OOC Message - Oppertunities

The Opportunity has arose for me to switch the Pegasus into a Starbase sim, while some of you know me well enough I will clarify why I even concider this option. I think DS9 was the best Star Trek series made and also I think that a Space Station would allow for far more in depth Char Development.

Now I would understand that some of you might think "No Way man this sucks!" then please tell me so, because I don't want to do this if it means losing a crewmember (not even one).

Generally converting to a Starbase sim would mean that all of you got a bigger staff to work with, bigger living quarters (No More Bunkmates *looks at Evans and Floyd*) and more toys to play with (*looks at G'ulf Fey*).

This opportunity arose when the CO of the TF Starbase resigned, I immediately responded to the call for a new, experienced, CO. But I also stated what I said before, my crew is more important to me then my fetish for Starbases and I will not switch if any of you doesn't want to.

Consequently you now have Veto Rights, think about it before making a decision, this opportunity will be unlikely to arise again any time soon if the position is filled by another CO.

I will put up a poll shortly after posting this, so you can give your opinion without having to post something substantial like me :D

Hope to Hear from you All, Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus