Reflections 23 & 24 - "An Unexpected, But Not *Entirely* Unpleasant


[Promenade, Starbase 47]

Caelen was furious, they were taking his ship apart while he was wasting his time going over reduntant reports and other things that nobody would ever read. He was angry and in search for blood, somebody was going to pay for this. He was headed for the airlock that held the entrance to the Pegasus, he would screw everything back on personally if he had to. Of course the Security Guards in front of the airlock complicated his plans a bit.

"Sorry Sir, this area is offlimits." One of the guards said, nervously.

"This is My ship, if I want to get on it I bloody darn will" Caelen almost wanted to hit the guard.

"I'm afraid not, Sir..." CPO McNair said, sweating somewhat.

Caelen looked at the Chief petty officer "On who's authority?" he asked, somehow he didn't want to lose both his ship and get a permanent mark on his record.

"Uh...I don't know, Sir - my shift chief just sent me down here."

Caelen rubbed his temples "Then I'm ordering you to step aside and let me through"

"Umm...sorry Sir...but he was pretty clear that you definitely weren't to be allowed in. Just authorized engineers can enter"

Caelen sighed and contemplated once more hitting the guards in the face, the one that was doing all the talking, not the nervous one. He finally decided to turn around, he would get a yellow uniform and come back, with official orders, written by himself of course, that he was to be allowed entrance into the ship.

"Commander LaBrie?" a high female voice came from the left of him. He turned to see a older woman, around sixty, though still powerful. Her hair was pulled back tight, and she wore a full admiral's pips on her neck.

Caelen snapped to a salute "Admiral, how may I help you" he requested dropping the salute again, going into the protocol 'at ease' mode, legs slightly spread, hands behind his back.

"You're a difficult man to track down, LaBrie." the Admiral said, sternly. "Do you know who I am?"

Caelen checked the Admiral out "Not a clue" he stated indifferently, bordering insubordination.

"I," the woman drew herself up imperiously, "am Admiral Eleanor Torrens, Commander of the Neutral Zone Fleet. Do you know how utterly ridiculous it is that I am forced to track you down on foot?"

Caelen shrugged "I would offer you a ride in an old automobile but I can't enter My Own Ship!" he raised his voice, looking at the two guards "Other then that you could've actually used that combadge to contact me"

"You will not raise your voice to me, Commander, and I would have contacted you via the comm system, if it wasn't down. Goddamn Romulans fouled it up for the next three hours. My yeoman is nowhere to be found, and now you're talking to me as if I was some preppy ensign? That is unacceptable, Commander!"

"I was actually raising my voice to the Chief Petty Officer over there..." Caelen pointed at the guard "...with all due respect ma'am, but I have just heard that they are removing all the bolts, screws, circuits and probably even the carpet from My Ship, so I'm not in the best of moods"

"Well, LaBrie, I have something that may cheer you up. You're getting a promotion. God knows, what for, you managed to blow up your last ship, but that's how it goes. You're a captain now - try not to screw it up too badly."

"Wooptie freaking doo" Caelen responded "so now I'm a Captain without a ship... yeah I can see how that is a lot less worse then a Commander without a ship" he responded sarcastically.

"LaBrie, you will keep a civil tongue in your head while addressing me, or I will have you busted so low that you won't be on a ship in twenty years, do you understand?" Torrens said, coldly.

"yes, Sir" Caelen responded, emphasising the Sir, she couldn't do anything about that it was Protocol but it would probably sting her.

"Don't get cute with me, LaBrie." Torrens snapped, and turned sharply, heading back the way she came.

"Are you not going to give me a Pip or should I replicate it myself?" Caelen asked her, still in the at ease position, and just staying within protocal with his tone and choice of words.

Torrens ignored him and kept walking. The nerve of the man!

Caelen shook his head, so this was it... he was a Captain, without a ship... without a purpose. Still being a Captain gave him a little more leverage in his plan to infiltrate his own ship. He walked away and headed to his temporary quarters on the base.