Trojan Horse #113, 114 - And you think YOUR boss is bad...

[On] [USS Pegasus] Sulan walked out of sickbay after seeing Hannah safely delivered there. She still wore her battered space suit and carried her helmet under her arm. she was surprised at how badly the Pegausus had been damaged. Luckilly, casualties were low.

Ryylar walked through the halls, on patrol. He stalked the corridors as if he was waiting for someone or something to show up that he could attack for destroying the Pegasus and murdering the Lantree crew.

"Greetings, Ryylar. I trust all is well?" Sulan asked as she stepped over a small pile of rubble.

"Not rrrrrreally... but therrrrrre isssssn't anything that I can do to change it and make thingsssss betterrrrrr." He said with a nod as he saw Sulan step down the corridors away from Sickbay.

"Perhaps. Though I expected the typical positive emotional outlook from you. What has befallen you?" Sual asked, studying him.

"It'sssss jusssst one thing afterrrrr anotherrrrrr. I wonderrrrrr if we'rrrrrre everrrrrrr going to sssssslow down." He said softly with a nod.

She put a hand on his bulky shoulder. "Why, Mr Ryylar... I would have never thought you capable of such cowardice. If Petrova woudl see you in such a state, I am cirtain she would be displeased."

"What!? Did you jussssst call me a cowarrrrrrd?" Ryylar snarled, his eyes flashing as he turned on Sulan.

"Correct." She said simply. "Did I make you angry with that statement?" She asked, lowering her hand. "Because it is true. If you want weeping over your circumstances, you will have to wait for your funeral."

"Sssssulan. The nexxxxt time you call me a cowarrrrrrrd. You won't make it to sssssickbay... I'll take you ssssssstrrrrrraight to the morrrrrrrgue." He hissed, his temper long since passed as he turned and stalked off to continue his patrol.

"Running? Just as I expected. And to think... I thought you worthy of my men." She said as she followed after him. You say your now a coward? I want proof. Let me see that fighting spirit of yours once again. Show me you heart, not that worthless visage I just witnessed." (do what you must.)

He turned and slammed his open clawed hand forward as a feint, his foot lashing out at the same time for her legs, wanting to knock her on her rear.

She easilly dodge, stepping aside from the path of the blows casually. "Pathetic. I curse you openly, and this is you only reaction? You may wish to use the computer's database to look up the term 'honor'. I've fought tougher Ferengi children."

He trembled in anger.


She drew her phaser pistol and held it centimeters from his furred muzzle "Hold, Mr. Ryylar." She said calmly. "THAT is just what I was looking for." She studies him for a moment. "Yes... It appears you still posses your fighting spirit. You understand my concern, don't you?"

"Put down the phassssserrrrrr and I'll sssssshow you what fighting ssssssspirrrrrrit isssss you pissssant little worrrrrrrm bitch." He glared, his slitted eyes blazing as he stared right through the Vulcan.

She holstered the phaser. "Another time perhaps." She said as she nodded. "Very good, Mr. Ryylar, very good. The men and woman under my command cannot respect me, if they do not secretly wish to stand victorious over my bloody corpse. Now, if that is all, resume your duties, you walking carpet."

"I don't rrrrrrressssspect you, you grrrrrrreen blooded pisssssant. If you werrrrrren't a higherrrrrr rrrrrranking officccccerrrrrr you'd be in the morrrrrgue rrrrrrright now. That'sssssss rrrrrrright Ssssssulan. Higherrrrrr rrrrrranking, becaussssssse you'rrrrrre cccccerrrrrrtainly not a ssssuperrrrrriorrrrr officcccerrrrr." He hissed.

She laughs a cold mocking laugh, that she hoped would sound realistic. "tell yourself whatever you will to ease your sense of inferiority, hairbag." she said as she turned away, walking down the corridor. Unfortunately, it had been nessesary to say such things,,, had it not? After all, Mr Ryylar needed direction just then, and what better way to direct someone, than with hate?

"You rrrrrretrrrrreat? You call me a cowarrrrrd yet you'rrrrrre not ssssstrrrrrong enough to even faccccce me without yourrrrr damn phasssssserrrrrrr." Ryylar hissed, smirking at her back as she walked away.

"I can turn my back on you, because your nothing. Seek me out when your worthy of my attention."

Ryylar was about to pounce and he narrowed his eyes, thinking of what it would mean to Kris.

"You know... I kicked the assssssesssss of your besssst trrrrrained maggotsssss and I almossssst losssst Krrrrrrissss becausssssse of it. You'rrrrrre not worrrrrth losssssing herrrrrr overrrrrrr." Ryylar said.


Lieutenant Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer Pointy Eared B#%@! USS Pegasus


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