Trojan Horse #48 - 49 "One more surprise"


<corridors, uss pegasus.>

Sulan moved through the halls, heading toward the sickbay to visit mr. Ryylar. He face held the usuall expressionless visage.

Kristiana had just come from visiting Ryylar. She looked thoughtful and a bit pre-occupied - however, less so than O'Driscoll, earlier, and she managed to not bump into the first person she met - this being Lieutenant Telek. Kristiana stepped out of the way, giving Sulan a nod, then paused a moment, just looking at the other woman, before continuing on her way.

"Commander." Sulan said with a nod as she continued past, neatly side-stepping the human.

".. Lieutenant." The russian woman replied. "How are you ? How was your .. trip, to that Renegade Vulcan ship ?" She asked the vulcan woman, against better judgment - last few times she had spoken with Sulan had ended in badness, but she hoped that that episode on that renegade ship would've helped calm Sulan down.

"It was quite..." she searched for a word. "Facinating." She said with a nod. "I trust you read the incident report I submitted concerning the wounding of Mr. Ryylar?"

"Yes I have, Lieutenant." Kristiana hesitated a moment, there was one thing she couldn't read in that report, but that weighed heavily on her mind. Eventually, she figured, the best thing would be to simply Ask. "Question, Lieutenant .. I know you didn't have a chance to stop that Jem Hadar from shooting Ryylar. But if you had .. Would you have ?"

"Yes." Sulan said simply. "Mr Ryylar is a member of my security team, and as such, under any protection I am able to provide."

A nod. "Good .. Thank you." The russian redhead replied. "That is all I needed to know."

"Though perhaps some good can come of this situation. Mr. Ryylar was wounded, and can learn to better use the security team as a group, rather than charging off without cause." spoke Sulan.

"Perhaps explaining the problem to me will allow you a different perspective." The vulcan offered.

Kristiana blinked, not having expected that, especially not from Sulan. However, she'd sooner dance a nude jig in front of the ferengi trading commitee than share her innermost personal thoughts with someone who until recently wanted her dead. ".. Thanks for the offer, Lieutenant - " she spoke, in honesty. " - but they are personal problems. I will deal with them myself."

"Understood. But..." She pauses, trying to frame her words. "From what I can understand of my own emotions, are that they are like a torrent, and can keep you from seeing things as they are. I urge you to try and see your position as it is, not just as you think it is, or wish it to be. In doing so, perhaps you will see that things are not as dire as you believe them to be."

Another slow, surprised nod. ".. Thank you, Lieutenant. That does help. I have someone to help me put things into perspective, though. Ryylar helps me deal with .. this situation. I assure you, it won't interfere with my functioning onboard this ship."

"I of course, did not mean to imply that your judement was impared by your emotional state. Only that, should you require my assistance, that I will render any aide you need."

A nod and a hesitant smile. "I am confused, though. Why offer me this, now ? When before we came back from that mirror universe, our working relationship had been .. Less than successful ?"

"It appears that I had been in error concerning the nature of your relationship with me. I had thought that -like the romulans- you held on to your command position only by force of will of fear of the crew. Logically, I sought to subvert that position in order to protect my own interests. It was, as I see now, an error in my logical deduction." Sulan admitted.

An honest smile at that. "Well well .. Who'd have thought that." A nod. "Thank you, Lieutenant. What brought that realisation on ?"

"Following my own advice and viewing my position as what it was, and not as what I thought it to be." She said matter-of-factly.

Another nod from the russian. "This change .. Pleases me." She admitted. "Well, I have work to do .." As she pushed off of the wall again. "Until next we meet."

"Agreed." She said, as she turned and entered the sick bay.

Kristiana simply watched Sulan turn into sickbay, still a bit surprised by the sudden change in the Vulcan's behaviour. Pleasantly surprised, at that. With a soft smirk she turned to return to her duties again, muttering quietly. "Hell has frozen over and chickens have grown teeth."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


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