A Mirror Shattered #144 "To live a lie"


<Room 508, Pot of Gold Casino>

She frowned a bit, watching him sleep. His handsome, manly face, his toned body, well-defined muscles though not exaggerated into a caricature. His slightly unruly hair. He looked so peaceful as he slept. " .. I'm sorry .. " she whispered quietly, as she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He murmurred slightly, stirring a bit, but remained asleep.

Quietly she slipped her nude form out of bed, siting down at a desk in the room, finding a piece of paper and a pen, she started to write the letter. Pausing every now and then, to think, to find the right words. Her mood seemed to slowly drop as she wrote along. From pensive to sad. But she felt that she had to do it.

When she was done, she signed the letter, leaving it on the desk. She looked around a bit, wondering what to wear. Not the uniform - she couldn't - not after writing that letter. She quietly, in a whisper, asked the replicator to make her some simle, cheap clothes - jeans and a t-shirt - which she put on.

Then she slipped downstairs, and out the exit, disappearing back into her old life - the one she knew.

When Evans, player extraordinaire and proprietor of the casino woke up again, he'd find the letter .. And he'd read:

"Dear Evans,

Thank you for a wonderful night. You've been a prince, you've given me what I have longed for for many years, eversince I first saw you, back when you opened the casino. The memories of this night will keep me warm for a long, long time to come.

But, that is all that they will be. Memories. I can't stay with you. I can't stay with the casino. I can't live a lie.

I am not a commander. I'm not even in Starfleet. I just posed as one, to get near you. To try to speak with you, the man I have longed for for years. I am just a homeless woman, who got a chance to live her dream. And for that, I want to thank you.

I've tasted the rich life, the fast life, and though it pains me to walk away, I feel I simply cannot take advantage of you by staying, by continuing a charade, knowing that you'd probably have me thrown out the moment you found out.

Kristiana Petrova."


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