A Mirror Shattered #256 - 257 "Measure of Control"


<USS Pegasus, Gymnasium>

Ryylar snapped his leg out and kicked into the punching bags, whirling around to slam a fist backhanded over his shoulder into the bag behind him. The Caitian was a whirlwind of furry fury in the center of four punching bags, a multiple opponent excersise routine designed to test reflex and agility over brute strength he barely heard the ship's computer call out that Lieutenant Commander Petrova had returned to the ship. He stopped and dashed out of the gym, squirming between two bags as he grabbed his comm badge and uniform. He was wearing black workout clothes and scooped up his things, tapping the badge as he ran out.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrr to Krrrrrrissssstiana. =/\= He said.

=/\= I'm in sickbay, hon. =/\= her voice sounded tired, and with a slight hint of pain.

=/\= On my way. =/\= He said, running to the turbolift full tilt and slamming against the back wall to stop his sprint as he ordered the lift to go to sickbay.

Petrova was sitting on a biobed when Ryylar thundered inside, like a fury unleashed. She blinked a bit and glanced over, giving a meek wave. She had several bruises on her, and one pants-leg was lightly bloodstained. A nurse was scanning said leg.

He moved over to her and snarled.

"Are you all right?" He asked her, the concern and anger at not being allowed to come with her very evident in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She sighed, reaching a hand out to rest on his shoulder for a moment. "Got into a little brawl, my leg got busted, managed to finally get Black and Evans out, had my leg fixed, and once I'm cleared out of sickbay I'll be heading straight for the bridge."

"Damnit... Who was your security escort?" He growled, gritting his teeth as he reached up and squeezed her hand.

Kristiana just gave him an exasperated Look at that. "I'm Fine, Ryylar. Your anger isn't constructive. And I need you in control, now." As she winced as one of the nurses pressed a sore spot, and glared at the nurse.

"It'sssss harrrrrrrd to be in contrrrrrrrrol when I'm not in contrrrrrrrrol of anything." He said with a grumble as he started to calm down, glad that Kris would be ok.

She looked Straight at him, at that, eyes narrowed a bit. "You need to be in control of yourself, Ryylar." She spoke in a grim, quiet tone. ".. Because, right now, you're useless to me, if you're not."

"And what do you need from me Commanderrrrrr?" He asked her, straightening up, his eyes now the only trace of the anger still roiling within him.

She rose to her feet as the nurse cleared her, the tiredness slipping back into her eyes and her voice as she looked at him, and rested her forehead against his for a moment, closing her eyes. ".. I need you to understand that .. My first priority is to the ship, and her crew." Now caressing his shoulders a bit with her hands, as she quietly continued. "I love you, Ryylar. I really do. But there are two-hundred-and-fourty people onboard this ship that need me to do my job .. That need you to do yours. I'll be fine. I appreciate you worrying, it shows that you care, and I'll be all yours again when this all blows over. But until that moment .. " As she sighed softly, her expression hardening slightly, and she stood up straight again. ".. Until that moment, I am going to do my Job. And I need to be able to do that without needing to worry about you. I need to know that you are ok."

"I underrrrrssssstand duty and obligation Krrrrrrrisssssstiana I'm jusssssst upsssssset at thissssss feeling of utterrrrrr helplessssssnesssss from not being able to do anything usssssseful..." He confided as he turned and let her go so she could get on with her duties.

"I've learned that the best way to cope with things I can't influence, is to not worry about them. I know it's tough, I know it's not fun .. But if something's happening, and you can't do a thing about it .. Worrying about it isn't going to help Anyone. Least of all yourself. I try to find something else to do, something useful, instead of worrying. It helps keep me sane, helps keep me in control of myself." She quietly explained, another layer of her personality shedded, for him and him alone, as she traced her fingertips over his feline jawline.

"If only forrrrrr you Krrrrrrissssstiana Petrrrrrrova." He said with a nod. He was still upset, but even worse than this feeling of helplessness was the feeling that he could fail her when she needed him the most, so he pressed his lips to hers and gave her a quick kiss before straightening once more.

"Perrrrrrmissssion to esssssscorrrrrrt you to the brrrrrrridge ma'am." He said in as an officious tone as possible.

"Permission denied." She told him, after returning the kiss. "I want you to help Hannah oversee the security detail, make sure that all security personell are briefed, armed and prepared. Assist Hannah in establishing defensive perimeters around key locations. We're likely going into combat and I want to be prepared to repell possible boarders."

"Yessss ma'am." He said, nodding and snapping off a salute.

She saluted him back, and smiled, appreciatively. "Thank you. And .. Thank you for coming to see me. It gives me strength. Love you, hon." With a wink, as she turned and - with a slight wince - started towards the exit.

"I love you too." He said softly before walking off out the door to help with the Security detail.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus