Renegade Deception #75 - "Poor Battleship..."


[Counselor's office]

Andrew lay on his couch, fast asleep. A faint snoring could be heard. Occasionally, a murmur of knights, battleships, and infantry could be heard. If he were awake, he would be able to piece together what he was dreaming of. He rolled on the couch, facefirst into the upholstery.

Then the yellopw alert sounded, promply making Andrew jump, falling off the couch with a heavy thud. "BATTLESHIP DOWN! Those stupid knights! Moving to F5..." "Invalid move, player's turn" The computer sounded at his desk. Only then did he realize he wasn't going down with his wonderous battleship.

"Huh buh duh wha? Oh, jeez. The yellow alert, wonder what the problem is... And why does my leg suddenly hurt?" Walking over to the window with a slight limp from landing on his leg, he looked out to the blackness of space.

"Nothing that I can see. Hmm..." He circled around to his desk. "Computer, shut down." With a beep, the computer turned off.

"Not much I can do hewre, though. I'm not a fighter, I'm a counselor. Not like I'd be of any use in battle. Wonder how Doc is doing... He must be in the same shape I am..." Walking to the door, Andrew decided to check out sickbay, not just to see if Russell knew anything more, but if he could do something about that twinge in his leg.


The rude awakening of:

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief COunselor

USS Pegasus