"Renegade Deception" #23 - 27 "We're off !"


<USS Pegasus, Bridge, 4 hours after takeoff>

The bridgecrew just got word from engineering that the burst conduit was restored, and the warpcore was ready for use in 5 minutes, when Ronald entered the bridge. He gave a quick salute:"Ensign Evans reporting to duty ma'am!" He looked like he just came out of sickbay, which of course he did. His injured arm was in a sling, and sporadic traces of pain could be read in his face.

Without looking up from her console, Kristiana'd speak. "Took you long enough, Ensign. What was the problem ?" as she acknowledged the message from engineering that the warp core should be back online in a matter of minutes..

"Looking back on it, it was only a minor problem, ma'am. It was a faulty EPS connector, leaking plasma right onto one of the safety-cutout circ - what was that?" he pointed to the viewscreen with his healthy arm.

A frown as she glanced up from her console to the main viewscreen. ".. What was what ? .. Are you seeing things, Ensign ?" She still hasn't seen his injured arm yet.

"That, right there... At least it was there a second ago... Could have sworn it was some kind of shimmering out there... Kinda looked like a big eagle's beak..." Evans explained himself. "I may have had a painkiller, but the doc said I would be fit for duty, except for my left arm..."

".. eagle's beak ?" she blinked, then turned towards Evans. "Painkiller ? .. What's happened to your arm, Ensign ?" she'd rise from her chair, looking a bit worried now, and approached him.

"I might acknowledge Mr. Evans sighting, ma'am" is what T'Rell said when he turned from his on emergency power running console. "It could very well have been a Romulan ship." T'Rell turned back to his console to see if main power was back online, and perhaps to make ready to engage pursuit.

"Romulan sh...it... You mean a romulan warbird?" Evans mumbled.

"There is a good chance that the Romulan are keeping a close eye on us, we are in their territory" T'Rell turned once again from his console and looked at his XO. "Ma'am, did our captain said anything about an escort?"

"Speculation only." But she frowned .. Turned to Matsu Takashi. "Lieutenant Takashi, any signs whatsoever, anything out of the ordinary on sensors ?" The tactical officer replied "Nothing, Ma'am." Kristiana would nod, then turn back to Evans and T'rell. "We've got the latest files on romulan cloaking technology and I've ordered a continuous full spectrum sensor sweep. If there's something there, we would've picked it up again. Helm, what's the status on the warp drive ?"

On the second Kristiana asked about the warp drive it came back on. "It's back online ma'am, previous heading and maximum warp to make up for any lost time?" T'Rell asked Kristiana.

She would give a nod as she paced over the bridge. ".. Yeah. Helm, resume course - warp 8.5. Tactical, maintain yellow alert. And Evans .. .. Good work." Kristiana'd give Ronald a nod before sitting down in her chair again, looking thoughtful.

"Thank you, ma'am..." Ronald said, visibly relieved as he returned to his console.

T'Rell turned to his console, he heard what to do. He looked and he saw that the heading was good. He engaged warp. "I'll start a bit slow and I will give more power accordingly to prevent from any other disasters to happen, and not to get Mr Evans in trouble again." T'Rell looked at the stars which began to look like stripes again, and sat back a little bit.


JP Threesome by:

Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Eclipse


Ensign Ronald Ecans Ops, USS Eclipse


Ensign T'Rell Helm, USS Eclipse