"Renegade Deception" #84-85 "My kingdom for a spiked club"


[USS Pegasus, Bridge]

Evans was torn between crapping his undies and tearing these $##@-damn aliens a new one. How dare they treat their rescuers in this manner? How dare they

taking a child hostage like that? <Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh shit...> At first he was frozen, but he started to come to his senses, and started to start

plotting < My kingdom for a spiked club...>

On the main viewer Byranitz could see that they were getting closer to the Huddren vessel. "We are going to attack that vessel!" Byranitz pointed and then

looked at Caelen.

"I Will Do No Such Thing!" Caelen was furious, he had risked everything to get those people out of the cold vacuum of space, his doctor had patched them up,

they had been treated well, they were even granted a room in stead of the brig. "I have no reason to attack that vessel..."

"But I Do! And I am In Command Now!" Byranitz spat back, Anlori, his trusted right hand had looked around the bridge and finally found the Tactical console.

"I think the weapons are controlled from here" Anlori said tapping a few buttons. He was lucky to have gotten some training in this while he was in the

Forelorn resistance, they were trained to take over ships, they were trained to fire weapons with controls they never saw before.

Evans had an idea... He could not take control of the weapons console, but he could make it useless. He hid his own console with his body as smootlhly as he

could. With one hand he tried to cover up the speaker as much as he could, and with the other hand, he covertly diverted power away from the weapons, keeping

them operational, but pathetically weak. <Heh, I would like to see them damaging anything better armored than a wet newspaper with these settings...>

Anlori saw a power fluctiation on his console "What the hell?" he almost yelled out looking up from his console and around the bridge.

"What? What's wrong!?" Byranitz was afraid something happened that could jeopardize their safety, although taking two hostages and control of the bridge of

this vessel probably didn't do much good for their safety anyway.

Anlori shook his head "Somebody took away the power from the weaponssystems, I can't fire a torpedo further then two kilometers" he looked at Byranitz hoping

that he would know a way to solve this.

"Who did this?!" Byranitz yelled out stepping closer to the CO with evil intentions, he grabbed him by the shirt and was now only five centimeters away with

his face from that of the CO. "Who Did This!!!" he repeated spitting all over Caelen's face as he did so.

"I have no idea..." Caelen answered but he had a pretty good idea, Evans... the only console on this bridge that could control the power levels <I knew he

was doing something...> he thought.

"Meh!" Byranitz let out in unsatisfaction, he threw Caelen back into the center chair and walked back to the hostages, the Commander had shown a lot of

interest in the little girl they brought to the bridge so Byranitz grabbed her by the arm and turned to Caelen once more putting one of his sharp nails onto

the little neck of the girl. "Think harder Commander..."

Caelen didn't want to betray Evans, not knowing what they would do to him... but what about Alex... he couldn't lose Alex again... although who could be

certain they let anyone of them live... <Kristiana better have one hell of a plan> Caelen thought still doubting what he should tell Byranitz.

"Well, Spill it or this girl Spills Blood!" Byranitz shouted across the short distance of the bridge.

Caelen was not the only one boiling in helpless anger at this point, Ronald was not about to shake hands and play cards with these filthy lizzards either...

If not as mad, he was even more pissed of as Alex's father. As in throbbing neck-vein pissed off... He thought fast: <If they find out that I did it, they

can blackmail me into restoring power to the weapons... However, if I block my console with a random encryption, I can't be blackmailed... Are they

professional or fanatical?>

Caelen ran his hand through his hair, he saw the claw of Byranitz press harder into the neck of his daughter "Alright!" he shouted. Byranitz looked up and

lifted his claw from the neck a little. Caelen couldn't betray Evans, it would be the end of the Ensign, he wasn't going to lose Evans or anyone on this

bridge "I did it... I shut down the power..." although he didn't and probably had no way of putting it back online even if he wanted to, he couldn't let

Evans take the fall.

Ronald looked back at his captain, surprised at first, but understanding just a moment later. He also understood he could not gamble with someone else's

kid.. He made eye contact, and nodded almost unnoticable... He would restore power, the moment the captain fiddled with his controls, keeping up


Caelen brought up the tactical console in his chair and starting tapping several buttons that would get him nowhere, nowhere at all. He slightly looked at

Ronald to see if he was doing his job and restored power to the weapons. He didn't want to and Evans probably didn't want to either but they couldn't risk

it... Caelen couldn't risk it.

Anlori started to smile evilly again and nodded to Byranitz "Power is back"

Byrantiz pushed Alexandra away with a bit of force, sending her to the ground. Jennifer was fed up with this and finally took action, she dashed towards her

daughter and put her arms around her, she knew it wouldn't do much good but she hoped she could at least comfort her little girl. Byranitz just snarled at

this, he couldn't care less and this way he had gotten himself one more hostage to play with. "How long untill we can fire on that vessel?" Byranitz asked

looking back to his friend.

"Only several minutes now... it'll soon be over, with this vessel we will easily destroy them" Anlori smiled again, a fire in his eyes. they weren't just

prisoners or crooks,they were fighting for something, if Caelen only knew what, perhaps the Federation could help.

Evans was feeling boiling with anger. His little sceme had failed... His mind was another one that was racing, but it only managed to finish last... <Blow a

conduit? No, I would risk the hostages... Take Lifesupport offline? No, would take too long... Waaaaiiiit... Transporters...> He started to covertly play

with his console again, and try to isolate the lizards from the warm-blooded creatures on this ship. And he almost got away with it, if it wasn't for those

meddling lizards and their heavy hits. It took only one to the neck to take Ronald out. He slumped off his seat in a groaning pile of human being on the


Byranitz had seen Evans tapping his controls again with some kind of smirk on his face, he was up to something and Byranitz couldn't let that happen, he took

a step closer to Evans without him hearing it and planted an elbow in the human's neck, that would surely take down his resistance a bit.

"Now Where were we?" Byranitz said as Evans fell on the ground moaning and outing muffled curses "Ah yes... I remember... Lock onto the Huddren vessel and

fire torpedoes" he ordered Anlori.

Anlori nodded and pressed the buttons that he thought would fire the torpedoes, luckily he was right and two bright yellow balls headed towards the Huddren



Trying to post without anyone noticing,

Lieutenant Commander Caelen Labrie Commanding Officer


Ensign Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer

USS Pegasus

Alien Lizard People of Doom +3 (NPC's) (played by Caelen Labrie)