A Mirror Shattered #36 "Bloodlust."

[On] [Security Operations Office, U.S.S. Pegasus]

Sulan watched as weapons were handed out. She used the security public address system to address all security personnel as one. "Apparently, the ship is in a situation with a Jem' Hadar vessel, and another federation vessel. It would seem that the dominion vessel is heavily damaged, but the does not preclude the possibility that we may be boarded." She tweaked the setting on her modified phaser rifle, and made sure her wrist-sheaths were tightened correctly. "We also have yet to know if there is a changeling on the enemy vessel. So therefore, if the need should arise, I want the teams to perform low-powered phaser sweeps in areas where there are no personnel. Secondly, I want the following personnel to remain prepared to join me in a strike team, should the need arise: Miller, Rodriguez, Chang, Roberts." She paused looking at her staff as they rushed to their stations. They all moved with the precision that she had expected from them. Though they were nervous, and fearful none of them let it affect their performance. "Remember your training, and the fact that if Starfleet and I did not have every confidence in you, you would not be wearing those uniforms. That is all." She closed the channel, and glanced one more at the telemetry coming in from the bridge.

The Security Operations Office was a mass of controlled chaos. She watched as the security monitors showed the various security teams on their patrols, while damage control teams rushed past them toward areas that needed their attention. The security teams projected an air of calm control, as they moved from corridor to corridor. One person would crouch down, peeking around a corner with phaser rifle ready while a second person would come up behind them, covering in the opposite direction. That allowed two people to cover all 180 degrees of view, while the team behind them moved up into the next corridor, and secured it in the same manner. This leap-frog approach allowed a few personnel to secure the entire vessel very quickly. She felt a strong wave of pride as she watched her maggots go about their duties. These humans, who at first were so untrained and raw, that they were a danger to themselves as much as the enemy, now moved with the skill and ease of any elite warrior in the galaxy.

Yes, this was it. The feeling she remembered. The anticipation before a combat, the feeling of leading men and women into battle. She, and her squads could possibly end up fighting some Jem' Hadar before the day was out! It had been far too long since she'd killed, and she was curious to know which members of her squad had blood lust that could approach her own .

The death rattle of an enemy, the twitching a corpse made after she had stabbed or shot it's former owner... Yes, it had been far too long since she'd felt the pleasure of doing such things. If she was fortunate, she would have one or two members on her squads that felt the same way she did.

Sulan left the security office, heading to the bridge. She staggered when the ship rocked suddenly, but continued on her way. She wanted to badly to slay an enemy, that she couldn't suppress a small smile. If fortune was agreeable, she'd once again smell the tang smell of Jem' Hadar blood on the blades.


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