Trojan Horse #125&126 - "Rubble in the Rooms"

-={On}=- [Science Labs, USS Pegasus, Two Days after Post #123&124 "Disturbed Peace"]

Nalash walked around the rubble that was now their working place, this place really needed renovation... badly. She went through the debris of the labs, seeing what was left salvageable. She picked up some PADDs, a Hypo spray and some other things but nothing really important, like the tests they were running or the batches of anti- venom and other antidotes they had stored. It was all broken, all gone. She took a deep breath in and stood up from the ground, sighing when she stood fully upright.

Melina sighed softly as entered the labs, nearly everything was in a bad state. If she was honest she was kind of expecting this, she righted a small instrument and dusted it off, she checked the power supply and nodded. At least some of the things could be saved, however with all the vials broken and under foot, she guessed a clean up team would be needed, she looked around and spotted Nalash. "Hello Nalash, pretty bad sight isn't it?"

"It's worse..." Nalash replied turning around at the sound of the doors opening behind her "...any word on how close we are to the Starbase?" she then asked, desperately longing for a real water shower.

"From what I've heard about two hours there's a Starfleet tug coming" Melina replied.

"We're nearing the Starbase then?" she asked, knowing that they would never let a tugboat drag them over long distances, they just wouldn't keep up, especially not with two vessels in tow. She walked closer to the doors of the Labs "so two more hours in this Godforsaken place?" she shook her head a bit "I sure hope they hurry, we could all use a little Shore leave"

"Now there's a word that sounds nice indeed 'shore leave' I'd recommend it all round if you ask me. We've been through a lot and some things I'd sooner forget" Melina commented.

Nalash smiled "Most things" she corrected her colleague, and best friend. She leaned against the wall "We can't do anything until the mob up crews arrive, other then see if our quarters are still intact" she looked around a bit, the corridors were in as bad a shape as the Labs were in "although I somehow doubt it"

"Hmm well I hope not to much is broken, I have a few... sentimental things in my quarters. I don't think this mission will be remembered for the right reasons do you?" Melina questioned.

"I just hope someday I won't remember it at all" Nalash responded to that "although it is soothing though, even in peril Starfleet holds to its beliefs and fights back... it's good to know that we're part of that"

"Hmm you know something... I hate parallel universes" Melina finally said.

Nalash smiled "As do I..." she put a hand on Melina's shoulder and gently guided her out of the labs "...let's check our rooms ok?" she asked, not really waiting for an answer but just leading the way to the nearest of the two's quarters.

Three minutes later they arrived at the doors of Melina's quarters "You might want to try opening it but I think we have to use manual labour to actually get it to respond" Nalash said a bit mockingly.

Melina knelt down near the door and popped the hatch cover to the manual release. She reached inside and pulled down on the handle the door opened ever so slightly. She slipped her hands onto the exposed edges of the door and pushed hard on them. The door opened to reveal a chaotic mix of furniture and clothing. "Looks pretty bad, I was kind of expecting it thought" Melina said as she stepped inside.

Nalash shrugged a bit, it didn't look any different from her room at the Academy, although that was a bit better lit and less scorched. "It's not that bad" she stepped inside after Melina, looking around spotting a beautiful read dress that had been slung halfway across the room "Wow... why did you never wear this?" she asked picking it up from the floor.

Melina smiled and gently took the dress, she slipped into the bedroom and gently slipped in to after removing the dirty torn uniform she'd been wearing. She came outside and looked to Nalash. "I never really had the occasion for it Nalash. But from what I can see it's the only clean thing in here. Pity all the souvenirs from Risa and such have been smashed thought"

"Ah Risa... those souvenirs come with the dozen and you could get new ones... at least we're still around to be looking at this room" Nalash responded, never really liking 'souvenirs' but to some it was important "It looks great on you, you should wear it more often" she then commented on the dress"

Melina blushed ever so softly and smiled "Thank you, I think my light blue one would look great on you Nalash" Melina replied. Melina padded around picking up what she could most of the clothing was soiled be something it smelled like water or something, there must have been a leak at some point. "I think we best go see how your quarters are Nalash" Melina softly said.

Nalash walked up to Melina and offered her a friendly hug, it wasn't easy to see your place in so much distress, it wasn't the place to come home to that you would like it to be. Somehow a room was more then Bulkheads and plating, and thus more could be broken in a battle. "Yeah let's do that" she said pulling back from the embrace and leading the way back into the corridor and to her quarters.

Melina followed as she was thinking most of the clothing could be replaced. She purred as Nalash hugged her and smiled just a little. She was hoping her friends quarters had faired a little better.

Nalash walked up to her door and saw it in pretty good state, so instead of reaching for the manual release she tapped the doors keys. A hiss and then a rain of sparks was the response, out of reflex Nalash leaped back "That was a bit to optimistic" she stated sarcastically before kneeling down and reaching for the manual release as well, just as her friend had done with her own quarters. She pushed it open and found that her room had fared little better then Melina's "well at least there aren't clothes everywhere" she said "not mine that is" she picked up a pair of smooth black pants and threw it on the top bed of the bunk. She was only a Petty officer meaning she had to bunk with another Enlisted officer, a half-breed Human/Vulcan in her case.

"Hmm you know you have the skill to be an officer if you wish I'd give you a good reference Nalash" replied Melina with a slight smile.

Nalash shook her head a bit "I don't wish to become one, but thanks" she kneeled down and pulled a box from under her bed "there we go..." she said folding it open "...clean clothes" she plucked out a black, sleeveless, top, a pair of equally black jeans and of course some underwear. She turned away from Melina, as she didn't have the luxury of a separate bedroom, she took all her clothes off and started to dress in the clean clothes "So how long do you think the repairs will take?"

Melina turned and faced the door. "Hmm I'm not sure, the ships in a pretty bad way, to be honest warp drive is shot to hell, most of the sensors pallets are damaged plus structural integrity is only just about alright. There is a bit of damage to the impulse drive. The saucer is buckled in four places. I'd say a month or possibly two with a fully working dry-dock"

"That bad huh..." Nalash reacted to Melina's estimate " can turn around now" she then said putting on her top again and straightening it out a bit "so shore leave seems to be imminent... unless of course the ship is decommissioned and we are all left to find another posting"

"I don't know Nalash Starfleet does as it wishes at times. I'd say a long shore leave is imminent for a starter" replied Melina.

-={Off}=- OOC: As you can see we proceded the in character time quite somewhat, we leaped two days ahead and will soon jump another three in order to arrive at the Starbase. Where we will all enjoy some well deserved Shoreleave!!! (yay)

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