Shoreleave #259 - 260 "From bad to worse"


<Second World>

Kristiana materialised along with her Security Officer, WO Paul Johnston, in front of the Pot of Gold Casino. She looked around a bit, and turned to Paul. "Keep your eyes open, Johnston, be alert. But remember, this is not a combat mission." before she turned and lumbered straight up to the entrance, not at all intimidated by the two HUMONGOUS mountains of muscle that were standing guard, there.

"Oi, what we got 'ere? Could I see some ID please?" one of those mountains said to the two people who just beamed almost on top of 'em. They had instructions to be *extra* extra carefull. Once because of the false commander, and once becuase of their boss's recently bruised 'ego'. "If you don't mind..."

"Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova, of the USS Pegasus." Kris looked straight (well, up ..) into the behemoth's face, showing him her ID-card. It was official, valid, and spotless, showing her picture, name, rank, serial-number, station, place and date of birth. "I have military business inside, and you Will let me through, or I will have you arrested on charges of interfering with official Starfleet affairs." she added, in a dark, grim voice, that meant Business.

"Petrova... Petrova... Why does that ring a bell?... Oi, Crabtree! Whaddyou think?" the mountain said, totally NOT impressed by this lady's glare. He had seen tons 'o those... "Looks real, bit too real if you ask me."

The other guard was not impressed either. Not by the two people they were holding, but also not by the zeal with which his colleague was doing his job. This was the tenth person he had stopped and asked questions at. "Oh puhlease will you finally stop scaring the customers? We got a business to run here!"

Kristiana stepped right up to the guy, glaring into his face, her chest touching his massive bulk, as she spat out at him. "You have about ten seconds to let me through before I arrest you and have you thrown onto the first transport Out of the badlands, Civilian. Do I Make Myself CLEAR ?!" her temper dropping rapidly.

Yet again, the mountain of muscles didn't budge an inch, as was his job. "Excuse me, ma'am, you might want to calm down a bit, because if you act like this, this is as far as you go, or my name isn't 'Geerhart'. do *I* make myself clear?"

"... Crystal." She said as she stepped back, balled her fists, and - with lightning reflexes, spun around, delivering a bonecrunching spin-kick to Geerhart's chin. ".. Keep him covered and read him his fucking rights, Johnston. I'm going in."

An 'Oof' *thud* was heard, as 300 pounds of meat keeled over. "Oh, now you've don it, Gerry..." Crabtree mumbled, as he saw it all happening, and got his bulk into gear, speeding up towards the woman who had just floored his collegue. "You hold it right there, missy!"

Petrova smirked as she quickly snapped into a defensive pose. The ground trembled as the massively huge and massively strong Crabtree lumbered straight at her. She sidestepped the moment he got in range, and quickly lunged forwards, thrusting the palm of her hand up, straight at the guy's face. She was counting on his size and momentum to make him unable to dodge her attack, as she delivered the blow.

Crabtree went down, and with more luck than skill rolled over, and ended up on his hands and knees. He shook his head to try and clear it, and tried to get up. "Now you've gone and made me angry with you, lady!" he shouted as he got up. "Big mistake!" And once again, he started off to get her.

".. Him, too ?" Johnston asked Kristiana, motioning towards Crabtree. "Yes, him too." Petrova replied. Johnston sighed softly and drew his phaser, set it to heavy stun, and aimed it at Crabtree. Kristiana just looked at the enraged musclebound ogre, and pointed to Johnston's phaser.

Crabtree, however, was too fixated on his target, that he didn't even see his target's gesture. He was pissed off, and he was going to get that b<bleep>ch. Jonhnson just shrugged, and pressed the trigger. Down Crabtree went, like that whale from 'the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy'.

"Good man, Johnston." Kristiana nodded to the WO before turning and striding inside, looking around a bit at the establishment .. Now stripped of her escort, who remained outside to guard the two ogres, she headed straight for the bar.

