A Mirror Shattered #218 - 219 "Girltalk"

[Holodeck, USS Pegasus]

She'd been staring at the Pacific for hours now, trying to figure out what to do. She had gone back to Earth a few days ago, only to find herself using drugs again, overdosing again, going through rehab again. The last few days had been difficult, as the cravings were constantly there. She wanted her heroin, she wanted her cocaine, and ultimately, she didn't get any, which was a good thing.

Staring in the turquoise ocean, she tried to think of what she should do. There were probably a few people who hated her now for what she had done to herself. Most of all, she hated herself for she had let happen. If there was only one reason she had never gone planetside after her first rehab, it was because of what had happened. What had happened was what she was utterly afraid of. Even this time around, someone had found her and saved her life.

She had avoided Earth like the plague, and she left partly because she had been offered a job within Starfleet and yet could still work as a civilian. But she had left mostly because she knew that heroin and cocaine didn't exist in space, and in space, there was no way in hell she would find any, for that matter.

She had left Jacob in charge of the bar until she was fit enough to return to work. When that was, she didn't know.

She was drawing on the white sand of the empty Australian beach when he appeared, barefoot, and sat next to her. "You okay?" he asked simply.

"Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow, I guess," she replied, her finger still drawing on the warm sand. The cravings still came, although they weren't as strong. In a few days, she'd be fine.

"I know it's your fight, but if you need me, I'm there to help, alright?" Jacob wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulder. She was like a sister to him, had been ever since they've known each other. And they've known each other all their lives. They were inseparable, those two.

Alyson nodded. She knew Jacob had always been there. He'd been there when she first experimented with drugs, he was there during the first rehab, and he was here now, and she had always been grateful.

"Thank you," she said quietly. She wouldn't be alone anymore, sitting on the Australian sand, staring at the Pacific.


Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus