fire either.

'Flash and Clear' a sudden shout as a small sphere shape passed into the room, hurtling throught the air and landing with a small bump and a blinding flash of light.

"Flash Grenade!!!" a Security Officer would shout, the Rommies and Hudorians would have no clue what that meant but the Starfleet personell knew exactly what to do, Caelen closed his eyes and ears hoping that it would help against the flash and ear shattering beep.

T'Rell knew what to expect with a flash grenade, he closed his eyes, but putting his hands on his ears didn't help, because of his sensitive hearing.

As Evans was more unconscious than awake, the grenade actually had the opposite effect on him, waking him up. <Gaddamn! What the hell was that?! Ow, my head... My ears! Where am I? Bridge! Yeah, gotto think of something...> went through his mind, the second after the grenade went off

The Romulans didn't know what hit them but the flash made them more aggressive, they couldn't hear orders from the Colonel they couldn't see the targets, so they did what any sane person would do, hide behind something that would give you cover and keep firing.

The Hudorians did the same... well almost, since they still had hostages and Byranitz knew that there was one close to him, he lashed his claw to his side trying to grab the person to his right. Hitting B'Inca on her shoulder piercing her uniform and skin, like a knife through butter, green blood poured from the wounds.

Jumping from their hiding place the marines leapt for cover as a barrage of shots past over their heads from their semiconscious foes

Behind the cover of a console as a vicious firefight broke out as the marines traded shots. The phaser shots burning the air itself as they passed over the room slamming into consoles and sending a shower of sparks. One Romulan went down clutching his eyes as sparks

One Romulan went down clutching his eyes as sparks passes through them burning his damaging his eyes and burning his retina for life.

O'Bria seized the chance squeezing off a tight burst which sent the Romulan reeling backwards and slamming into the console which had damaged his eyes.

A marine dropped to the left of Lee a phaser round through his face shattering his skull and sending bone and sinew over the marine's commander.

A sharp click over their tongues and the reptilians returned fire bathing the marines in a murderous salvo of shots.

O'Bria needed control, he needed to make sure of the safety of the commander and of the human shield Byranitz was using as mobile extra cover as well as a console he was behind.

Another marine dropped to the floor his chest bloody and torn, red looped entrails spilling from his chest which he was trying to get hold of. His screams died quickly as one of the reptilian creatures shot out his legs which were reduced to bloody stumps and he passed out.

Evans was busy regaining counciousness, and one of the first things he remembered, was <...spiked club...> He looked around, found his bearings, and quickly realised his situation. He thought it was best to keep a low profile just now, both literally and figuratively speeking, and so he did... He also saw a piece of debris, quite near him, resembling that what was haunting his mind since this whole situation started... It was actually a rod, with on one end a sharp appendix. He grinned evilly as he thought: <Spiked club!... Now whom do I owe a kingdom?...>

Byranitz threw B'Inca aside as he slowly regained vision and hearing, furious now he leapt over the console he was hiding behind and was now right in front of the Commander. Byranitz grabbed the Commander by his collar and hit him with his free claw.

T'Rell saw B'Inca being thrown into a bulkhead, though his hearing was still somewhat impaired from the flash grenade, he could still hear B'Inca's head hitting the bulkhead. he became furious, he dashed towards the two Hudarions standing to close to his fiancée. The reptiloids were still a bit blinded and paniced because of the Vulcan coming for them. With a swift motion similar to a Terran roundhouse kick he knocked the closest out cold. The other Reptiloid got hit in his neck by T'Rell's straightened hand.

It was then, that Ronald decided it was time to come out of hiding. The Romulans would be something that the diplomats could handle... <Well, eventually...> He carefully grabbed his club, and got up, sneaking up behind Byranitz, who was about to let loose his anger on his CO. He lifted his club, and let 'er rip! *WHACK* The club hit his intended target, right on the side of Byranitz' face... "That's for threatening Alex!" Ronald shouted, as Byranitz collapsed to the ground in a gurgling excuse for a living entity. Then he kicked him in the side with all his might: "And that's for taking B'inca hostage!, And the next one will be for abusing our hospitality!" he shouted, as he prepared for another kick...

"Think you made your Point Ensign!" Caelen shouted to Evans as he shouted across the bridge "Cease Fire!!!" He stepped on Byranitz to get to the center of the bridge "Would You Please, Cease Fire!!!" He shouted over the top of his lungs. He looked at where he last saw the hostages and spotted T'Rell, he had taken care of that quite nicely.

Anlori, Byranitz his best friend, immediatly dropped his weapon, the effects of the Flash grenate had worn off and he realized that they lost the fight.

T'Rell held B'Inca in his arms, cooling down from his rage and checking if she was alright, pulling aside pieces of her uniform to check the wound.

"Stop Firing!" Sock ordered his men as well, it seemed that the Federation had taken back control of their bridge and now they should stop this Ship and get them back to their Warbird before Kl'nex shot them out of the sky.

'Cease fire!' Lee shouted. The phaser fire suddenly ceased as the marines obeying the CO orders precisely. 'Move, secure the commander a small huddle of marine the 'Honour Guard' they moved up to their captain, creating a protective arc of human bodies. O'Bria steeped up to his commander giving a sharp salute.

Caelen returned the salute "What took you so long Lieutenant?" he asked with a grin not really expecting an answer.

"Sorry sir, The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer." he said as he lowered his hand.

"Ah, that's something we haven't heard in a while..." a still fuming but rapidly cooling down Evans let slip...

Caelen nodded with a smile "Ship's motto" Caelen said in a whisper, he nodded towards Lee as an official thanks. Then he walked towards where T'Rell sat and held B'Inca in his hands "How are you holding up Ensigns?"

T'Rell looked around as he heard a faint noises behind him. He saw his Commander standing close by, "I'm sorry sir" he said in a slightly raised voice. "I have a slight ringing in my ears" as the effects from the Grenade didn't fully wear off on his Vulcan hearing yet "B'Inca needs medical care but she'll be fine for now" he just answered the question he thought Caelen asked.

Caelen quickly turned on his heels "So, Colonel" remarked across the bridge as he started to walk towards the Romulan boarding party "I think we need to have a talk..." he walked to his ready room " my ready room" he motioned his hand.

"Hold on one moment" Sock slowly lifted his hand so that they could see they he meant no harm, he tapped his badge "Major Bokma, put down your weapons and surrender to the Federation troops" Sock then looked back at Caelen "Now... as you were saying?" he headed to the ready room pointed out by Caelen.

"O'Bria, take care of the casualties and wounded. Get the wounded medical care, put the rest in the brig" Caelen then looked back to Sock "just a precaution"

"Yes sir!" O'Bria said as he marched the prisoners from the bridge.

As the CO's left for the briefing room, Evans looked at his new found spiked club, then he looked at the mess that was Byranitz the Son-of-a-b$#@h... He had a hard time holding back, and not kicking him in the groins one more time, like he promised, before Caelen stopped him... "You're not worth it..." he finally whispered as he threw his club to the side.

-={Off}=- Freeing the Bridge by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control

Ensign Ronald Evans Chief Operations


2nd Lt. Lee O'Bria Marine Commanding Officer

USS Pegasus "The Difficult we do Immediately, the Impossible… will take a little while longer…"

Also starring:

Byranitz the Smacked (NPC) (Played by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie)


Colonel Sock (NPC) Commanding Officer IRW T'Met (Played by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie)