OOC Message

Hello Crew, There are a few things I want to go through with you concerning happenings of late.
First off I would like to inform you that I was not allowed to take command of the open Starbase, their reason being that I had to be in command of a ship for 12 months before I could be transferred to another ship. Obviously they think that Two months (which is something like five years in Internet Time) will change me so significantly, and you with it, that it's absolutely imperative that we stay on the USS Pegasus for that time. You realize of course that I am not really amused by this new feat of Pencil pushing but alas, as with all big organisations we can't do without Beaurocracy. However as a response to this I will not change ship after the 12 month mark, as it is highly unlikely that a SB is still available and at the moment I will not take anything less then a StarBase.
Secondly about the story, I have read that Lt (jg) Sulan has been using the Holodeck, knowing that we had to convert torpedoes to get two replicators working, that some of the quarters have lost athmosphere and that we have hull breaches in the saucer, lounge and possibly a dozen other places. I think it's highly unlikely that the Holodeck is still usable. But worry not, it is the plan that by the end of this day we will arrive at the starbase, where you can continue your training in the Holodeck.
Finally I would like to thank you all for your participation and activity of late! Although we might not get the recognition we deserve from the higher ups, I never started this sim for that reason. I hope you're all still having fun playing in this RPG, as I do, and that you will stay with us for a long time to come (say... another 10 months... and then some).
Sorry for the long OOC message to disrupt your play and the story, for now this is all.
Good Luck and Have Fun on Future Missions,
Captain Caelen LaBrie
Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus

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