A Mirror Shattered #146 - "To be lived a lie"


[Pot of Gold Casino, Room 508]

Evans woke up after an exhausting morning of unbridled passion he couldn't help but fall asleep afterwards. “Oh my god...” he mumbled when he woke up. “That was great... You really know how to please a man, Kris...”

He then looked over, and noticed a certain object missing. He looked around some more, and saw Kris' uniform laying on the floor. <Huh, she hasn't left yet... Maybe in the bathroom...>

“Kristiana? You in the bathroom?” he said a bit louder as he got up. He gathered his clothes, and checked the bathroom, when he didn't get an answer. “That's odd...” he mused.

He checked the room some more, and finally found the note that Kris had left him.

<Uh-oh...> Letters are never a good sign in a situation like this...

“Thank you for a wonderful night... The pleasure was all mine, believe me... Prince... yaddahyadday... first saw you... blahblah... casino... memories keep me warm...” Evans mumbled as he scanned through the letter.

“I can't stay with you, I can't live a lie.” he summarised. “Why not, I do nothing but...”

“Not a commander, not Starfleet..., Ah, I could see how that would be a problem... I just got ripped off... No, wait, if I remember correctly, this room was paid for... Gotta check by whom...”

“to get near me... speak... longed for... live her dream... Well, she does have taste”... Deep down, even he didn't agree with that last statement.

“Tasted rich life, pains to walk away, cannot take advantage... Throw her out?! Are you kidding?! After that shag?! That was the best I ever had!”

He jumped up, and opened the door. Nothing than an empty hallway greeted him.

“Kristiana!” he yelled, but no one answered. “Damn...”

He picked up his clothes again, and went to the shower. He would freshen up, and check the security cameras to see if he could trace where she went off to. Probably to the park. He would send some of his gorilla's into the park to find her. This time not to get her money, but to persuade her to return. However, he would instruct them to DO offer her a choice this time. Oh, and say please...

Yeah, that's what he would do. He was confident that he would be able to offer her a lot more than homeless insecurity. She could probably even work in the casino, as a... ahhh.. Ah, he would figure something out...


Mister Ronald Evans Owner of the “Pot of Gold Casino” “... ... that was... ... wow...”