A Mirror Shattered #215,& 216 "The Beast Released"

OOC: I think I should make some points clear. G'ulf-fey believes first that the Cardasians are related to the Jem'Hadar, possibly a modifyed settler race. He also belives that the Bajoran wormhole leads thru a "spirit realm" to a different dimention rarther than an other part of the galaxy. To him, possibly due to a scan of them showing them being unedible, these creatures are not mortal, but demons.


[Guest Quarters, USS Pegasus]

Caelen nodded at the two security officers so they would step aside from the door, giving him free access. He had read the briefing on this guy, came tripping in on the ship with a less then elegant entrance. He hit the button and the door opened, he stepped in "I am Commander LaBrie, Commanding Officer of this vessel..." he introduced himself, hoping that the reports were right on his personality.

G'ulf-fey hadn't sensed anyone outside his door, but then he had been reading and so was less attentive than he should have been. As the door opened he dove to the side and grabbed his 'Hull-Tooth' (his blade) but then relaxed as he saw the person at the door was not only Human but also in uniform.

"Grreetings, I am G'ulf-fey, fighterr of the #untranslated word# Grrey skins, most rrecently of the Starr Tygerrs, now without means to fight, and your Guest this past day. Forrgiveness is asked forr the slight against your blood-mate, If I gave offence to herr when I spoke to herr earrlierr. As well forr the mess my ship left on yourr deck." he paused and scratched a remembered itch "So, do you have worrk for me herre, or will I be seeking a new place to live?"

"One step at a time G'ulf-fey" Caelen tried to slow him a bit. He stepped forward and put out a hand "welcome aboard..." he said with a smile shaking the big wolf his hand "...now tell me something about yourself. Where are you from? how did you get here?" he asked walking towards a chair and sitting down.

G'ulf-fey took the hand and sniffed it (looking almost like he was bowing over it) this man had a good scent, free from unclean things and the sour smell of fear. "Yess, you arre rright" he said and walked over to the replicator. there he paused to offer his guest some refreshment before launching into his tale. A story of his homeworld, and the Cardasians stealing of it, of serving with the Star-Tygers, and of the secretly sworn Federation man who commanded them. Of the knowledge that were lost and of him being assigned to come here and take word of them to the remnant of the great empire. Of the loses on the trip, of Brunhild or B'dar and the others. Then finally of his arrival in a hull leaking air and engines so much scrap. Of landing and spreading the trashed ship all over the flight deck. Of being escorted here and awaiting the Capt.'s return to decide his fate.

Caelen listened interested, nodded every now and again to ensure the big bad wolf that he was still listening. "So you're a very competent fighter pilot, from what I can tell" he said at the end "and I'm sure our Ops and Engineering personnel liked the chance to take a closer look at a heap of scrap" he added joking a bit. He then looked down a bit "After our cross-over here we have suffered some damage and casualties... while the latter has been only a minimum one of the unfortunate souls was my Marine Fighter Element Leader..." he then looked the big wolf in the eyes "...the other pilots are not ready for his role yet"

G'ulf-fey nodded then cocked his head slightly. "Yu's" he said in almost a bark "Death is both ourr gift and ourr loverr, it is a pity yourr man could not meet it out therre, but perrhaps he was enjoying himself at something else." then he laughed slightly "as forr my 'ship' I believe yourr engineerr, alrready plays with it's carrcass, he came by earrlierr and asked about rrepairring it. I said he could do as he liked and he had me sign to that effect. He is, if he is like the one we had, prrobably tied up in its burrned out insides by now." "Az for leading your remaining pilots, Given my- - - unfamiliarity, would you not forresee prroblems. Afterr all they serrved herre longerr and they might want to move into theirr frriends place. Having a strrangerr suddenly appearr and say he is theirr new leaderr might rresult in dominance issues. which adds to yourr securrity's worrkload. I underrstand therre have been some prroblems of late?" he asked seeking more info than simple conjecture.

"We are all Federation here... if the pilots do not accept you as a leader then they will not fly" Caelen shrugged a bit "if you accept your new assignment you will be the Fighter element leader until we find a way home... after that I have to put you on the nearest allied ship or outpost..." he explained hoping that he would accept, since there was little else he could promise him, regulations forbode him to take someone with him from this universe.

"You arre theirr Capt. , they should do as you say. Good" G'ulf-fey said formally, Federation or not the Capt. rules the ship and the crew, and if he takes them against regulations who are they to speak ill of him. "As forr 'laterr' , well even if I live to see yourr ship rreturrn home, and am not needed to hold the line as it does. I doubt I would find yourr home-place verry tasty. Yourr "public domain" rrecorrds indicate in yourr Home-place, the Federration empirre is worrking with the Grrey-skins #may they soon fall as they decay# I would be verry 'out of place therre" I think." he paused "Capt., I am yourrs to command, My teeth and Claw arre yourrs to dirrect, and may much #undrinkable# blood flow frrom ourr contrract."

Caelen frowned a bit "Grey Skins?" he wondered who he was talking about, there weren't that many species with Grey skins, and they weren't working with the Borg or the Jem'Hadar. "How do we call these Grey Skins you're talking about?"

