A Mirror Shattered #252, 253 - Future plans...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Kristiana's quarters>>

Ryylar whistled (as much as a Caitian can whistle) as he strolled through the corridors of the Pegasus, he tapped the chime and held his hand behind his back, holding the single blue rose he had replicated earlier.

Kristiana was busy preparing for the mission to 'negotiate' the release of Kathleen Black and Ronald Evans - her friend and her favored target for taking out frustration on. She was going to go down for peaceful negotiation, so she packed a number of weapons. She was half-dressed, standing precariously on one leg, as her doorchime rang. ".. Who is it ?" She called out.

"It'ssssssss yourrrrrrrr favorrrrrrrite furrrrrrrball." He called through the door.

Oh, that was alright, then. Anyone else saw her like this, and she'd have to kill them, in the slowest, most bloody and brutal way imaginable. "Enter !" she replied, as she acked, lost balance and crashed down unceremoniously, half her body exposed, the other half bent and contorted, half stuck in her semi-undone uniform. That's what Ryylar found when he entered. She sheepishly grinned up at him. ".. Halp ?"

"Getting up? Or staying down?" He grinned in the wicked ebil way that only a Caitian could, his tail flicking adventurously as he moved over and helped her up all the same, pulling the blue rose forward so it was presented to her once she was on her feet again.

"No time for play." She simply said as he'd helped her to her feet again. She smiled at the blue rose and gave him a kiss on his muzzle, before explaining. "Evans and Black are being held. They apparently started a brawl, and attacked people without provocation. Naturally, I think that that whole story is one massive load of bullshit, which is why I'm going down there, armed to the teeth, to .. 'negotiate' their immediate release."

"What? Lieutenant Black isss in trrrrrouble?" He asked, now very concerned about his friend and coffee buddy.

"Yeah." Her muffled voice sounded as she pulled a top on. "I don't know any details. That's what I'm heading down there for, when we get to the second world."

"You'll need back up." He told her, letting her know his desire to come along.

"Probably." Kristiana replied. "But you'll have to clear that one with Caelen. He can be quite anal about this kind of thing. Wants to remain 'politically correct' and all that - 'uphold Starfleet's reputation' even when our crew is being held.

"And I'm not the most politically correct person on this ship..." He concluded, sounding a bit crestfallen at that.

"Neither am I, Ryylar. But I'm still going down there." She looked straight at him. "I want you there with me, as my backup. I can do the talking .. But if things turn south, I can't think of anyone I'd rather have there with me than you. And I have every right to request your presence there, you being an acting security officer."

He puffed out his chest in a swell of pride. He was glad she had said that, even if Caelan forbade it, he was glad she had told him that she wanted him there as more than just a boyfriend and a lover, she wanted him there as a trusted friend and an officer in Starfleet.

Kristiana finished putting on her chosen 'battle' outfit - comfortable, baggy camo cargopants and a tight, form-fitting khaki shirt, with a camo vest over it. She had several weapons hidden on her - two small phaserpistols and a few knives and daggers - though at first glance she appeared unarmed. She leaned against Ryylar, closing her eyes for a moment as she snuggled with the Caitian. "I just hope that they're ok, and that this won't get any worse 'n it already is." She spoke quietly.

"You don't honesssssssstly think you'rrrrrrre going to get in therrrrrre arrrrrrrrmed do you?" He asked her skeptically.

".. You don't honestly think that I am going down there unarmed, do you ?" She replied. "And you don't honestly think that I'm gonna let some bloody civilians tell me that I can't carry a weapon when my crew is beind held against their will ? I'm a bloody Starfleet Officer, Ryylar."

"I know that, but ssssssso arrrrrre Evanssssss and Black, and thissssss issssssn't ourrrrrr univerrrrrrssssssse. I think it'sssssss ssssssafe to ssssssay that if you'rrrrrre prrrrrrreparrrrrring forrrrrr hostilitiesssss, then they'rrrrrrre even morrrrrre prrrrrrreparrrrred, essssspecially if you'rrrrrre going onto theirrrrrrr turrrrrrrf." He told her.

Kristiana shook her head a bit. "This is a civilian operation, on a barely organised, poor world. I'd be surprised if they had any kind of combat training, and any weapons at all. Casino's don't work that way. I am a trained military officer. They don't have the right by law to hold my officers. What are they doing to do ? I have the benefit of training, law, experience and weapons. Black and Evans went down there, unarmed, and see what happened to them. Plus, I'm going down there to Talk, and it's a well-known fact that people tend to listen more readily to someone with a gun than without one. I'm taking these weapons, Ryylar. And that's the end of it."

"I didn't ssssssssay that you ssssssshouldn't carrrrrrrry weaponssssss, only that you should be prrrrrrrreparrrrrred to be fighting unarrrrrrrmed." He told her with a nod.

She just gave him a Look, at that. ".. Ryylar. It's Me you're talking to." As she shook her head a bit. Kristiana, not prepared for a fight ? When chickens grow teeth.

He chuckled at the look and put his arms around her with a gentle supportive hug.

"You'rrrrrrre rrrrrrright... I jussssst... I get worrrried now and again..." He said with a gentle smile as he pressed his muzzled to her forehead and kissed her gently.

"I jussssst don't know what I'd do without you Krrrrrrrisssss." He said with a smile.

".. Find another redhead with a 'tude. Abduct her to tropical beaches. Win her heart. Screw her brains out." Kristiana nodded sagely, grinning at Ryylar. "What else is there?"

"Ccccccerrrrrtainly not that..." He said with a gentle weathered look as if to say that after Kristiana Petrova, there could be no one else.

Kris smiled softly, becoming a bit more serious. ".. Well .. I mean it, Ryylar. If .. If anything ever happens to me .. I'd want you to be happy, to try and find someone else .. Not to be alone for the rest of your life because of me. You deserve better than that."

"I desssssserrrrrrve what life hassssss sssseen fit to give me... To trrrrrrry and find anything else would be frrrrrruitlesss and leave me deprrrrresssssed. Which issssss why you arrrrrren't allowed to go anywherrrrrre." He said matter-of-factly.

"Well, that is still for me to decide, mister." Kristiana spoke, her tone only half joking. "I'm in no hurry to die or anything - I'm much too happy here, with you .. But I Am a Soldier. And Soldiers have dangerous jobs. If .. with my life .. I can save my crew .. Then I will not hesitate or doubt, and I will do what is necessary."

"Yeah which issssss why you need ssssssomeone elssssse arrrrrround to enssssssurrrrrre you don't go all 'gung ho' into a needlessssssss sssssacrrrrrificccccce... But I betterrrrrr go and ssssspeak with Caelan ssssssso I have ssssssome time to pack when he agrrrrrreessssss to let me go down therrrrre with you." He told her with a smile.

"I didn't get to be Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer on a Federation Starship by needlessly sacrificing myself left and right, Ryylar." Kristiana muttered, as she nuzzled him softly, then turned for the door. She could spend some time on the bridge, scanning the casino, before beaming down.

"I know dearrrrrr." He said, escorting her to the bridge.


Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus