"Mount Up" #8&9 - "About First Impressions and Emotions"

-={On}=- [StarBase 343, Lounge]

"A long-haired man, with a friendly face" is what T'Rell was thinking, when he was walking into the lounge of the ship. T'Rell saw one person out of about 6 other people with long hair, with a little girl sitting across him at a table. B'Inca, his fiancé, was walking just behind T'Rell, when the little girl noticed that a rather long Vulcan was standing very close. "Excuse me, but are you Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie?" T'Rell asked as Just as Caelen turned around.

Caelen picked up a napkin from the table and cleaned his mouth before standing up and shaking the Vulcan's hand. "Aye that I am..." he replied to his question "and you must be Ensign T'Rell, my new Helmsman" he added trying to get the conversation going in a friendly and 'unforced' way.

"Then I have found the right person." I am indeed T'Rell and I will be your new Helmsman." Then T'Rell turned to the woman on his right and resumed "and this is my fiancé, B'Inca. She applied for the position as nurse." "I've heard that you were once a helmsman, or at least at the rudder of a ship, what ship if I may ask."

Caelen first shook B'Inca's hand and gave a friendly nod before he sat back down and motioned T'Rell and his future wife to sit down as well, he felt that they could talk about a lot. "I've been helm officer on the Galaxy class USS Gemini, after that I took the assistant flight control officer on the USS Intrepid, off course an Intrepid class." he said taking time to look if they were all still following his words before continuing "Before I entered Command academy I still spend some time on the USS Lakota, an Excelsior class" he finished awaiting a response from his new Helm officer while taking some more bites from his meal.

After T'Rell and his fiancé sat down, he started to talk about the Galaxy class ship, it was one of the most beautiful ships he ever saw. "I collect models of starships and the Galaxy is one of my most prized possessions. T'Rell started talking about his collection, but got a hold of himself, and said calmly, "I'm sorry if I have disturbed you at your meal."

"It doesn't matter, daddy doesn't mind" Alexandra cut into the conversation, she felt a bit ignored and wanted to be noticed. "Ah yes, I'm sorry, this here is Alexandra, my daughter" Caelen said smiling at her forwardness. She didn't care if the person was Vulcan, Andorian, Ferengi or even Tellarite, she was always the same, to her everybody was the same person, equal.

"Very nice little girl", T'Rell let a very little smile escape, apparently the emotions weren't that heavily suppressed. "Me and my fiancé are planning on getting married within the next to years and maybe start on children at that time", T'Rell added. T'Rell was trying to guess for himself how old Alexandra could be, but eventually asked. "How old is your daughter, Sir?"

"She's seven years old" Caelen proudly stated, "and has a rather big..." he started "...personality" he finished jokingly. Caelen had finished his meal and saw that Alexandra had also finished hers "Well what about I take you to your working place?" he asked T'Rell.

"Good idea Sir. Perhaps first to our quarters, so that we can put down our bags." T'Rell got up from his seat and so did B'Inca. T'Rell picked up his bag. B'Inca followed him, though not saying much to the captain, she felt at ease.

At that moment Jennifer walked in the Lounge, right on cue. Caelen was looking forward with talking to T'Rell in private, without T'Rell his fiancé and Caelen his daughter. "Hey love" he said when Jennifer was close enough. He gave her a kiss just before Alex jumped around her neck. "This is my wife, Jennifer, Jennifer, our new Helmsman T'Rell and his future wife B'Inca" he said introducing everybody to... everybody. Caelen would take a second before moving on "What about Jennifer takes B'Inca to Sickbay and we take a look around the bridge" he proposed reaching out for the bag of B'Inca, he figured that the two men would drop the belongings off at their quarters. At first B'Inca held on to the back, both the Vulcans just nodded. They made way to the airlock and into the Pegasus. Then B’Inca gave the bag to Caelen and walked off with Jennifer towards sickbay. T’Rell threw his bag over his shoulder and he walked off with Caelen, towards the Turbo Lift. “If I studied the ship enough, the crew quarters are on deck 7, right?” He asked the captain knowingly.

"You are correct" Caelen said first giving him the idea he was right "the crew quarters are indeed on deck 7, however..." he added "... you are now Chief Flight Control" he said hoping that T'Rell would complete the puzzle.

“Ah yes, I’m sorry, I wasn’t really used to the fact I’m a Senior Officer now.” T’Rell quickly answered back, he never really made mistakes. He quickly said in the Turbo Lift, “Deck 3.” Looking a bit over to Caelen, looking if he said everything right this time.

Caelen just smiled and nodded as the lift moved upward. The doors slid open, they quickly moved out of the lift and made way towards the quarters that were designated for T'Rell and B'Inca. He punched in a code on the console next to the door unlocking it for habitation. He placed B'Inca's bag on the floor next to the doors and motioned T'Rell to do the same. "Let's get to the bridge, so you can see the wheel of the Horse" Caelen said, he was really getting used to the nickname he thought up for his new vessel.

“Good idea captain” said T’Rell when putting down his bag, he walked out of the room and the doors shut behind him. Let’s head to the bridge and make this a prancing horse. T’Rell and Caelen proceeded towards the turbolift.

As they approach the bridge they can hear a sudden SMACK sound, followed by a hefty Thud, and shouting. ".. And if you EVER touch my behind like that AGAIN I'll cut off your balls with a rusty bat'leth, and ship them to the nearest Klingon outpost, with instructions to feed them to the commander's Targ ! Do I Make Myself Clear, crewman !? She stood fierce and tall, face red with rage, towering over a half Vulcan engineering ensign, with a bloodied face, sitting on the ground, back against a panel. ".. Y-yes Ma'am .. " he stammered, eyes wide. Kristiana snorted, eyes narrowed to a mere glare, before she'd turn towards the sound of the turbolift's doors opening. "And what do YOU want ?! .. .. .. Sir .. " She snaps into a salute.

Caelen nodded to remind Kristiana to be at ease. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked in a serious and perhaps even angry voice looking at the half Vulcan engineer. He had actually heard what happened, so he moved on without awaiting an answer. "Your name crewman!" his voice almost bouldered across the bridge.

"With all due respect, Sir .. " She spoke in a bit of a venomous voice. "I'm perfectly capable of handling this myself. Now if he ever pinches YOUR butt, then that's your problem. But this one's Mine." She'd turn back to the crewman, eyes narrowed at him. He just glances from Kristiana to Caelen and back, then quietly picks up his tools again.

"With all Do respect Lieutenant" Caelen interrupted whatever Kristiana was about to do. "Don't even tell me your name" he then said to the crewman, "I will get it from the shift schedule" he said regaining some of his cool. The crewman had finished packing his things, "Now get out of my sight before I kick you down the Jeffries tube without calling the lift first" he said stepping aside giving the crewman some room to pass.

The crewman counted his lucky stars to be away from Kristiana, as he hurried along right past Caelen and T'rell, making a hasty exit, stage right.

T'Rell was still a bit shock about the situation he just got in. He didn't know what to think about all of this. He looked at Caelen and looked how he put a smile back on his face. He then turned to the fierce woman standing there. He introduced himself, my name is T'Rell, I'm the new Chief Helm Officer, pleased to meet you.

"Kristiana Petrova, ship's XO." She balled her fist and rubbed it a bit, where she'd hit that crewman's face - probably breaking his nose. " .. Nevermind what just happened. I'm sure he won't do it again." And she put up a 'charming' smile, before starting towards the turbolift as well.

Caelen nodded to Kristiana. "well then..." he said being back to his normal self. He walked down the slope and towards the helm console in the left front of the bridge, he sat down behind it, even though it wasn't online yet. "I sure miss this position on the bridge" he said remembering all the times he had in seats like this, especially on Graveyardshifts... especially with Alexander.

“Good memories, I have lots of those, sometimes you wish it could take forever.” T’Rell often thought back to the previous two Starfleet ships, where he met great people. “Well captain, I’m looking forward to seeing this Horse, as you call it, in action.” I know the most important things on the ship now, my quarters, my position and you captain,” is what T’Rell said, as he put much trust in the captain with those last words he said.

Caelen slowly nodded, pressing the silver ring on his right hand against his lips, "sometimes you wish you never left them" he added to T'Rell his statement. Vulcans could always be so emotionless and cold, this one was different, more to Caelen's liking.


a JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control

Guest Starring: Lt. Kristiana Petrova XO


The Trembling Crewman, by Kristiana