A mirror shattered #29-34 - "Clouded situation"


[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen stood from his chair, he wasn't good at sitting down when he was putting his ship in danger, even it it was to help an ally. He walked up to Evans at Ops "How are the shields holding up Lieutenant?" he asked looking over his shoulder to the readings.

"Shields are fine, sir. They dropped a bit fast in the beginning, but they stabilized at 97% before I had the chance to say anything..." Evans said. "They're actually restoring... 98%..."

"Thanks Evans, keep me posted" he said walking back to his chair and looking at his XO "are we doing the right thing?" he asked in a whisper, trying to avoid anyone from hearing it.

She sighed softly, eyes narrowed on the pretty fireworks on the viewscreen. "I think so, Sir." She answered, voice subdued. "That distress call wasn't very clear, but if it's genuine, then we can't waste any time .."

Caelen nodded, she was right... but then why did something tell him this was a bad idea. "How much longer Ensign?" he asked T'Rell, who was doing his best to avoid any damaging things in the anomaly.

"We might experience some 'turbulence' sir because of the anomaly, I predict 5 to 10 minutes." T'Rell said as he first looked at the map on his console, then looking at his captain.

"What the f..." Evans exclaimed suddenly "Sir! Shields just dropped to 72% and falling!" Suddenly a panel exploded right above him, and he cowered as a shower of sparks rained right onto him... Luckily, they were just metal splinters like those from a grinder... He checked his readings again. "Sir! Shields just dropped to 43%!"

"What the hell happened Lieutenant?!" he checked the readings coming in on his console, not waiting for an answer, before hitting his combadge =/\= LaBrie to Lieutenant Black, I hate to bring this to you but I need more power to the shields... and I need it ten seconds ago... =/\= he closed the comm again and turned to Kris "Damage report Commander"

Kristiana tapped a few quick commands .. "Shields holding, Sir - but barely. Moderate damage on decks six through eight, light injuries." Then she rose, turning to a small group of redshirts. "May, Mercury - head to engineering, assist in any way you can. Deacon, Taylor, head to sickbay, assist the doctor."

"I could divert power from secondary systems from here, sir! I don't think we need life support on the cargo bays right now..." Evans thought out loud.

[Main Engineering, Deck 8, USS Pegasus]

"I'll try..." Kitty sounded slightly dazed, from Engineering, and there were general sounds of chaos coming through the comlink from the commotion around her. Some shouting... a couple of alarms. "I'll pull it from secondary systems, unmanned areas and such." She hadn't heard Evans' comment. "The engines are taking a beating, though.. I'm not sure we can maintain speed if we keep this up."

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

"Make it so Evans" Caelen looked through the reports coming in through his armrest console. "Ensign, can you get us out of here any faster, I want to be able to help the ship when we get there... not drag them down" he asked almost in an order.

"That would be illogical sir, the turbulence will increase significant when we reach higher speeds." T'Rell said as he looked back at his captain. "I suppose it would only help towards the destruction of this vessel." he continued. "If I change the velocity slightly, we will be out of here 4 seconds faster." T'Rell said as he calculated it on his console.

"With the rerouted power, shields are climbing again, but only slowly... Not withstanding the physical damage we already sustained..." Evans reported.

"Keep a close eye on structural integrity, mister Evans .. Tactical, maintain weapons alert. Conn, keep scanning the anomaly, for any signs of federation ship or the Jem'Hadar .. " Kristiana reminded everyone.

"Then forget it..." Caelen said before he sighed a bit "...Evans, take the power he doesn't use and put it on the shields." he ordered. Another Energy surge hit the ship, as Caelen was reading the latest messages from all decks. The screen lit up Bright white for a split second before the screen cracked and exploded, sending molten pieces of shrapnel up the Caelen's arm, scorching off the uniform and melting it to his skin on certain places. In reflex Caelen jumped from the chair but found his left leg pierced by a piece of shrapnel from the exploding arm console. He dropped to the floor, using all his power to keep in an ear deafening scream and reverting it to a mere "Dammit!"

Kristiana managed to duck out of the way of a piece of debris, to keep from having her head impaled, jumping up as well "Damage report ! Divert all power to shields ! Get us out of here, Now ! I want reports, damnit !"

