Trojan Horse #53 &54

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[Combat Systems Control]

"Computer, activate system nodes 9 through 14." Hannah said, leaning back in her chair.

"Unable to comply." The voice responded.


"Command level access is required to activate those systems." zatchlas_str: "Ugghh..." Hannah sighed. She reached for her commbadge, and then changed her mind. She should probably check in with Justin at the Tac console on the Bridge, and this way she could kill two birds with one stone. She thought about changing out of her somewhat skimpy attire, but decided she just couldn't be bothered. <If LaBrie has a problem with it, I can always change. For now, I'm going to be comfortable.>

She left the CSC, and headed for the turbolift.

Kristiana sat on the bridge, smiling, her feet up, shoes off, sipping a hot coco. "This new computer thing is great." She quietly mused to herself. Honestly, it has been. The computer had suggested various repair procedures that the engineering team never would've thought of, but that worked remarkably well, regardless. Kristiana could get used to this. Sure, she figured they'd have to have it checked out, but that was going to happen while the ship was docked for full repairs. For now, she was going to take advantage of it.

Hannah stepped out of the turbolift. She walked over to the Ensign at the Tac desk, and started conversing in a low voice.

Kristiana quirked a brow as Hannah entered, and headtilted a bit, looking the other woman over. A soft smile formed, then forming into a bit of a frown, as her shoulders slumped, everso slightly, and she turned her concentration back to her coco again. "Morning' Lieutenant !" The russian woman spoke, watching the viewscreen again. "You're out of uniform .."

Hannah blushed as she looked down at her rather tight blue low-cut top, and her very short orange shorts. "Um...sorry Ma'am...should I go change?"

Hannah blushed as she looked down at her rather tight blue low-cut top, and her very short orange shorts. "Um...sorry Ma'am...should I go change?" <Probably should have worn a bra...>

".. That's alright, Lieutenant. It's not like much is happening, anyways." Kristiana spoke again. Besides, she enjoyed this kind of scenery. "So, how's things ?"

"Not so bad, Ma'am." Hannah said. Again, she was grabbed by the irrational feeling that Petrova was checking her out. <No, couldn't be...could it?> She grabbed a PADD off the Tac desk, and brought it down to the command chair, tapping on it as she came down. "The repairs are going ahead of time, Ma'am. I even managed to get the shower working in my quarters - I've never enjoyed a shower so much in my life." She grinned.

Kristiana took the PADD to look it over, quirking an eyebrow at Hannah's remark, looking up at the standing - and shapely - younger woman. "Have you forgotten that it's proper procedure to fix the command team's showers first, Lieutenant ?" She quipped, quirking a bit of a grin. "Complaints trickle up the chain of command, homely comforts like showers trickle down. That's the way it goes." <tag> zatchlas_str: <Ok, something is definitely going on here. Well, let's try something, shall we?> Hannah feigned more embarrasment,and then said perfectly innocently, " could always share mine, Ma'am."

Kristiana blinked a bit, pausing her examining of the PADD, then glanced up again, looking as if she was searching for the right words. "... after duty, perhaps." She nodded. "Or if you can get mine

<SHE IS HITTING ON ME!> Hannah managed to keep a straight face - a reflex of years of training. <Oh, this is insane.> At this stage, Hannah's inherent cheekiness took over. She leaned over the PADD, offering Petrova an excellent view of her cleavage. "That's the order I need you to sign off on, Ma'am." she said.

Kristiana blinked at the sudden change in view, and blinked again, then blushed a bit as she looked away, diverting her full attention to the order form .. Atleast, attempting to. ".. Yeah. Right. Form." She spoke, silently cursing herself, as she filled in the fields. <tag>

Hannah fought to control the urge to 'accidentally' drop something that would require her to bend over. Instead, she smiled sweetly. "Is there something wrong, ma'am?"

"Well, you ARE out of uniform, Lieutenant." Kristiana spoke, in brutal honesty, as she looked up again, quirking a bit of a grin, but with a slight blush on her cheeks. "I'll .. let it slide this time, but next time I want you in full uniform. " A blink and a cringe. ".. I want you to Show Up .. in full uniform."

"Yes, Ma'am." Hannah nodded. <Oh, I'd forgotten how fun this can be!> "I'll try not to be so distracting next time, Ma'am."

".. Good work, Lieutenant." Kristiana spoke, wryly, turning her attention to the viewscreen again.

"Commander, we have an incoming message. It's the Lantree. They have us on sensors and estimate another 15 minutes to arrival." the conn officer spoke up.

"Very good, Ensign." Kristiana replied. "Tell them we'll be here, and send a message to LaBrie."

"I'll go change, Ma'am." Hannah said, heading for the turbolift. As she walked, she allowed a serious wiggle to come into her walk, knowing the shorts showed off her rear end very nicely.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Kristiana glanced over, then facepalmed as she saw Hannah saunter into the turbolift, showing off her curves nicely. "Oy vey .." She whispered, shaking her head a bit. " ... God .. Why me ?" as she glanced up at the ceiling.



Engineering and Ops, the Lantree has now arrived and help is underway! Get to posting, and don't forget the gremlins in the computer !

Everyone else, get to posting ! There's PLENTY to do !

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Oy Vey .."

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "Oh, I am going to enjoy this."