Suddenly, Petrova felt a hand on her behind, and a rather familiar voice talked to her, but in a way she did NOT expect. "Kris... So you did get my message... Couldn't stay away from your sweet Ronald, could you?" she heard this voice say with a very slick undertone.

Kristiana BLINKED as she had a perfect ".. !" expression on her face. She slooowly turned around, to see Ronald Evans standing there .. With a goatee. She blinked again, before eyes narrowed, and she actually brought her hand up to rest it behind Evans' head, as she stepped closer, and managed a sweet, 'innocent' smile. "Are you enjoying yourself ? Your hand on my behind ? Do you like doing that ?" she purrred at him, winking seductively.

"Ooh, yeah... Me like a lot..." Evans growled back, grinning quite hornily, already enjoying what he thought was in store for him.

"Good .. " She replied in her most sensual voice, before she stepped back, tore her hand down hard as she could and brought her knee up, to strike his nose, with a vengeance. "Because If You Ever Touch My Ass Like That Again I'll Tear Off Your Balls, Have Them Grilled And Served As Snacks, You Asshole !!"

Evans received the knee right against his nose, and was flung backward, to crash into a table, completely wrecking it, the glasses that were on it, and getting startled responses from the people sitting at that table...

=/\=Fairfax to all security personell, posh bar at the double... Somebody knee-ed the boss again...=/\= Fairfax whispered into his com-device embedded in his collar. He saw the whole thing happening from a corner in the room... =/\=Roger that, on my way...=/\= Leclerc answered... =/\=Aw man, not again... On my way...=/\= came another response, from Carstairs this time.

The gorilla's arrived in different corners of the bar, and the three started toward the approximate center, where the fight broke out.

Kristiana didn't see them yet. She was absolutely Livid, with murder in her eyes. She snarled as she lunged forward, into the mess that was once a poker table, to grab this universe's Ronald Evans by the collar of his shirt and pull him up, to face her. "Where Is My Crew ?!" She bellowed. "Where Are Kathleen Black And Lieutenant Evans ?!"

".. Job ?! Home ?!" She blinked. "I have no idea what you're talking about ! I am Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova, Executive Officer, USS Pegasus, and you are holding two of my crew captive here ! I want them freed, Ten Minutes Ago !"

Another redhead looked up as she entered, hearing that voice .. A familiar voice .. HER voice .. Kristiana - just Kristiana, no titles, no rank, not in Starfleet, wandered inside, escorted by two more goons. "Ronald ? Darling !?"

"Have you lost your mind completely this time?! You're not an officer! You're a homeless! A..." Evans trailed off as he heard another woman cry out his name, and it finally dawned on him."You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me."

The two goons escorting Kristiana inside motioned for Fairfax, Leclerc and Carstairs to stand back and wait, as Kristiana ran forward. She gasped as she saw Evans lying there. Lt Cmdr Petrova just stared at Kristiana, stunned - as the other, much more mousy redhead, wheeled around and punched Lt Cmdr Petrova square in the jaw, sending the officer staggering back. "You hurt my man !" Kristiana yelled out. She had her fists balled, chest heaving. Lacking the strength and training of the other her, the Starfleet her, wearing all the camo .. But Nobody would touch Evans with her near and get away with it.

"Oooh, I'm seeing double..." Evans mumbled, totally incoherently... He was out of here... Mentally, that is... The five goons however, had seen enough. They had a job to do, remove any disturbance out of the casino for the protection, safety, and spending will of the customers. They moved toward the center, and intended to pacify the perpetrators... =/\= Fairfax, Carstairs, Leclerc, get the camo redhead, Gruber, you and I get the scrawny one...=/\= Artois ordered. Several 'Yessir's and 'Affirmative's could be heard over the same channel.

