A mirror shattered #223 - "Tucking In"


::I know tonight ended up going rather badly, but I've been thinking a bit, and I got some really good advice besides. So I didn't want to wake you up, but I did want to just let you know that I still love you, and I'm not giving up on 'us' yet. Maybe we can meet sometime tomorrow and just talk a bit? I had a lovely time sailing.


Kathleen Black sighed and then smiled as she sent the message on its way, then rose from her chair and stretched. It was getting late, she should be in bed, she was tired... She picked out her favorite nightclothes, comfy cotton, with a dainty yellow-and-pink floral print. She pulled the elastic out of her long black hair and unbraided it, brushing down its length until it untangled and shone. Then she sat down on the edge of her bed and closed her eyes for a moment.

It was no good. She was still too worked up to sleep. Kitty reached for her slippers. The last time she wanted her boyfriend's comfort and felt she shouldn't disturb him, she'd found the second best thing. It was time for some "vroom therapy". She walked down the corridors to the cargo bay, no sound coming from her small slippered feet, her slender frame draped with a silky robe. She stepped inside the bay and began to look around. And there he was, sprawled out on the floor.

Kitty reached his side faster than she thought she could, her heart suddenly pounding, until she took a closer look at him and realized that he was only asleep. The initial fear melted into pity as she looked around at the tangled wiring and realized that he had come to work off his own feelings. By the looks of things, he'd been upset enough to take it out on part of the alien fighter wreckage.

For other women, chocolates or flowers might be in order to prove continued affection after a quarrel. For emotions run high, jewelry might be necessary. For Kitty, though, nothing more was needed than this sight, for her to realize just how much she meant to him. She frowned, then smiled, her dark eyes beginning to shine with tears again. For him to fall asleep in the midst of wreckage in the cargo bay, over her, was oddly romantic.

Kitty quick-stepped over to the nearest supply cabinet and returned to his side with a regulation blanket and pillow. She knelt, watching him, humming softly and soothingly, moving slowly to support his head under her own arm and direct his arm out of the way. The pillow was deftly slid into place. She had seen her grandmother do this with her grandfather before, when he'd been working too hard. Kitty moved slowly and carefully, undoing his shoes next and drawing them off. The shoes were lined up neatly where he might see them when he awoke. Then she gently spread the blanket over his sleeping form and tucked it very lightly. The cargo bay floor wasn't the best place to sleep, but at least he looked more comfortable now.

Kitty remained by his side, now gently stroking his hair. Soon enough he would awaken, and questions might be raised, talks needed to be had, the possibility of reproachful looks and perhaps even frustrated words hung in the near future, but right now he was all hers. With his face relaxed in sleep, he looked so cute to her, so special... She smiled softly and bent down to kiss his cheek lightly. "G'night... hon..." she whispered, then straightened up and glanced over at the partly-disassembled car. The steering column still looked alright...

A moment later, the wheels were turning in mid-air, as her soft voice came from the driver's seat. "Vroom.... vrooooom.... Eeerrrrrrrrrrr..." 'Round a corner... Straightening back out again..



Engaging in a drive-by pillowing:

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