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--- In OF_pegasus@yahoogroups.com, Joy <joybro@...> wrote: > > Well, we'll just have to outlast the next Starbase commander, won't we? > The way we're going, I bet we will. I have to admit, this is one of the > most dynamic, peaceful, and fun roleplay groups I've been in, in a long > time... and I feel like I 'fit in' here, which means a lot to me! > > That's a good point about the holodeck. Chief Engineer says that, for > the purposes of patching the storyline, (and who better to jury-rig a > patch than Kathleen Black...) we could say that the new regulator (and > restoration of Main Power) has made it possible. After all, with those > hull breaches and such, whole sections of the ship are unusable and > there's no point in keeping the lights on there... If you want to make > the patch just a little more likely, feel free to have the holodeck die > on you just a little before we get into Spacedock, like the faucet that > my friend was using to wash dishes when the power was out and we didn't > remember that water doesn't run when the power is out until the pressure > in the pipes dropped below nominal and the flow turned to a trickle. But > anyways... > > I'll figure that main power has been restored, the gravity-plating > corridors being used as conduits can more than carry the load, and the > reason why the Lounge has a force-field up and Kitty's quarters are > merely double-blocked is because the Lounge has higher priority than a > single set of crew quarters. We're still gonna need one heck of a refit > when we get back in! And we're still running rough, so I bet that extra > vibration at warp is going to start really annoying people. :D > > Joy > > John Conahan wrote: > > > > Hello Crew, There are a few things I want to go through with you > > concerning happenings of late. > > > > First off I would like to inform you that I was not allowed to take > > command of the open Starbase, their reason being that I had to be in > > command of a ship for 12 months before I could be transferred to > > another ship. Obviously they think that Two months (which is something > > like five years in Internet Time) will change me so significantly, and > > you with it, that it's absolutely imperative that we stay on the USS > > Pegasus for that time. You realize of course that I am not really > > amused by this new feat of Pencil pushing but alas, as with all big > > organisations we can't do without Beaurocracy. However as a response > > to this I will not change ship after the 12 month mark, as it is > > highly unlikely that a SB is still available and at the moment I will > > not take anything less then a StarBase. > > > > Secondly about the story, I have read that Lt (jg) Sulan has been > > using the Holodeck, knowing that we had to convert torpedoes to get > > two replicators working, that some of the quarters have lost > > athmosphere and that we have hull breaches in the saucer, lounge and > > possibly a dozen other places. I think it's highly unlikely that the > > Holodeck is still usable. But worry not, it is the plan that by the > > end of this day we will arrive at the starbase, where you can continue > > your training in the Holodeck. > > > > Finally I would like to thank you all for your participation and > > activity of late! Although we might not get the recognition we deserve > > from the higher ups, I never started this sim for that reason. I hope > > you're all still having fun playing in this RPG, as I do, and that you > > will stay with us for a long time to come (say... another 10 months... > > and then some). > > > > Sorry for the long OOC message to disrupt your play and the story, for > > now this is all. > > > > Good Luck and Have Fun on Future Missions, > > Captain Caelen LaBrie > > Commanding Officer > > USS Pegasus > > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------ > > Call friends with PC-to-PC calling -- FREE Try it now! > > <http://get.live.com/messenger/overview> > > > T he post about the holodeck was a good point. I actually was going to have used some spare power cells she had available, but forgot to add it in the post. My Bad. Thanks for the cover, Kitty.