Trojan Horse #89 - 90 "Thanks, I Needed That"

OCC: for those confused by the line in my last post: "A pretty design he thought , almost like a turtle in some ways" I ask forgiveness. I briefly confused the appearance of the Maranda class with the Nebula.


<In Flight, near USS Pegasus>

G'ulf-fey waited for a reply to his transmission, expecting either a chewing out or a sarcastic laugh at a bad joke. Sitting there in uniform rather than full flight-suit it was easy to forget he wasn't with `privateers' anymore. Time was when a comment like that would have probably got a reply of `Tell them to surrender their coffee and booze and it will buy them their lives.' But that was long ago and far far away. Here he was supposed to be a `officer and = a gentleman' while serving as best he could.

Then he frowned, there should have been some kind of response, and for that matter the adversary ship generally tended to yell when attacked, if only to curse their foes.

"Stygian One to Ving" he said across the fighter channel "Zhadow did you copy my last transmission? I expected the ship to respond, but my system grabbed nothing but static."

=="Shadow One, came thru fine, no other traffic"== came Sha-dar's voice as she maneuvered to check if this ship was equipped for space mine laying, and finding none raked the area where the ships troops probably mustered.

=="Kip here, Styg-One"== came the voice of her wing man ==" Not sure but I think they tried to call us just as you took out the main weapons pod. The transmission wasn't received but there are signs they tried to call out."==

G'ulf-fey nodded, what ever it was it hopefully wasn't a `disengage' command. If it was he would be hearing about it, and possibly be up on charges given the damage to the other ship. And his unease was magnified when he realized that the ship didn't seem to be fighting back at all. Sure he had destroyed the weapon podd, but the minor weapons should still be there. As well most ships could use their shield harmonics to foul the maneuverability of small craft. Not to mention the tractor beams this thing should have.

Quick decisions are a fighter pilots lifeblood, and what ever the transmission was might have told him something vital. He put out a call =="Stygian One to Ving, disengage, I say again disengage" he said and followed it with confirm text across their TAC- screens "Something is very wrong here."==

A few moments later they were clear of the area as Pegasus let loose on the other ship with near everything it had. Had they still been there G'ulf-fey was sure they might have shielded the ship with their own craft. Their TAC-screens should have given them warning of this but they didn't. Either Pegasus was worried about the other ship intercepting them, or they weren't getting thru for some reason.

=="Sirs,"== came Kip's voice =="Check the `enemy crew status' display, This don't scan."==

Both he and Sha-dar did so and were shocked. According to the sensors the ship out there had no one aboard at all. She was maneuvering but had no living being in control. But if this was so who had been keeping it on course? A monument later a second barrage from Pegasus made the matter moot. The Port engine nacelle was destroyed and the starboard all but severed. This ship was going no where and aside form parts it was noth8ing but a menace to navigation.

"Stygian Ving, enemy is D.I.S. But stay alert, if there is one enemy here there may be more" Then he switched his mike to general transmission and tried to raise Pegasus "Pegasus, this is G'ulf-fey, Do you read me?" If communications were down he would have to return to the ship to get the info he needed. The he came upon an idea and moved slightly toward the ship and hung there. Again he transmitted but as well flashed his landing lights. Dash-dash-dot-dash, the old pattern for `Q' or `invitation to transmit'. With luck they would understand and see their transmissions weren't being sent or whatever was the problem.

He also knew that while he wasn't too bothered by the enemy their faced. Both Kip and Sha-dar might be. This hulk had been (in theory) a `friendly' ship. Firing on your own side is never easy but they had done so without hesitation to protect their own ship mates. There probably wasn't a medal or citation for such acts, but he would need to think of something and as well he should invite them to meditate with him so as to dispense with any confusion or grief for people they didn't know being lost.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus