A Mirror Shattered #199 - 200 "Woo ! 200 !"


<USS Pegasus, Brig>

Ryylar walked into the brig to check in and talk to Sulan. He needed to inform her of the incidents with Hannah and inform her what had happened. When he saw no guard on duty, he was alert, his senses firing as he kept his heightened tension, moving into the brig further. All the forcefields were down. He moved towards Sulan's cell and saw it was empty. His mind raced. The Vulcan was gone???

=/\= Rrrrryylarrrrrr to Krrrrrrisssstiana! =/\= He yelled as he tapped his comm badge.

No answer.

"Computerrrrrrr... locate Lieutenant Commanderrrrrr Krrrrrrissssstiana Petrrrrrrova." He barked as much as a Caitian can.

= Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova is in the Holodeck. = the computer intoned in it's unfeeling, computerised voice.

Ryylar made a mad dash for the holodeck, running every inch of the way and when he finally made it to the holodeck, he tapped the controls outside to open the doors.

The doors opened, and the noise blasted out - Ryylar stared into a rock hall of sorts, with a crowd going wild to a powerful rock tune, the band playing - the singer singing, as the bass and guitar and the drums drove the song on, with an unstoppable power -

- 'When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough - She sends her comfort coming in from above - We don't need no letter at all ! We've got a thing that's called ..Radar love !' - the singer shouted into the room, the crowd going wild.

And then a powerful drum solo began - the drummer beating on the skins like a woman posessed - arms, sticks a flurry of motion as she beat out an intricate beat - never missing, never faltering, with expert skill, and completely losing herself in the music .. And Ryylar would recognise her .. Kristiana.

"Computerrrrrr end prrrrrrogrrrrram." Ryylar intoned, shaking his head and believing that it would assuredly piss Kristiana off, but that the news he had to tell her would certainly make her anger worth it.

The crowd vanished, the band vanished, the sound vanished, and - most importantly - Kristiana's seat vanished - she blinked, and winced as she landed square on her behind, toppling onto her back, hitting her head. "Wha - OW ! G'ah ! What the BLOODY HELL ?!" as she slowly sat up, wincing, rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm sssssorrrry Commanderrrrrrr... I thought it wassssss apprrrrrroprrrrriate to interrrrrrupt you to let you know that therrrrrrre isssss no guarrrrrrrd in the brrrrrrrig and Ssssssulan issssss missssing. Sssssshe issss not in herrrrrr cccccell." Ryylar reported, standing at attention.

Kristiana blinked, then blinked again .. Rose to her feet with a wince. "Yeah, I know." was her only reply, as she rubbed the back of her neck a bit, then shook her head some, to clear it up.

"You know??!" Ryylar asked, wide eyed.

"Wha? What'ssssss going on? Why isssssn't ssssshe in herrrrrr brrrrrrrig holding ccccccell? Wherrrrrrre arrrrrre the otherrrrrr ssssssecurrrrrrity guarrrrrrdssss?" He asked, his eyes widening in shock.

"She's either on her way to the transporter room - under guard - or just transported out. The Commander has a plan that might help Sulan control her temper, and she needs to be on another ship for that." Kristiana explained, sighing, leaning against a wall, folding her arms over eachother. "O'Driscoll is now acting chief security."

"Oh..." He said, now suddenly feeling the mixed emotions of utter embarassment, stupidity, and regret that he hadn't gotten a chance to say goodbye to the Vulcan woman.

Kristiana sighed, shaking her head a bit. ".. Thank you, though .. For bringing this to my attention." Smirking a bit. "Good work. And .. I appreciate it. Though your timing kinda .. sucked."

"Well I figurrrrrred you esssssspecially would want to know. I uh wasssss worrrrrried forrrrrr yourrrrrr sssssafety. Essssspecially when you didn't anssssswerrrrr yourrrrr commbadge." Ryylar stuttered out in embarrassment.

" .. I was trying to enjoy some well deserved relaxation, Ryylar. And Rock-music needs to be played Loud. I just didn't hear any comm badge .. I'm sorry .. " She frowned now, and sighed softly, wincing slightly as she pushed off the wall and approached him, looking tired.

"It'ssssss ok... I jussssst leapt to an incorrrrrrrrect conclusssssssion. I'll leave you alone now..." Ryylar said, moving back towards the entrance of the holodeck. He had been a bother to her and now he was going to try and salvage this by leaving her to relax.

".. Ryylar .. " She frowned and whimpered a bit, shoulderslumping some. " .. I .. .. " Another sigh, as she just closed her eyes and leaned against the wall.

He turned and looked at her.

"What isssss it?" He asked her, turning to move back to her, wondering what was wrong.

".. I'm tired and I don't want any of this anymore .. I mean, all the problems, all the little issues, worries and headaches of being a first officer." She opened her eyes again. ".. And I don't want you to go .. I need you .. I just .." She paused a moment, trying to find the words. "You did right, by telling me about Sulan. You did right as a concerned boyfriend and as a Starfleet officer. I'm proud of you for it. So .. Don't feel bad, ok ? I'm feeling bad enough for the both of us, I think."

"Ok... why do you feel bad dearrrrrrr?" He asked her, wrapping his arms around her, sensing that that was exactly what she needed from him at the moment.

She reacted immediately, her frown lessening a bit as she wrapped her arms around him as well, holding him close, burying her face into his neck, and spoke with a muffled voice. "Because I have the feeling that nobody respects me, that they're all just trying me, but that they listen to LaBrie without any problems, as if they Do respect him .. And I'm feeling bad for making you feel bad .. "

"Don't feel bad forrrrrr me dearrrrrr. I jusssssst acted impulssssssively and I wassssss ssssssad that I had disssssturrrrrrbed you forrrrr no rrrrrrreasssson and ssssstopped you frrrrrrom rrrrrrrelaxing. And asssss farrrrrr assssss no one rrrrrressssspecting you, I can't think of a morrrrrre rrrrrresssspected perrrrrrsssson on the ship. I have morrrrrre rrrrrrressssspect forrrrrr you than I do forrrrrrrr LaBrrrrrrrie to be honesssssst." He said softly, kissing her forehead as he leaned down and picked her up, sweeping her off her feet to cradle and carry her.

She smiled sadly, clinging to him, letting him pick her up, and kissed his cheek. ".. What did I do to deserve such a knight in shining armor for a boyfriend .. I must've done Something right. .. Thanks, hon."

"Hmmmm well therrrrrrre issssss that one trrrrrrrick with yourrrrrrr tongue." He said jokingly as he smiled, trying to make her smile as he kissed her nose and carried her out of the holodeck.

"G'ah ! You !" she laughed, his attempt to cheer her up was working. She smiled, just looking at him, letting him carry her off, idly tracing her fingertips through his fur. ".. Mmmm .. I wanna make you just as happy as you're making me. Tonight is Your night. Just tell me what you'd most like to do, and I'll make it happen, if I can."

"Tonight? Hmmmmm you've allrrrrrrready done that by ssssssmiling and being happy... Sssssso how about we go back to yourrrrr quarrrrrrterrrrrrsssss, have a nicccccce dinnerrrrrrr togetherrrrrr, and we brrrrrreak out the masssssssage oilsssss and I give you a body rrrrrrrrub?" He asked with a grin. It was always this way when she had asked what he wanted. He was always looking to make her happy first before seeking his own pleasure. He was constantly revolving their evenings around her needs and rarely asking for his own to be satisfied.

She murred softly, nuzzling him. "I think I can do that .. " Just closing her eyes again, smiling softly as she got carried away ...


Someone's gonna get laid, by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "I've got a pussy for a boyfriend"

Said boyfriend being:

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus