"Renegade Deception" #43 - My First Red Alert"


[USS Pegasus, Main Engineering]

Lt. Black startled as the Red Alert klaxon sounded. She went through the usual first response of "Aaaah! What do I DO!" but her head cleared more quickly this time than before. She remembered the procedures and she knew what to do.

She gave out her orders quickly, but calmly. She called up some off-duty engineers to stand ready in case they went into combat and the engines took a hit. She also started running checks more frequently and in-depth. When she had set everything in motion, she reported Engineering at Red Alert and sat back to relax in her chair.

To relax? Well, yes. Nothing had actually happened yet. She had been on Red Alert status before, on her old ship, but nothing had ever actually impacted Engineering. Most of the time, it'd been a simple precaution. She told this to a nervous-looking junior engineer nearby.

"I'm sure that we'll just continue on like this until we get out of the Zone, and then everything will be quiet again." Then she frowned. "We're dropping out of warp." She could hear the shift in the engine hum before the usual light display indicated their change in status.

"There could be a million reasons for going to Red Alert and dropping out of warp. It doesn't Mean that we're headed for combat." She looked encouragingly at the junior engineer and then chuckled. "Alright, go ahead and check your sidearm. Might as well." She might as well allow him his paranoia. When he'd been through a few Red Alerts, he'd relax.


Slow reaction by:

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer

& Crew