"Renegade Deception" #53 - "Two Bowls of Plomeek Soup"


[USS Pegasus, Bridge]

T’Rell was sitting at his console first looking at the course that was laid out, then he looked at the stars flashing by on the view screen. He felt a bit hungry and thought he maybe could get dinner with his fiancé B’Inca. T’Rell saw that his shift was over, and he remembered that B’Inca’s shift ended at the same time. When he stood in the turbo lift, T’Rell saw that Ensign Farallis took up the place as Flight Control Officer.

In the turbo lift, T’Rell tapped his combadge and said with a calm voice =/\= “Ensign T’Rell for Ensign B’Inca” =/\=. B’Inca replied, also at a calm and relaxed voice =/\= “Ensign B’Inca here” =/\=. =/\= “Would you be ready to join me for dinner in the mess hall?” =/\= T’Rell asked his fiancé. B’Inca replied quickly on that and said =/\= “If we could meet outside of sickbay, I am almost done with helping Doctor Floyd” =/\=. =/\= “That is all right, we will meet there, T’Rell out.” =/\=

T’Rell was still standing in the turbo lift and he hadn’t called out for a deck yet. He quickly remembered where sickbay was and said “Deck six.” The lift rushed towards Deck six, and once there, T’Rell walked out of the turbo lift and walked peacefully towards the sickbay. When he was close to the doors of sickbay they opened and B’Inca came walking out saying goodbye to Doctor Floyd. T’Rell and B’Inca met each other just out of sickbay, they greeted and gave each other a small kiss. “Let us proceed to the turbo lift and to the mess hall” T’Rell said onto B’Inca. “Excellent idea, my love” B’Inca replied. Both walked towards the turbolift, when the door closed, B’Inca instructed the computer to go down to deck eight. Once on deck eight, T’Rell and B’Inca proceeded towards the mess hall.

[Mess hall]

“What would you like to have for dinner,” T’Rell asked when he just sat down. “I would like some Plomeek broth” B’Inca said to T’Rell. T’Rell walked towards the replicator and thought to himself <Yes, a bowl of Plomeek broth will do me good> Two bowls of Plomeek broth appeared in the replicator and T’Rell could smell the scent coming of the two bowls. T’Rell walked back to the table B’Inca was sitting at and he put down the bowl for B’Inca and then his own. Two bowls each and 25 minutes later, both of them felt they had enough.

“Why don’t we go back to our quarters and meditate” B’Inca suggested. “Good idea, my dear,” T’Rell said while standing up. He brought the four bowls the two of them used, to the sort of dishwashing unit in the wall. The moment B’Inca and T’Rell walked out of the mess hall, T’Rell his combadge sounded, he tapped his badge =/\= “Ensign Farallis to Ensign T’Rell, please report to the bridge” =/\=. =/\= “I will be there shortly.” =/\= He looked at his fiancé, “Sorry, but I will be attending our meditation session later.” “That is alright, I will see you later.” B’Inca said calm. T’Rell walked of to the turbo lift, then to arrive a few moments later on the bridge.


T’Rell walked quietly onto the bridge, “What is wrong Ensign Farallis?” Ensign Farallis looked around a bit startled to see his superior officer standing next to him. “It appears a comet will cross our paths in about 15 minutes, and the computer hasn’t altered our course sir, what do we do?” Ensign Farallis said a bit unsure to T’Rell. T’Rell looked at the console and saw what Farallis meant. “My choice would be to steer around it ensign, is this all what you called me for” T’Rell said with a slightly higher volume. Farallis became a bit scared of the slightly angered Vulcan, but it wasn’t noticeable. “Sorry sir, my apologies.” “Apologies accepted Ensign” T’Rell said returning to normal volume. “If you will excuse me, I am returning to my quarters for meditation.” “Off course sir, it won’t happen again,” Farallis turned back to his console to steer around the upcoming comet. <Probably one of the relais was burned out, a computer failure>, Farallis thought to himself.

[Officer quarters, Deck 3]

B’Inca was taking a shower and had not begun meditating when T’Rell walked into the quarters. “I have returned from the bridge” T’Rell said. B’Inca came walking out of the shower “I have not yet commenced meditation, I thought taking a shower first would make me feel better and more relaxed for meditation.” T’Rell walked over to the table with candles on them and lit them. “Luckily we have clearance from the Commanding Officer to light candles in our room. It further helps our meditation.” B’Inca came back into the room in normal uniform. T’Rell and B’Inca both sat down on a set of pillows and started meditating.

After 30 minutes of meditation, T’Rell snapped out of his meditation, and a few moments later B’Inca as well. “I will be going to bed, my dear. Will you be joining me or will you be resuming your meditation?” As T’Rell walked towards the bed, B’Inca stood up as well “I am going to bed, I need some rest. For tomorrow is going to be a long day.” With that T’Rell blew out his candles. Everything turned dark and T’Rell tried to find his bed and tripped over the table. THUD! “Computer turn on the lights,” B’Inca quickly said. The lights turned on and there was T’Rell lying on the ground. “Are you alright my dear?” B’Inca asked after that. “I am fine, only my back hurts a bit.” T’Rell said while standing up. He stepped in to bed. “Computer, turn off the lights.” Both of them fell asleep pretty quickly.


Post by:

Ensign T’Rell Chief Flight Control Officer

Ensign B’Inca Nurse (NPC played by T’Rell)

Ensign Farallis Flight Control Officer (NPC played by T’Rell)