G'ulf-fey paused, how could he not know the enemy, they were everywhere, their unclean almost undead smelling flesh always there at the edges of perception. "Therre arre 2 brreeds of Grrey-Skin, the ones frrom herre, and theirr 'otherr side' counterrparrts. Herre they crreated an empirre named forr a planet they firrst settled on called Carrdasia. Therre they arre as they rreally arre, unmelded with this places peoples and serrving theirr demon masterrs. I believe you rreferr to them as J'Hadarr."

G'ulf-fey resisted the urge to spit the unclean name form his mouth and simply took a large drink of the bitter 'Ko-fey' he had selected to wash away the taste.

"The Jem'Hadar... what makes you think we work together with them?" Caelen frowned, it was disturbing that and outsider could interpret the files on their database like that. The Dominion had surrendered unconditionally and with Odo returning to the Great link they had become much more peaceful ever since. "I assure you, Mister G'ulf- fey, we do not work together with the Dominion or the Jem'Hadar..."

"No? But that data terrminal told me that yourr people werre 'rre- building' Carrdasia <growl>. They arre of the same skin as the Jm- Huds, much as the Klingon people I am told once appearred nearrly human so as to betterr deal with , as they called him, the Pirrate Kerrk. They arre brrethrren of the same blood. perrhaps not the same clan, but then same unclean stench comes frrom them both." he growled "I am no scientist, but I know the smell theirr flesh gives off and it is the same."

"They are both a warrior breed... the difference however is that the Klingons are Honorable..." Caelen was a bit concerned about his decision to make this man his Fighter Element leader "...and our most trusted Allies... they stood by us in the fight against the Dominion, it was their sacrifices that helped us survive. It was their ships that protected our home worlds" he shook his head slowly "I see you need a history lesson on our side of the story"

G'ulf-fey shook his upper body and head as if shuttering "Perrhaps my worrds werre unclearr. I meant no slight against the Klingon. Perrhaps half of the Tygerrs numberrs werre that people. I merrely rreferrrred to the so called "human fusions" of cirrca 2260 verrses the ones we know today. So it is the Empirre of Carrdasia being a differrent frrom of the ones frrom the Hell-place that the rrip in space nearr Bajorr leads to" "but perhaps some learning of the Tales of your people would be good. I was taught so little of that being concerned with survival and revenge for my family, and such" G'ulf-fey stops and looks into the near empty cup, he should not allow himself to think of them, they are safe in the eternal hunting grounds where all that is hunted is edible and clean of taint. If he works hard enough perhaps one day he will be allowed to see them again.

"I will send you some accurate files on what happened during the dominion war, the battle of the Chin'toka system, and the second battle for DS9, all that" Caelen said with a determined nod "Until such time I want you to get acquainted with your new fighter and wingmen" he rose from his seat "Computer, give G'ulf-Fey the rank and privileges of Second Lieutenant and marking him as Marine Fighter Element Leader, authorization Caelen Alpha three zero Rho" he put out a hand "welcome to the crew Lieutenant" he smirked, "you will find that you can replicate a uniform from your terminal now, with the rank pip of Second Lieutenant"

G'ulf-Fey nodded and leaned his head briefly as if exposing his throat "Thank you, Sarr, I believe I will need but a brrief time to familiarrize myself with the crraft you use. As forr the Historry, I will study and be rready, should it be needed. As forr the Flight, well we may need to get used to each otherr, we arre rready to die at yourr command, but if you can give me a day orr so, we will be rready to kill at it as well." He moved to the replicator and drew a collar tab from it and added that to his jumpsuit until he could change uniforms. "I shall of courrse be changing quarrterrs, and with yourr leave will change to prroperr uniforrm once I do." "Is therre anything I can do , in addition to my generral duties, forr you until we fight-fly? some task to keep me busy aside frrom my actual duties?" he asked unsure of protocol and what a ships crew did that might be different than a bunch of 'freedom fighters" had done.

"Just make sure you're ready to stand your ground when you're called on... there is nothing more I can ask from you" Caelen said with a nod, notifying the wolf that he was about to leave "If you have any questions or comments..." he threw him a combadge he had taken with him "...just tap that and ask for Commander LaBrie"

G'ulf-Fey catches it easily then glances at it as if wondering at its possibility as a weapon "Underrstood Sarr, we will be rready." then he pinned it on and stood almost 'at ease'. once the Capt. left he would grab his bag get down to Pilots ready room and see what he had to work with. He also wondered about the name of the squadron, if he should perhaps suggest a renaming of them. but that would wait till they had been re-forged and perhaps till they had faced the enemy again. He jus hoped that they didn't have some odd habits like not bathing or eating odd 'fragrant' foods. But they might have and that would be accepted as part of the way things were. "May A-gule watch overr you, and Oole not trrouble yourr rrest" he said in closing.

"The same to you, Lieutenant" Caelen said glancing over his shoulder slightly while he did so. The doors closed behind him and he motioned the Security officers to attend to other duties, he was now a member of the crew and no member of the crew should need security escort... save one off course. He made way to the bridge, he needed to contact the Renegade Vulcans to make the transfer of Sulan official.


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lt (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus