"Renegade Deception" #25&26 - "Enter The Shrink!"

-={On}=- [Chief Counselor's Office, 4 hours and 13 minutes after launch, USS Pegasus]

They had slowly slid into Warp travel again, Jennifer wasn't scheduled for service at this point and she was spending some time with her daughter. Images and thoughts still haunted her mind about Caelen and Kristiana, that Russian XO woman. Alexandra didn't want to do anything other then run back to sickbay and have a friendly chat with the Chief Medical again and Jennifer had heard that they had also brought a Counselor onboard. Perhaps it was time for her to vent some of the things going through her head to somebody who wouldn't wave it off as paranoia... or at least had a good education to support the claim.

So the two LaBrie girls arrived at Sickbay, firstly to drop off Alexandra and secondly to get some expert opinion on Jennifer's mind, as the Counselor's office was close to Sickbay.

Andrew was reading a thick book on "Advanced Psychology aboard Federation Starships" when he heard the door chime. He looked up, stretched a bit, set down the book and said "Enter" to open the door. Standing right outside the door was Jennifer LaBrie. <Hmm, wonder what she could want...I better watch what I say, I don't want to piss off the wife of the Commander's wife so early on>

"Good evening sir" Jennifer said, out of courtesy not because he was a higher rank or something. She hesitantly walked in a bit and looked around the office, it was kind of small, just enough room to walk around a little bit and have a couch and desk to match. Uneasily shifting her weight from one foot to the other waiting to get instructions on what to do next from the Counselor, she had never been to a counselor before.

Andrew noted that Jennifer looked around uneasily at his office, looking closely at the certificates showing his graduation from university majoring in psychology. <So, she needed confirmation that I'm not a fraud counselor...> Andrew thought to himself. "Well, sit or lie on the couch, whichever you feel is more comfortable, face my desk, and tell me why you feel you need to be in this room right now"

Jennifer sat down on the couch leaning with her elbows on her knees letting her hands dangle towards the Chief Counselor a bit. "I just have a lot of things on my mind lately..." she started, she didn't know what to tell this guy or how to tell it "...maybe telling somebody about them clears things up a bit..."

Andrew immediately noticed the position Jennifer sat in as a truthful one. Her head was slightly bowed, showing some shyness in her, as well as confusion. "Well, if you don't know how to start telling me the issues, I find it is easier to start from when it first began, and how it has grown since then. It helps both in clarity, and it makes it easier to get a quick solution that will work."

Jennifer looked up a bit before continuing with her head down again "When I met the XO for this vessel..." she started again with a lot of hesitation "...she's just so much different from me..." she still didn't know how to word it "... and she will be around Caelen a lot more then me..." there were lots of things wrong at this point "... I just feel..." it took some difficulty getting this over her lips "...threatened"

Andrew thought about his answer for some moments, long enough for Jennifer to look up to see if he was still paying attention. He began slowly, making sure of each of his words. "Well, I could take the easy way out and call it paranoia..."He glanced at Jennifer, who glared at this remark, and continued on; "but I'm not going to do that. I can understand why you would feel threatened. The XO's very...commanding, as is her job. That may attract men, but I don't think your husband will desert you for her. I'm sure if you tell yourself 'what do I have to fear from her?' you'll realize that there isn't anything there. It might sound like paranoia, but it isn't. It's an inferiority complex. I think that you feel you're... lower than her, and it's affecting how you feel about her. But your husband is faithful, otherwise he wouldn't have respected your wishes at becoming Acting Chief Communications." Andrew inhaled, as he said all that very quickly, only breathing when he paused to get the wording in his head.

Jennifer nodded, the story of her life told by another Ensign, "I know I shouldn't be worried..." she started, somehow she wanted to defend her paranoia "...and I know that we have something they will never have..." talking about their daughter and the entire story behind that. "...but what if he doesn't think I'm attractive or interesting anymore?" the nod turned into a shake as the negative thoughts tried to push away the positive ones the Counselor had just put in.

Andrew watched Jennifer's actions as she spoke, and heard the uncertainty in her voice. He stood up and walked to the side of the couch closest to Jennifer. "I can tell you still aren't sure of what I'm saying. That book I'm reading, the one on my desk right now, it has a whole chapter on this I've just finished reading. I don't know if its coincidence, or a fluke, but I know this. Caelen is a very intelligent man. If he wants to be as intelligent as he is right now, I would think that he wouldn't want to be with someone who is probably more persuasive than him, and would easily be able to use a relationship to undermine his orders. If he were to be with Kristiana instead of you, he would have a hard time controlling her, and would have a ship in turmoil, with arguments between him and Kristiana"

Jennifer thought about this, not only wouldn't Caelen go with Kristiana for personal reasons, namely their daughter, Professionally he would have all the reasons to steer clear from her, perhaps it was the friendly tone, perhaps it was the professionalism or perhaps it was just want Jennifer wanted to hear. She felt a lot better, a lot more confident about her and Caelen, "Thanks..." she said wanting to follow it by a name but she didn't even ask it yet "...Ensign?" she added questioningly hoping that the counselor would give his name.

Andrew realized with a start after Jennifer's questioning ending that she did not know his name. "It's no problem Jennifer. If you need any more help, you may come back at any time. Just chime and I'll almost always be here. If not, come back in 15-20 minutes, and I should be back." Andrew paused, then continued. "And you may either call me Andrew, or Ensign Kennedy, whichever you prefer. I don't mind, either way." Andrew circled around back to his desk, wrote something down quickly, and then walked back to Jennifer. "Until we meet again, then." he said, then stepped back to give her clearance through his small office to the doorway.

Jennifer stood up with a smile again, this really made her feel better, she walked out of the door. Now there was one more thing that worried her, how in gods name did this new kid know her name? She never met him before... "He must've really done his homework" she whispered to herself as she walked back around the corner to Sickbay, hoping that Alex didn't cause too much damage.

Watching the door close, Andrew sat down at his desk and finished his note on Jennifer. "Good thing I checked the roster of those currently on board, and have a very good memory" he muttered to himself. Placing the note in a compartment in his desk, he picked up his book and resumed reading it.


A JP by:

Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC by Caelen LaBrie) Acting Chief Communications


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor

USS Pegasus

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