Trojan Horse #139&140 - "Hey Sulan is Talking to Me..."

-={On}=- [Just outside of LaBrie's quarters, USS Pegasus]

Sulan gently tapped the chime outside of LaBrie's quarters, and waited for admittance.

Caelen straightened his back and walked up to his table to put the stuff on there he had just picked up from the floor. Then he walked to the door, surprised at both the fact that somebody would come find him at this time and that the Chime was actually working. "Who is it?" he asked through the, barely shut, door.

"Sulan, sir. May I have a moment of your time?" Sulan asked neutrally through the door.

A sigh escaped the Commander his mouth "Very well" he stated stepping up to the door and pushing the door aside "don't mind the mess please, haven't gotten around to cleaning it" he said walking back into the room.

"Of course sir." Sulan said as she entered, and sat in an empty chair that seemed in good shape. "I have come to formally request that power be diverted to the holodeck for training purposes." She stared the various broken furniture and objects in the semi darkness. "Sir, are you certain this area is safe for habitation?"

"Nothing is certain, Lieutenant, not on a ship like this" Caelen reacted to that before turning around to face her "And request formally denied..." he then answered her first request "...I need to power to keep this area habitable... as well as most part of the force fields and hull integrity"

Sulan nodded. "As I expected. Perhaps you would find it agreeable, if I were to remove the batteries from a shuttlecraft and use those until power could be restored?"

"No I do not..." Caelen was a bit harsh perhaps, but then again this was a Vulcan he was talking to, they did pride themselves on not having emotions after all "...we might need the shuttle to get away from the exploding wreckage of the Pegasus, when it comes to that of course..." he opened his arms and motioned around him "...have you seen the state we're in? I can't take any risks, Lieutenant"

"Understood. Though, I do not believe the situation is quite as dire as you believe. Lieutenant Black seems to be quite skilled in repairing this vessel

"Once more Lieutenant..." Caelen turned away from the Vulcan again "...nothing is certain, certainly not in space"

"Yet, it is foolish to entertain scenarios that have little probability of occurring." She tilts her head slightly broaching the subject carefully. "sir, I reviewed the surviving security logs during and after our combat with the Lantree, and I must say your demeanour is somewhat... different."

"My Point exactly, Lieutenant, what good is training a scenario so unlikely to happen and that will possibly inflict mental strain on my Security officers..." Caelen tried to attack her with her own words " for my demeanour, I don't recall transferring you to Counselling, and ass such it's none of your damn business"

"Forgive me but I must disagree on some points. Firstly, Mental strain is exactly what I wish for them. Better that I find the weak soldier in training, rather than have to deal with then in the field. Secondly, Your mental outlook is very much my bisiness. The well being of the crew is my duty. I am to protect the crew. Even from themselves if the need should arise." She lets the sentence hang in the manner only a vulcan can.

"I instated you in your position, I know exactly what your job is, Lieutenant, trust me when I say my demeanour is not part of it..." Caelen turned around again, looking at Sulan intently " for the mental strain you want to put your officers through, let me make it very simple for you..." he stepped closer "...not here... not now"

She held her ground, not moving, nor looking away. "Aye, sir."

Caelen gave a simple nod and stepped back again, knowing that he couldn't threaten her, but with her sitting down and him standing up he just couldn't help himself "Anything else?"

"I wanted to ask your thoughts on the matter of Mr. Ryylar. I am unsure how to resolve the situation."

He folded his hands behind his back "Go ahead" he allowed for her to start the topic.

"Recently, I observed Mr. Ryylar in a state of agitation. Seeing his morale was low, I attempted to bolster it by implying that only cowards run from their problems. I meant to appeal to his pride, to use his anger to rouse the spirit he once had for his duty. The action had results I did not expect. He nearly attacked me, and I had to draw my phaser to stop him." She folded her hands in her lap, her only sing of the agitation she felt over the incident. "Now, should I discipline him for nearly attacking me, or forget the incident, and loose the respect of those under my command?"

Caelen blinked twice "You're saying you've provoked him and now you want to dicipline him for bringing out the pride and lust for blood you wanted him to bring out?" he shook his head a bit "I swear, Lieutenant, sometimes I think we are from different dimensions"

Sulan blinked, and remained silent. <tag>

"Don't you get it? You got exactly what you wanted out of him, you wanted him to put his soul in his work, after what you said you hurt his pride..." Caelen ran a hand through his hair "...I am betting you that he is aching for a chance to get a chance to let you see he is not a coward" he placed his hands in his side and awaited a response.

"I see. So you believe I should adopt a wait-and-see atitude?" She nods. "Yes, I had not fully considered that option. Thank you, sir."

Caelen raised an eyebrow in a Vulcany manner "If that is all, you're dismissed Lieutenant"

She stood and saluted, and left without further comment.

When Sulan left earshot Caelen sighed "Vulcans" he shook his head and walked back to his table, looking at the stuff he had just picked up from the floor, picking up the top item. A Picture frame with him, Jennifer and Alexandra, genuinely happy just by being around each other, whatever happened to those times?

-={Off}=- A JP by: Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "Nothing is Certain, Certainly not in Space"


Lt (jg) Telek Sulan Chief of Security USS Pegasus "Emotional minds are a mystery to me."