Trojan Horse #53 &54

OOC: hopefully there wound be 2 55s by the time this gets out


[Jeffrey's Tube # (who the heck knows)]

"GRRR, Dey tell me 'neverr volenteerr' but do I lizen" G'ulf-fey groused to himself as he moved past an other low beam tryoing to track down one of the faulty power conduets.When he had got the call acroos the (barely fuctioning) ship comm net, it had sounded like easy duty. Sure he ddint *have* to do it, given his position wasnt dammage control. But then, in the Star-tygers, no one was really assigned that duty, everyone just did it. Scorched fur was a small price to pay for not 'sucking vacume'.

Then too there was the whole matter of pride. Sure the 'Lantree' was going to be there to tow them home. But even oit they still needed it , there woudl be less shame if they didnt need to beg power to keep the repliucators working. He didnt know about the senoir staff but a pilot could only stomach so many ration bars.

So, he had responed to Evens when he called and got a list of what he could do. He had nto gone to meet the man, mostly as he had no desire to intrude where the 'love apes' were playing. yes they probably behaived themselfs but why take the chance. He might not be 'in heat' like most humans seemed to always be, but he still didnt need reminders that he was probably alone in this new place.

##Intruder alleat,Intruder alleat, HALT or you will be fired on##

"Vhat!" he yellied in surpise then dove to his left as a phaser beam narrowly missed him "Komputerr, Dizz-ingage, I am crrew"

## ERROR, no such race, in start fleet database## theb thing responded and he heard the unit powering up for a second shot ## Intruder shall be nullifyed##

"I think not Zand for brains" he said and then lept across the passage and threw a wrench into the fixture. the metal combined with the voltage caused a short in the phaser array and the system shut down while it ran a diagnostic. Not hat he stood still, he moved forward to trhe next junction area and acceassed the computer terminal there. The system recognised his password and according to it the anti intuder system was not online at all. Then oddly, it asked him if he woudl like a nice cup of tea? He shook his head and then checked the fault location again. anmazingly the appearnt problem was gone, almost as if it had been a lure into a trap.

+/\+ "G-ulf-fey, to Evans, Bewarre therre seems to be morre problems than you told me about, and some of them are deadly" +/\+

"o-kay, now vhat was de next job? Ahh yess the launch katapult zyztem. Probbaly got zhaken looze and a veld crracked. Von't be de firrst time." he said heading off to get a filter mask and such things. welding smoke when you can track by your nose is far worse than most humans imagine.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus