"Renegade Deception" #38,39&40 - "Somethings up Doc..."

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, USS Pegasus, a good half hour after picking up Kennock]

Caelen had discussed some more things with Kennock but now it was time to steer this thing around and head back for Federation Space, that was the agreement with the Romulans and that is how it was to be done. Caelen rose from his chair and walked up to the Vulcan Chief Flight Control officer. "Ensign..." he said getting the attention of T'Rell.

When T'Rell heard Caelen walking up to him, T'Rell turned around and looked at the long-haired captain standing next to him. "What is it, sir?" T'Rell asked still looking at Caelen.

"I think it's time to go back to friendly space" Caelen said with a smile, he was happy to give this order. Although the, approved, breaking of the RNZ treaties was a once in a lifetime experience he liked the idea of going home again. "Set a course for starbase 343, warp six" he ordered the young, for a Vulcan, Ensign.

"Will do, sir." T'Rell turned to his console to steer the horse to Starbase 343 at warp six. "Estimated time for arrival will be in approximately 12 hours, and in about 6 hours we will be out of the RNZ, sir." T'Rell read that from his screen where the plotted course was visible.

Caelen nodded, "Very well..." he said, he started to walk back towards the center chair, "Say Ensign, I heard that Vulcans were very good at playing pool" he said with a challenging tone in his voice. Caelen himself liked pool, he was said to be a very rash and impulsive player, it would be fun to see what would win intuition or pure logic.

T'Rell turned around again towards his captain, with a look, as if he almost wanted to raise an eyebrow. "My bet would be, that logic prevails, as it always does." He said this with a tone, that he would accept the challenge. "When will this game be taking place?" T'Rell asked at a serious tone.

"Well if you have time..." Caelen started but he was interrupted by the chirp on his combadge, =/\= Ensign LaBrie for Commander LaBrie, please respond =/\= it was Jennifer and there was something wrong, he could hear it in her voice. =/\= What's wrong Jenn? =/\= he asked. =/\= Something is wrong, you better get to sickbay =/\= Jennifer replied, she was really worried and this didn't sit well with Caelen, =/\= I'm on my way, LaBrie out =/\= he hit his combadge again to close the channel. "I'm sorry Ensign, that game will have to wait..." Caelen said turning to T'Rell.

"That is alright captain, my duties here are not over yet. We will set a time later on, sir." T'Rell turned back to his duty of getting Caelen's ship out of the RNZ safely. And he heard Caelen walking off to the turbolift.

[Main Sickbay, USS Pegasus, 3 minutes later]

Caelen walked into the sickbay and saw Alexandra dragging around what appeared to be the EMH, asking him questions about pretty much anything that was in sickbay. When he didn't see Russell or Jennifer he decided to check in the CMO's office, where he found the two, the Doctor with a serious face and Jennifer with a look as if she was going to cry any second now. "what's up doc?" he asked deciding that it was better for Russell to explain it then Jennifer.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. Alexandra has been diagnosed with Xenopolycythemia." Russell said with an uneasy and serious look on his face. "It's a rare blood disease that causes the amount of red bloodcells in the body to slowly decline. Her bloodcells are not sufficiently replaced by new ones. If not treated, it's fatal within a year on adults." he explained to his CO.

Caelen's heart sank to his shoes, he needed to place his hand on the wall to not lose his balance because of the following nausea, "and... do you have any idea how long she's been carrying this around?" he asked, a year is not much, especially not for a child.

"The scans showed that it originated around 2 to 3 months ago." said Russell while tapping on his viewscreen to retrieve the data of the scans. "Since she is a young child, it may have a more devastating effect than on adults. I'm concerned about her full recovery." he said on a serious tone. "The cure for it is not the problem, it's in the databanks and can be replicated. I need to work out a treatment schedule as she is the first infant to be diagnosed with this disease."

Caelen shook his head and placed a hand on Jennifer's shoulder "will she feel any... discomfort from the treatment?" he asked looking back at Russell.

Russell had to give more bad news to the already very concerned parents "Yes, the treatment is extremely uncomfortable. It's a series of perfectly timed injections of the cure for a certain amount of time. It will be an unpleasant experience for Alexandra, but necessary." He looked at both when he told them.

Caelen sighed, he didn't like this at all but he knew that if they didn't do anything it would probably be even more uncomfortable, and it would result in death. "Do whatever you deem necessary to save Alex" he said looking at the Doctor with some kind of fury in his eyes nobody could place, he had lost Alex before, back then there was nothing he could do.

"I will do eveything in my power, sir. And then some more." Russell answered trying to give some moral support. He could imagine how they both would feel as parents: completely helpless. "I'd like to keep her here so I can start the treatment right away. Of course you want to be here when I can start the injections, just for her support?"

Caelen was reassured by this doctor, he had experience, more than Caelen had. At that moment the red alert claxons sounded and the voice of the tactical officer echoed over the PA.

"This is the Bridge…all hands switch from General Quarters to Battle Stations…repeat all hands to Battle Stations….set condition red throughout the ship"

"Shit" Caelen said "I'll hold you to it Doc!" he said as he turned around and ran off out of Sickbay, back towards the turbolift, to the bridge to see what the hell is going on.


A Triple JP by:

Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control


Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer