A Mirror Shattered #197 & #198 "Jailbreak"


[Brig, U.S.S. Pegasus]

Hannah let the doors of LaBrie's ready room close behind her, waited a moment, and then sprinted for the turbolift. She had to get there before they took her...wherever she was going. She drummed her foot impatiently in the turbolift and ran out as soon as the doors opened. "Sulan!" She yelled as she entered the brig. "Are you still here?"

"Yes." Sulan said darkly, standing near the force field. "I can assume from your tone that some form of action will be taken against me?" She begins to pace, walking near the field, never taking her eyes off Hannah.

"I don't know - LaBrie said they were taking you somewhere, but he wouldn't say where."

"I see..." she nods slowly. "I understand now... I wonder how it is that death will find me? An accident in transport? An unexpected fall while restrained?" She stares hard at Hannah. "I will not be taken... If you wish my life, you will have to take it by force!" The hints of a smile show on her lips, ever so slightly.

"No, Sulan...I don't think that..." Hannah was interrupted by two Security crewmen entering the brig.

"Oh? Don't you?" She leans close to the field. "It was I that sent Ryylar to protect you..." She smiles. "Me. You should count yourself lucky... Your one of only a few people who's ever managed to hurt me and survive...." She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "Computer... activate program 'Darkstar'" The force field wavers and fades out of existence, while the deck plating under the guards goes to over ten times normal gravity. Leaving only Hannah and Sulan unaffected.

: "Sulan! What are you doing?" Hannah said, panicking. She moved backwards, terrified of what Sulan was capable of.

Sulan steps boldly from the cell, without fear. She stoops and picks up a phaser rifle from the hands of a security guard pinned to the deck. and slings it over her shoulder, holding it by the strap. "Ah, I feel much better with a weapon on my person. How I've missed that feeling...."

Hannah shuffled back, grabbing a rifle of her own. She switched it to the stun setting, and fired at Sulan...but nothing happened. "You locked down the rifles as well?" She said in disbelief.

"Your actions... make me terribly sad..." She unslug her rifle, and pointed it at her. "I'd done that as a test... to see if you would stand with me... But now, I see your true allegiance." She walks toward her slowly.

"Sulan, please. You're scaring me." Hannah allowed herself to be forced backwards until her back hit the wall. She prepared herself to spring, if the occasion presented itself.

"Don't try it. I've killed enough humans to know when one is getting ready to attack me. If you move, I will kill you." She keeps the rifle pointed steady. " Tell me what they had planned for me." She sets the rifle to kill. "Now."

"I honestly don't know." Hannah said evenly, trying to keep Sulan calm. "LaBrie wouldn't tell me."

"So... It is possible that you were delivering me to my death. And you would have done so, had I not..." She trails off, shocked. She hadn't wanted to believe. She'd hoped Hannah would have warned her, or tried to help her escape.

: "Sulan, I know what you think about Petrova, but she had nothing to do with this. LaBrie promised me - he's trying to help you. I came down here to see you before they moved you..." Despite Sulan's words, Hannah was still looking for an opening.

"Hannah... Can you swear that neither Petrova nor LaBrie mean me any harm? Can you?!"

"Yes." Hannah said, confident. "Yes, I can. This paranoia is all in your head, Sules. Nobody is out to get you." She braced herself against the wall. It didn't look like Sulan was going to listen to reason, so she would have to be ready to take matters into her own hands. <Great idea - unarmed Hannah versus gun-toting Vulcan - I wonder how that's going to end?>

Sulan narrowed her eyes, thinking. <This is it. The choice I make next will decide my life... > Part of her mind screamed that she should vaporize Hannah and then move to Engineered to sabotage and destroy the ship, while another part insisted that she should hand over the rifle and trust her. "I-I should..." She stared at Hannah studying her face.

"Please, Sulan - I'm your friend...I'm not lying to you. Please, just trust me."

Several emotions passed over Sulan's face: Hared, anger, jealousy, and finally sadness and resignation. "Very well..." she said sounding drained. "I suddenly feel very weary." She said quietly while handing Hannah the rifle. "Computer cancel order Darkstar authorization code Three seven seven niner eight alpha gamma."

The gravity returned to normal, and the security guards started to stagger to their feet. Hannah dropped the rifle, and embraced Sulan, sobbing. The guards looked somewhat confused.

Sulan returned her embrace, for once not caring about logic, or who was superior. She was happy, here and now.

: "I love you, Sulan." Hannah said, quietly. "Don't ever scare me like that again."

: Sulan stiffens slightly. "I also love you, Hannah.... I trust you completely."

Hannah stepped back, and smiled through her tears. "Well then, we've got that. I'll find out where they're taking you. And when I've done that, I'll go there with you. How does that sound?"

"Understood. But I am hoping you'll allow me one more indulgence..." With that, she stepped forward and took Hannah's hands in her own, and gently kissed her on the lips. "When...when I said I loved you, I meant it, Hannah..." She whispered tenderly in the woman's ear. "Perhaps I'm but a fool, but I would give you my heart if you would ask it of me..."

Hannah pulled back, totally shocked. "I...Sules, I don't...I mean...I can't..." her words stumbled and caught on each other as she staggered backwards. She looked down at the floor. "I..." she turned and fled from the room.

Sulan watches her go without comment or expression. Whatever was in store for her, she would survive it and return to receive Hannah's answer. "Let's go maggots, your not paid by the hour, after all." She was escorted out of the brig with her head held high and Vulcan pride intact.


A joint post by:

Lieutenant (JG) Telek Sulan Chief of Security U.S.S. Pegasus "Illogical or not, I love you, all the same."


Lieutenant (JG) Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer U.S.S. Pegasus "Betrayal and love in the same ten minutes - I guess it's just been one of those days..."