Lt Cmdr Petrova regained her balance, wiping some blood from her mouth as she glared at Kristiana. "Stay out of this, Kris !" She said. "Your 'man' has abducted two of my officers, and I intend to get them back ! I HAD planned on doing this Peacably, but your 'man' just grabbed my b - whoa !" As Lt Cmdr Petrova narrowly managed to dodge an incoming Carstairs, before being plowed into by Leclerc. Kristiana shrieked as Gruber grabbed her.

"Gotcha, lady..." Gruber just said, as he immobilized the weaker of the two fighting ladies. "Please calm down, or I am going to use force..." he just said. Artois came and helped him. Carstairs, however, managed to crash into another table, knocking the legs from under it in one clear swoop. Leclerc had more luck, though, managing to grab a hold of Cammo Kris' middle."Give up, lady! You're outnumbered!"

Being outnumbered has never stopped Lt Cmdr Petrova before. Even as Kristiana stopped struggling, whimpering softly, almost starting to cry, Lt cmdr Petrova kicked out with her heavy, steel-toed boots at the nearest face - Leclerc's - as she stuffed her hands into the inside pockets of her camo vest. The distinctive double whine of two hand-phasers powering up could be heard, as she drew her two weapons, discharging one into the remains of the table that the goatee'd Evans had shattered, vaporising several pieces of cracked wood in a brilliant display of fireworks. "Everybody Calm Down !" She bellowed. "Or I start picking Live Targets !" She added, with a fierce hiss.

Fairfax was still lumbering on fast, though, and didn't have enough time to stop, he was commited. He tackled Lt. Petrova from behind, sending them both tumbling on the floor... For some reason, he wished he hadn't...

"Oomph !" Lt Cmdr Petrova gasped for air as she was knocked down. Quickly tucking her arms in, pulling her legs up, making a ball of herself, she rolled, rolling the much heavier Fairfax off of her - she winced as a sickening crack was heard. Rolling into a kneeling position, she shook her head a bit to clear it up, and glared directly at Fairfax, two phasers aimed straight at his face.

Fairfax was out for the count, though, breaking another table leg with his head, actually slightly fracturing his skull in the progress, fainting from a considerable amount of pain... The other goons didn't wait for that though, as they saw another opportunity to subdue Camo Kris... Leclerc kept hold of mouse, as the other three went for their target.

A split second before they reached her, Lt Cmdr Petrova remembered that they were there, realised that they were coming. She let herself fall to the ground, twisting as she did, and shrieked at a sharp pain in her leg, bent in an impossible position, after Fairfax had plowed into her just a moment before. The orange beams of two phasers set on heavy stun flashed, the familiar hisssss of the weapons discharging, before all three ogres landed on top of the camo-wearing officer ..

Right at that moment, Susanna Levy walked in, followed by Paul Johnston and the two gorilla's, Crabtree and Geerhart. Susanna Levy had seen what happened at the door, and hat been able to actually talk civilly with Paul, and had groaned immensely at the enormous foul-up that had transpired... "EVERYBODY! STAND DOWN THIS INSTANT, GODDAMNIT!" she shouted across the room, which instantly was the epiphany of quiet. She was one security manager that was NOT amused, and she was planning on chewing out EVERYONE that was involved in this situation.

Recognising the voice of her boss from a mile away, Fairfax ceased his attack on Lieutenat Cmdr. Petrova, but he was keeping an eye on her... Both actually...

Lt Cmdr Petrova slowly rose from the fustercluck, table debris, the stunned bulks of three goons. She heavily favored one leg, had several nasty bruises, and a few teeth knocked out, bleeding from a number of cuts and wounds, still her two phasers in her hands. She shot a glare at Levy, wincing, coughing up some blood and unceremoniously sitting down on a 'peacefully sleeping' ogre.

"Lieutenant Commander Petrova, I presume? What the FUCK just happened here?" Levy demanded, standing in front of her, hands in her sides. This situation had gone SNAFUBAR up to high heaven, and back, and she was going to be held responsible, if she couldn't point a finger at someone else...

