Trojan Horse #16 "The example."

[On:] [Corridors, USS Pegasus]

Sulan strode the corridors with her men scouring the decks and passageways for any stray Jem' Hadar that may have beamed aboard. Her security forces kept glancing at her as they moved from section to section, and from corridor to corridor. Finally she could take no more.

"Hold." She ordered, and stepped in front of the security team. "All of you, look at me, and look well" She looked at each member of the team till they lowered their eyes. "I am the very same Telek Sulan who has served with you since I came here." She pauses choosing her woods carefully. "No matter what you may have heard regarding my actions on board the Jem Hadar ship, but I assure you, I am no more or less fearsome than I have always been. *I* am the one who's trained you, and will fight alongside you. Nothing about that has changed. So, look at me. Look hard. Memorize this bruised battered and scared visage of mine. For it will be the face you see in your mind as you face the enemy. And it will be telling you to fear me; far more that you would any enemy. To fail me, is to fail this ship, to fail this ship. To fail this ship is to incur my wrath. To incur my wrath… Well, let's just hope none of you have to find that out." She stared at their faces once again. They were eager, hopeful faces. "Now, on to the matter of Mr. Ryylar. As I'm sure all of you are aware, Mr. Ryylar was shot by and enemy during a joint raid involving The Vulcan forces, and elements of the Pegasus' security teams. Now, Do any of you know why that happened?" she pauses for a moment before answering her own question.

"He was shot because he was a fool." Her face remained expressionless as the gasps of surprise from various members of the security teams. "Yes, you heard correctly. Mr. Ryylar underestimated the will of the enemy, and it nearly cost him his life. What's more, he depended too heavily upon me, and the other members for the security team to watch he back while he charged heedlessly into battle. When bloodlust overtakes the tactical mind, you're as much a danger to yourself, and your crewmates as you are to the enemy. Let's us all use what happened to Mr. Ryylar as an example of what happens when you loose your ability to think." She said the last harshly, staring hard at the security teams.

"Now, move out, and keep your eyes open, and minds sharp." She led the security teams through the rest of the patrols, and felt pride at how well they moved. Truly, it was good to be back again….


Lieutenant (jg) Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer USS Pegasus "A fool goeth, where angels fear to tread."