"Renegade Deception" #41 - 42 "The thick plottens .. "


[IRW T'Met, Main Bridge]

Sock was sitting in the centre chair, the Federation ship had left orbit of Tarsonius Prime again and made way back to Federation space, so far they didn't do anything to interrupt the agreement made between the two supreme powers. "So Far so good, wouldn't you say Major?" he said looking to the man beside him.

Bokma looked bored out of his mind. He didn't like it when things went according to plan. No chance to plot and manouver politically when things went according to plan. "So far so good, Sir." he'd reply.

Then the USS Pegasus dropped out of warp again, the helm officer on the T'Met followed the Pegasus and also dropped out of warp. It kind of startled the Colonel "What is it now?!" he asked standing form his chair walking to the tactical officer onboard.

"No Idea sir" Kl'Nex responded as he ran some sensor checks "...They changed course and are headed for what appears to be debris of some sort..." he read out loud as they followed the Pegasus slowly towards some awkward sensor readings.

"What's their alert status, sublieutenant ?" Bokma asked Kl'Nex, who responded as she glanced at him "They've charged weapons and shields and are targeting the debris, Sir." Bokma frowned. Something was happening, yes, finally, but it wasn't making him feel any better. "Sir, I recommend we follow suit and move to red alert, full combat status."

Sock turned to Bokma "No..." he stated simply, he wouldn't risk it, the Federation ship's sensors were blazing at full power, if they jumped to red alert now they would surely register the power spike. "...we can't risk it..." he added as he made way back to the centre chair of the T'Met, "Run scans on those debris as well, I want to know what made them so damn interested" He said looking at the Science officer to his left on the bridge.

"Lifepods, Sir ! Seven of them. I'm reading faint lifesigns .. Non-romulan, Sir." the Science Officer said. Bokma spoke up again. "Atleast raise shields, Sir. If they Do know where we are, and they suddenly turn and attack, they can still do serious damage to the ship, before we can retaliate." <tag>

Sock nodded, Bokma was right "Allright, Kl'Nex raise shields and be ready to power up weapons" he said, <lifepods with faint lifesigns stopping is the Federation thing to do> he thought as he rested his chin in his right hand. <they didn't see us, they won't attack> he concluded, he just hoped he was right.

".. Might I remind Colonel Sock that the federation ship is still several hours removed from Federation space, and their current line of actions constitutes a drect breach of the agreement, sir ?" Bokma spoke flatly, watching the viewscreen.

Sock shook his head and turned to his XO, he was getting fed up with his war mongering thoughts "Actually Major, the agreement states that in unforseen cercumstances the Admirality should be contacted..." he said with fury in his eyes, "...these are unforseen circumstances, we do Nothin untill we have contacted the General" he added right before he got up and made way to his ready room, right before he entered he looked over his shoulder "Don't try anything stupid" he said knowing that Bokma was capable of ordering an attack.

soft chuckle as the other romulan shifted a bit to make more comfortable. "Wouldn't dream of doing anything stupid Sir." <That just leaves me free to do the smart thing, where glory and promotions are concerned.> he added quietly in thought.