A mirror shattered #97 & #98 "Idle chatter."

[On:] [USS Pegasus, Brig]

Not having found O'Driscoll, Ryylar made his way back to the brig and walked in, making a beeline for Sulan's cell.

"I couldn't find O'Drrrrrrrisssssscoll." He reported to her, a bit concerned.

"Is that so?" Sulan said sitting in the standard meditation position. "Is she still on the vessel”

"Computerrrrrrrr locate Lieutenant Hannah O'Drrrrrrrissssssscoll." Said Ryylar.

"Unable to comply." Came the computerized answer

“Perhaps the sensors are down due to damage?" She pauses looking at him. "Have you considerend my offer?" [23:29] Commander James Conrad: Star Trek: Katana - The Sword of the Federation: "About betrrrrrrraying Krrrrrrrisssssstiana and the sssssship?" He asked her cynically.

"No. you overestimate what I would ask of you." She keeps her eyes closed, still meditating. "Oh? Then outline it morrrrrrre ssssssspecccccccifically." He said, slipping his hand into his pocket.

"Another time, perhaps." She said, hearing the sound of a hand sliding into a pocket. "I sense nervousness in your tone, Mr. Ryylar. Why is that?"

: "Farrrrrrrr be it forrrrrr me not to be nerrrrrrvoussssss arrrrrrround ssssssomeone who wasssss foaming at the mouth lessssss than 18 hourrrrrrrrssssss ago." He said with a cocked eyebrow.

"Surely a strong beast such as yourself can despact me with little effort?" She said with a little mirth bleeding into her voice. "Why in fact, I'm al a loss to understand why I'm in the brig after suffering from a condition beyond my control." She said with a false tone of hurt knowing he was recording this.

"The sssssssame rrrrrrrreasssssson I ssssssspent time in the brrrrrrrig. Only I think yourrrrrrssssss issssss going to be much worrrrrrrssssssse than a few daysssssss." He said, pulling his hands from his pocket and popping out a small object, cylindrical, no semi cylindrical in shape. He smiled as he moved over to the field and opened his hand, showing her the small candy bar he had been concealing in his pocket.

"Is that so?" She said, not commenting on being fooled so well. "What do you belive will befall me?" she said starring at him with narrowed eyes. He shrugged. "I'm not sssssssssurrrrrrrre. Prrrrrrrrrobably worrrrrrrsssssse than yourrrrrr forrrrrrrmerrrrrrr officcccerrrrrrssss I trasssssshed."

"And... I suppose you believe your the one that can do it?" She gestured to the force-field panel. "Lower the field, and there will be nothing between us, but air and opportunity."

He blinked.

"Why do you want me to lowerrrrrrr the forrrrrccccccefield?" He asked her, perplexed.

"No paticular reason. I thought you'd have one actually." She closes her eyes once more, having barely moved. "How is Petrova? I heard she was feeling a bit... weak." She said the last with barely disguised scorn.

"With the blood you sssssssucked out of herrrrrrr thrrrrrrroat like a rrrrrrrabid Tiberrrrrrian bat, it'sssss no wonderrrrrr." He said with a shrug.

She remains silent, nearly showing a slight smile. "I supose I did, didn't I? Please remember to tell her how regretable I believe the incident to be." She said with false sincerity.

"You can tell herrrrrrr yourrrrrrsssssself the next time you sssssssee herrrrr." He said with a shrug.

"I will." she said simply. "What else is on your mind, Catian?"

: "That wasssssss it." He said with a shrug.

"Understood. Thought you should really learn to tell which way the wind is blowing, Ryylar. I won't be in this cage forever. When I get out..." She pauses, concidering her words. "Well, you'll see..." She said darkly.

"If you'rrrrrre ssssssstill chief of sssssssecurrrrrrity afterrrrrrr thissssss. Then I'll conssssssiderrrrrr it." He said with a nod.

"I will be, one way, or another.” She said tonelessly as he departed. “Do you think I’m evil Mr. Ryylar?” But he didn’t seem to hear her.


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