Reflections #5 -#6 "Insubordination."

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Corridors outside of Floyd and Evans' quarters>>

Ryylar stood guard outside as Kitty and Hannah talked and would catch a small amount of rest inside the room. Ryylar crossed his arms over his chest and listened for anyone coming.

Sulan spoke plainly, having moved to stand infront of him, silently. " I will allow this charade of yours, as long as it does not affect your other duties, Mr Ryylar."

"Ma'am I am going to have to asssssk you to leave thissssss arrrrrrrea of the Pegasssssusssss." Ryylar said, not bothering to be more polite than duty ordered.

"On who's authority, Warrant Officer?" Sulan asked, raising an eyebrow. "Need I remind you, that you are one of my security staff. Your loyalty to hannah does you credit, but do not allow your hatred of me to blind you to the fact that if I had wanted to slay her, you could not have stopped me. Had I wished, I would simply have used one of the shuttle's transporters to perfrom a site to site transport. I am here, to inform you that continued guard duty is unnessesary. you may, of course, do so as you wish, but, fail to follow my orders when they are given, and I shall relive you of your security position."

"I have a duty assssss a ssssssecurrrrrrity officccccerrrrrr to ensssssurrrrre the sssssafety of the crrrrrrew aboarrrrrrrd thisssssss vessssssel. You possssssse a sssssssecurrrrrrrity rrrrrrrrissssssk to Lieutenant O' Drisssscoll. Sssssssso I sssssssssay again, pleassssssse move along ma'am." Ryylar said.

"And do you have another officer to confirm this?" Sulan asked calmly.

"Yessssssss. I do have anotherrrrrrr officccccerrrrrrr to confirrrrrrm that you arrrrrrre a ssssssssecurrrrrrrity thrrrrrrrreat." Ryylar said with a nod.

"Then where are your orders from the captain forbidding me from this area? Where are your orders from the Chief of Security that you are to stand guard in this area?"

"Wherrrrrrre werrrrrre yourrrrrrr orrrrrrderrrrrrssssss to tearrrrrrrr out Commanderrrrrrrr Petrrrrrrrova'sssss thrrrrrrroat? Wherrrrrrre werrrrrrre yourrrrrrr orrrrrrderrrrrrrsssss to call me a cowarrrrrrd and ssssssstarrrrrrrt a fight with me earrrrrrrlierrrrrr today?" He quipped.

"Regarding Petrova, I served time in the brig for it. And regarding you, I am free to address my subordinates in any manner I see fit. Though, addmitedly, I was... somewhat imprudent with me words." Sulan folds her hands behind her back, her face showing no emotion at the apology.

"Verrrrrrry well then, apology accccccepted, but you'rrrrrrre sssssssstill not going to get in to sssssssssssee Hannah." Ryylar said, standing in front of the door.

"Nor do I wish to. As I have said earlier, Warrant Officer, I have come to see that you resume your duties. And if you refuse, to relive you of your position." She takes three steps back from him, nearly standing against the opposite wall. "So, I formally order you, MR Ryylar to return to the security office, and return your weapons to the arsenal. This is a direct order, Mr. Ryylar." <tag>

"Then you will have to wrrrrrrrrrite me up ma'am, becausssssssse I have rrrrrrrreassssssson to believe that a ssssssssecurrrrrrrity thrrrrrrreat isssss indeed prrrrrrresssssssent and I will not be rrrrrrressssssponsssssible forrrrrrr anything that happenssssss to Lieutenant O'Drrrrrrrissssssscoll like that." Ryylar said with a nod.

"Very well, Mr. Ryylar. You are relived of your position effective, immediately. Will you surrender your weapons?"

"You don't have the authorrrrrrrity to rrrrrrrelieve sssssssomeone of duty. Only the counsssssselorrrrrrr, Chief Medical Officccccerrrrrrr, Captain, and Executive Officccccerrrrrrr can do that. If you come back with wrrrrrrritten orrrrrrderrrrrsssss, then I will sssssssurrrrrender my weaponssssss, until then ma'am, I wouldn't take thisssssss weapon off if you werrrrrrre the Goddessssssss herrrrrssssssself." Ryylar said with a nod.

"Very well." She tapped her combadge. "Code Black." Seven security guards appear around Ryylar with their phasher rifles pointed at him. "Drop your weapons, Mr Ryylar. Now. I will not ask again."

"I await ssssssssigned orrrrrrrderrrrrrrsssss frrrrrrrom the Chief Medical Officccccerrrrrrr, Executive Officcccccerrrrrrr, Counssssssselorrrrrr, and orrrrrr the Commanding Officccccerrrrrr of thisssssss vesssssel." Ryylar maintained and stared right at Sulan.

"Fire." she said dropping a hand in a chopping gesture. Seven wide angle phaser blasts are fired almost in unison. set to low stun. Ryylar dropped to the ground, slamming into a crumpled heap at the floor of the corridor.

"Relive him of his weapons, and remove him to the starbase brig. I will send report of this incident to LaBrie." She turned, and walked away, without another word.


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