"Miss Levy, I presume .." Lt Cmdr Petrova spat out, recognising the voice. ".. Ask your hired muscle, who won't co-operate with an official Starfleet investigation into missing crew, or your boss, who delights on grabbing the asses of the first redhead that comes into his casino." Kristiana sputtered at that. H-he probably just thought you were me ! He can grab My butt anytime ! .. Uhm .. " And blushed profusely. Lt Cmdr Petrova just groaned at Kristiana's outburst and shook her head.

Susanna just slapped her forehead at that, and shot a VERY annoyed look at her boss... "I'm not covering for your ass anymore, Evans! You can forget it! First you as good as violate that poor Black girl, who was only looking for her father, and only a day later you manage to grab the butt of her direct superior officer! I'm a security manager, not your personal scapegoat!" she shouted all the way through the bar for everyone to hear. "And quit using MY resourses for your personal pleasure! I'm understaffed as it is!"

"How was I supposed to know?! Evans responded, wincing at his broken nose... "What are the odds, that the mirror version of that drifter just happens to be the XO of those two people?! You could have informed me!"

"Look - " Lt Cmdr Petrova winced as she turned towards Evans, and glared. "All this is very nice and all, but I Have A Bloody Broken Leg, Here ! And I STILL haven't got my two officers ! Might I remind you that I DO, however, still have two phasers ?!"

"Don't go there, commander! You must have at least broken a gazillion regulations here. If I wasn't so pissed off at my boss and didn't happen to have an appointment with you, I wouldn't have hesitated to phaser you down from a distance." Susanna snapped at Petrova. =/\=Medical team to the Posh bar, not in a minute, NOW! Thank you.=/\= she barked in her collar-mounted communicator. "Fairfax, get you and your men, at least the ones that are still counsious to clear up this mess. Leclerc, please take YOUR miss Petrova to one of our 'guestrooms' please, and get her something to eat. Just look at her. Skin on bones."

"Yes ma'am..." Fairfax, Leclerd, Crabtree and Geerhart answered in unison, betraying at least a bit of training...

"Hmph. Regulations my ass." Lt Cmdr Petrova winced and whimpered in pain as she shifted, sitting down on an offered chair instead of the back of one of Levy's ogres. "By your own admission, you are holding two of my crew here, under false pretenses - also by your own admission, just now - stating here for everyone that Mister Evans just about violated my Chief Engineer. Then you mention that we had an 'appointment' but you 'conveniently' failed to inform your doormen of that appointment. As for the fight - that was purely self defense. Mister Evans violated my privacy and my rights as woman, and I defended myself against that, after which I had to defend myself against your employees." She spat out, glaring daggers. "I. Want. My Crew. _NOW !!!!_ .. Before I have this entire establishment shut down _Permanently_ .. Am I understood, Miss Levy ?" Lt Cmdr Petrova sneered, as Kristiana went peacably. Food sounded like a good idea to her.

"Oh, don't get me started, Commander! You beam down on our doorstep, wave a badge around, then aggressively demand entrance 'or else', don't give my people the time to even *check* your claims that you had an appointment with you, which I DID mention, by the way... " She angrily glared at Geerhart and Crabtree for a second... "... before you start going ballistic, and take them out. Then you enter the bar, and without warning, beat the hell out of my boss because of a misunderstanding. And YOUR Evans and Black aren't completely free from blame too, miss black beating aforementioned boss to a pulp with a bottle, and Evans falsely pretending to be... Well.. AH YOU GET MY POINT! Not who he was! Don't pretend to be miss innocent here, madam," Susanna said, pointing her finger at her," because I don't buy that for ONE second."

