A Mirror Shattered #256 & 257 - "Let's Work Some Magic"

-={On}=- [Turbolift One, in between decks 1 and 8, USS Pegasus]

They had just entered orbit of the planet that was so conveniently called 'the second planet' and Kristiana was on her way to the Transporter room, to start negotiations. Caelen had denied Ryylar permission to go with Kristiana. He knew that it was a bad idea, while they would die for each other they would also be more prone to attacking when together, while Diplomacy was needed. So Caelen send another Security officer with her, just to be safe, somehow though he wondered if the fierce redheaded XO would even need the protection of a Security officer. The lift stopped near main engineering, "time to work some miracles" he whispered to himself stepping out of the lift and towards the doors of main Engineering.

River was reading over the latest repair logs when she stopped and looked up, a curious expression on her face. She looked around as if there were something strange in the air.

A passing Engineer stopped and eyed Kyle. "Lieutenant? Is everything alright?" he asked.

"Yeah I think so," she murmured making her way to the doors of Engineering just in time to see the Captain stroll through. River smiled. Her 'sixth sense' hadn't failed her yet. She approached him with a smile. "Captain, what brings you down to the dungeon?"

Caelen nodded hello "How do you like your first time as Chief Engineer?" he asked her, trying to get a, more friendly then professional, conversation started. He liked working that way, it made the crew relaxed around him, and a relaxed crew was an efficient crew... most of the time.

Her expression clouded, though only for a moment. "I wish the circumstances were different," she said honestly. As much as I like the job, I for one will be happy to get the Boss back." Kyle turned for a moment to see a young crewman hovering nearby. When they made eye contact, he approached and handed her a PADD. River gave him a smile of thanks as he hurried away.

"You and me both, Lieutenant" Caelen returned before he looked at the warp core a bit "I would like to talk to you in private..." he then said turning back to face the Assistant Chief Engineer, followed by a motion of 'please enter' towards the Chief Engineer's Office.

She nodded and entered the office with him with a curious expression on her face. Taking a seat on the corner of the desk, she waited patiently. A young Engineer approached the door with her mouth open apparently about to ask a question when she saw Caelen. The young woman froze and Kyle held up a hand with her fingers spread, as if to say 'give me five minutes'. The young woman nodded and hurried off. "What can we do for you sir?" she asked finally.

"You have undoubtedly heard the rumours of this ship going to war..." Caelen stated more matter of factly then questioningly "...well the rumours are true... save one little detail..." he folded his arms and looked at the Lieutenant intently "...we're going to miss our appointment with Hell" he shook his head slightly "Lieutenants Black and Evans have caused more then a little trouble on the planet, because we should already be halfway there at warp seven" he looked at the Engineer again, trying to figure out how she would react, and giving her time to respond to all his statements as well.

River raised an eyebrow. "I'd heard the rumours sir, but frankly I hadn't had much time to process them. I can't say I'm necessarily disappointed to be a bit delayed in going to war, but frankly sir, my priority is keeping this ship (not to mention my team) in once piece for when the Boss gets back," she said with an equally intent look. "With all due respect sir, I leave the 'my gun is bigger than your gun' situations to those much more qualified than me."

Caelen unfolded his arms and stepped closer a bit "Normally you would be absolutely right, however seeing the state of this Federation I think you do realize the importance of Us being There..." he sighed a bit "...to be in time we have to leave ten minutes ago at warp 9.99 ... now I know the first is impossible with this vessel..." he left the rest open for her to fill out, hopefully she would know what he meant.

River eyed him intently. "You want me to do the impossible anyway?" she said, perfectly straight-faced. In her head she was already working out the details even as she raised an eyebrow at the request.

Caelen stepped back again and turned around "You were the propulsion advisor at the Starship Design Bureau... you know what has to be done and how it can be done..." he looked at the warp-core knowing that the hull would probably never hold out under the strain of Warp 9.9 "...I want the modifications to be up and running when we beam them back on board..." she turned around again "...the second we exit the Badlands I want to be at Warp 9... an officer of mine is depending on our help... and help she will receive"

River stood up and walked over to the Captain and gazed at the warp core as well. "We'll be ready sir," she said with more confidence than she felt. "...and she'll hold," the Engineer said softly, only for Caelen's benefit.

"I'll hold you to it Lieutenant" Caelen smiled a bit again looking at her "let's get to work" he said, although he wouldn't be helping with the improvements on the Warp core something very important had come to his attention, the Science Department might have found a way to get home "ohw and one more thing, Nobody needs to confirm the rumours..." he looked at her again "...and especially not the Assistant Chief Engineer" he stepped towards the doors and into Main Engineering again "Thank you for your time Lieutenant" he stated before fully turning around to the doors of Main Engineering again.

River nodded at the Captain and walked out into the centre of Engineering. "Alright people listen up!" she called as Engineers gathered around. "We've got a serious situation here as you all know. The Captain is doing all he can to get the boss back, but in the meantime, we have something to do for him," she said and then spelled out her plans. There were gasps of disbelief from several people.

"But the Merlin manoeuvre is patently impossible!" one Engineering crewman cried.

"Never stopped me before," Kyle muttered. "Sandrin! Bailey! You're with me, let's go!"

"Sure Lieutenant what's up?" Bailey asked in her usual innocent way.

River smirked to herself as she walked toward the core. "We're gonna make a little magic..."


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lieutenant (JG) River Kyle Assistant Chief Engineer/Resident Miracle Worker USS Pegasus