Trojan Horse #44, 45 - Bad Kitty.... go to my room...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Sickbay>>

Ryylar sat up on the bio bed. His wounds recovering and mending just fine thanks to Doctor Floyd's ministrations. He hoped Kitty had given Petrova the rose like she said she would. His heart ached that he couldn't be there to give Kristiana the comfort she needed right then. Knowing Kristiana she'd admonish him for some small reason like using valuable replicator energy on a flower and not food or parts. But it was his job as Morale Officer to make sure the crew was emotionally able to handle the stresses of the job. If Kristiana couldn't handle it because of the tragedies of the recent past, then it was his job as Morale Officer and her boyfriend to try and put a smile on her face.

Kristiana wandered into the medical bay, the white rose tucked behind her ear. She managed a tired smile when she saw Ryylar sitting up, and headed over, to give him a soft hug and a kiss. "Hey .. Glad to see you're sitting up already. How are you ? How's the arm ?"

He smiled and wrapped his good arm around her waist, kissing her lips gently.

"I'm glad you'rrrrrrre ssssssmiling... you have a beautiful ssssssmile Krrrrrrisssssstiana." He said softly as he placed a quick kiss upon her cheek. His other arm lay across is torso, immobilized to let the tendons and ligaments and muscles heal properly.

"It getsssss betterrrrr everrrry day... well at leasssst it hurrrrrrtsssss lesss everrrrrry day sssssso I sssssssupposssssse that'sssss a good thing rrrrrrright?" Ryylar reported and then smiled at his love, reaching up to run his fingertips over her cheek in a gentle caress.

She sighed softly as she stepped out of his embrace, to gently sit down on the edge of his biobed. "Yeah .. I'm smiling, just a bit .. But there's not much reason to smile, just yet. The ship is still in a bad state, but atleast we have partial replicators back online, that should be good for morale. The Lantree is about 5 hours away from us now .. But the computer seems to have developed a mind of it's own."

"Nothing that the famoussssss Commanderrrrrrr Petrrrrrrova can't handle." He said with a grin, giving her his vote of complete confidence as he slid his hand over hers and turned his hand to cup hers in his grasp, caressing the back with his thumb as they talked.

".. Right." she smirked a bit, shaking her head some. ".. I'll survive. Just make sure you do, as well." She commented before playfully giving him a whap against the back of his head. "That's for not checking your six before heading into a danger zone, you noob."

"Hey! It wassssss neverrrrrrr coverrrrrred in Ssssstarrrrrrrfleet trrrrrrraining that Jem'Hadarrrrrr arrrrrrre grrrrrrrenade prrrrrrroof!" He joked and smiled at her, knowing she was just concerned and probably had been agonizing over his state when he was brought back to the Pegasus.

"Well, now you know for next time." She sighed, hanging her head for a moment. "The ship will likely be docked for repairs for a few months before we can set out again .. I'll be taking some time off to .. Take care of matters."

"I should be well enough to come with you by that time." He told her with a nod.

"Yeah .." She sighed. "I hope so .. I'll .. Need to visit my father's grave .. I'll need to go through all his .. Our family's .. stuff, deciding what goes and what doesn't." Kristiana sniffled a bit, looking at Ryylar again. "He was the last of the Petrov's, Ryylar .. His name .. My family's name .. Dies with him."

"No... it doesssssn't." He told her, wrapping his arm around her, trying to pull her close.

She blinked a bit and let him pull her close, half snuggling with him, mindful of his injuries. ".. Yes it will .. Even if I ever marry and have kids .. I'm the woman here, Ryylar. My kids won't be Petrov's."

"They will... becaussssse you won't change yourrrrrr name... you will passss that name on to yourrrrrr childrrrrrren." He told her gently and kissed her forehead.

She blinked a bit at that, and looked at him, letting him kiss her forehead. ".. What about you, then ? Your name ? I'm the woman here, Ryylar. This is not how things are done .."

"I have no lasssst name... I am not allowed to have a lassst name everrrrr sssssinccccce I wasssss kicked off of Cait. Perrrrrrsssssonally I would be verrrrrry prrrrrroud to bearrrrrrr the Petrrrrrrov name." Ryylar said to her quietly.

Kristiana shook her head a bit, sitting up again. "That's all in the then and there, Ryylar. I've got enough to worry about in the here and now without stretching myself even thinner."

"Yup... but if you everrrrr did asssssk me orrrrrr ssssssomething... I'd be happy to have yourrrrrr name..." He told her with a little smile.

She nodded a bit again. ".. Not .. Not now, Ryylar. I've got enough on my mind." As she reached to take his hand in hers, squeezing it softly. You .. you just get better, alright ? And I'll just do my job .. And later, we'll go to Vengerovka again."

"Krrrrrisssss... yu know I will neverrrr leave yourrrrrr sssssside." He told her, in an almost reassuring tone.

".. I've been promised that before, as well." She sighed, then shaking her head a bit. "I'm sorry .. I'm just .. .." Her voice trailed off, as she hesitated a moment, then gave him a tight, loving embrace, kissing him with barely withheld affection and passion. ".. I love you, silly kitty .. Get well. That's an order."

"Yesssss ma'am... if I disssssobey doesssss that mean I have to go to yourrrrrr quarrrrrterrrrrsssss forrrrr disciplline?" He asked her in a whisper as she held him.

".. No .." She spoke, quietly, rising to her feet, her fingertips lingering on his, before slipping away. ".. That would mean you'd become useless to me. I wanna love an active man who can give me all I need .. Not a sickbay-bound vegetable."

"Well then I sssssupposssssse I'll ssssssee you laterrrrrr when Doctorrrrr Floyd clearrrrrrsssssss me forrrrr duty..." he told her ith a smile.

She nodded. ".. Get well, hon .. I need you." She commented, before turning to head out of sickbay again, tracing her fingertips over his leg, then foot.

"I'll be therrrrrre forrrrrr you." Ryylar said with a gentle smile.

Without saying another word, the russian woman disappeared around the corner again.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Eyes ears and hands on Ryylar, Kris."


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