"Lieutenants Black and Evans will be dealt with By A Military Inquiry." Lt Cmdr Petrova spat at Levy, as she, with a wince and a grunt of pain rose to .. well, one foot, and hopped closer, glaring straight into Levy's eyes. "You are a CIVILIAN. You do NOT have Any Right By Law to detain Military Personell ! Especially since you yourself just admitted that your originally stated reasons are fabricated LIES. I could have you arrested here, On The Spot, and thrown in jail for the foreseeable future ! I could have your boss arrested and thrown in jail for The Rest Of His LIFE for physically assaulting and violating not One, but TWO Military Officers ! But All I want is My Crew, delivered into MY custody, Right NOW, and I MIGHT be willing to overlook the staggering amount of infractions against Military Law that YOU PERSONALLY and Your Boss _AND_ Your Employees have made against Lieutenants Black, Evans and myself ! You have THREE seconds to order the IMMEDIATE release of My Crew, miss Levy. ONE !"

"Two, three... Whoopdiedoo! She can count." Susanna twirled a finger in the air, demonstrating her point. "You will have to do better than that, to impress me, commander. I never had the intention to keep them here. The sooner I can get rid of those two, the sooner things are going to turn back to normal here. You want them, you can have them."

"TWO !" Lt Cmdr Petrova spat at Levy. She had been Trying to get Black and Evans for a while already now. Asked it SEVERAL times. But still, no Black, no Evans. And now Levy said that she _wanted_ to be rid of them ? Well Where Were They ?!

"Oh, for god's sake. You want to see them so bad, I'll get them myself." With that Susanna just turned around and walked away, totally unimpressed, as a medical crew finally came barging in... The head doctor just scratched the back of his head, and whistled... "What in the name of Mozes happened here?..."

"THREE !" Lt Cmdr Petrova bellowed. "You're not going ANYWHERE, miss Levy !" She shouted at Susanna, glaring at the woman, seeing her very much capable of pretending to go and get the two Lieutenants, but disappearing instead. "Get back here ! You have your comms, I said you will ORDER their release. I'm not letting you out of my sight till I have my crew !"

Susanna turned around again, and walked back to Kris and sighed. "You are making my job very difficult, you know that? Read my lips... I... AM... GOING... TO... GET... YOUR... CREW... MEMBERS... Please get your leg looked after, and have one from the house." She turned around, walking away again. "Sheesh, what's up her ass?" she said, not excactly out of hearing distance.

Lt Cmdr Petrova narrowed her eyes, as she quickly leveled one of her phasers on eye-level, and squeezed off - a beam of orange, a hiss sounding, as she fired at Susanna Levy's back, her phaser set to stun .. Fortunately. "Mister Johnston, please arrest Miss Levy and Mister Evans." She told her security escort, as she, with a wince and a grunt of pain sat down again on the chair, nodding to the medical team. "My leg is broken. See what you can do." And she tapped her comm-badge. =/\= Petrova to Pegasus. Requesting immediate back-up, full security detail, armed with compression rifles. Also request medical team. =/\=

"OI! What the hell'd you do that for?! That was totally uncalled for!" Fairfax yelled, stepping up to Petrova, and grabbing her faser. "She said she was going to get your crew!"

The Lt Cmdr reacted quickly, leveling her other phaser at Fairfax's face the moment he grabbed the one weapon in her other hand. "Right now, people are DYING because my ship is held up here, because We Are Missing Crew Vital To The Operation Of My Ship ! Miss Levy has done nothing but LIE to us, and if I'd let her go, she would have ran away, to escape the blame ! Now, unless you want the same blood on your hands as SHE does, I 'suggest' that you fucking CO-OPERATE, and get my crew here, NOW !"

"Are you even denser than I am?! Has it ever occured to you that there might be noone down there at all to grant your request?" Fairfax countered, "And by the way, the Chief'd never do that to us! She always keeps her word and then some!" Fairfax said, even though staring down the focusing crystal of another phaser....

"Then. She. Should. Have. Sent. YOU." She snarled at Fairfax.


Leaving everyone hanging

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Kristiana 'Mouse' Petrova (NPC by Petrova)


Everyone Else

Played by Evans