<Ah screw! I just got that thing fixed!> Evans thought. "Captain, you alright?!" he shouted as he looked around. "Ah..." he just said as he saw the state his captain was in. =/\=Russell! Prepare for a medical emergency beam-in! Captain just got pierced! And it ain't pretty!=/\= <Excuse my English...>

{Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Russell heard the announcement and replied =/\= Acknowledged! =/\= and stood up from behind his desk. <Things must be going bad up there> he thought to himself walking over to the biobeds.

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

"Right... Reports... Eh... Shields dropped again to 23%, Hull breach on deck... eh... one?! I guess that means emergency forcefields are up and holding... Evans reported.

Kristiana gave a nod to Evans "Good work." Before finally allowing herself to glance around, taking in the state of things, noting the injured. "Computer, lock on to Commander LaBrie and Ensign Hellema's signal, beam directly to sickbay, emergency transport."

{Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Commander LaBrie and Ensign Hellema materialized on the biobeds in sickbay. Russell already had a medical tricorder in his hand. He headed for the CO to analyze the injuries and instructed medical officer Palmer to check on Hellema.

There was a large piece of metal in LaBrie's upper left leg. "Exploded console, sir?" Russell asked his CO and scanned the gash. The metal went about twenty centimeters into the muscle tissue. "Luckily no vital arteries were punctured."

Russell then scanned the wounds on LaBrie's arm and chest. They were nasty burns from the melted materials the console was made of. "Nasty second degree burns, Commander, almost third degree on your arm."

"Arm Console, it first went Bright White and then a flash..." Caelen said still confused looking up a bit to see the damage himself. "...just fix it Doc" he said with a heavy sigh. laying back on the bed.

[Main Engineering, Deck 8, USS Pegasus]

Lt. Black contacted the bridge again shortly after the Captain was beamed to Sickbay.. but she didn't know anything had happened to him. "Engineering to Bridge.. I have to take the impulse engines offline as soon as we're out of this." She was beginning to sound decidedly panicky, but she was still in control. "We've got a radiation problem down here. We need to drop out of warp as soon as possible." There were more sounds of chaos coming through her comm unit... a couple of shrieks and more alarms. "No, NO, get away from that...!" she suddenly called out, and there was the distant sound of an explosion. "As soon as you can, Bridge, let me know."

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

=/\= Petrova here - understood, Lieutenant. I'll let you know. =/\= as she sat down again. "Helm, how long till we're out ? Evans, keep those reports coming .. "

"Ma'am, according to the reading on my screen, we are reaching the end of the anomaly." T'Rell replied to his XO, who was now leading the bridge. I assume it will take another 2 minutes." He reported.

"Shields climbing again, after that last dip... Seems like it comes in waves. Last one was not as strong as the previous ones, so it seems we're moving away from it. Conduit bursts on all decks, one hull breach, but forcefields are holding. No casualties, but several tens of people are wounded. Five critically. I need coffee..."

Evans was running on automatic pilot as he said that, no modulation in his voice whatsoever. He was on a roll... "... Badly...."

"Increase your speed, mister T'Rell. Full Impulse. I want out of here, fast as possible." Kristiana ordered, calmly. "Evans, keep an eye on that structural integrity .. "

"Structural integrity is fine ma'am, but it seems that everything consuming energy has sustained damage in some form or other..." Evans replied to that.

T'Rell heard the order and turned to the console, he switched to full impulse with the touch on his console. "We will be out of the anomaly in 10 seconds." T'Rell said as the ship was moving into 'safety' as the ship and crew had no idea what they would encounter. "We are clear of the anomaly" T'Rell spoke after around ten seconds. "We are no longer experiencing any turbulence ma'am."

"Thank you, Mister T'Rell." Petrova replied. =/\= Petrova to Lieutenant Black. You can disengage warp drive, but I'll want it back online as quickly as possible. =/\= "Conn, keep scanning. Tactical, keep those weapons active. Mister Evans, status on shields and weapons, please." Her voice was calm and to-the-point, showing control.

The clouds of the anomaly parted from the bow and rolled back into the anomaly as the Pegasus broke free. The viewscreen just showed more space, making the crew wonder why they didn't receive a signal around the anomaly and not through it. On the viewscreen was space, filled with debris from two Jem'Hadar fighters and what appeared to be pieces of a Federation starship. Perhaps they have gotten there to late, but no, just inside Weapons range was another Jem'Hadar fighter, fast agile but half broken. It was making another attack run on a Prometheus class vessel... or at least the saucer section of it. The Federation debris they had seen were the two other parts of the construction that could separate into three combat and warp capable sections. The Saucer was badly damaged, even more than the Jem'Hadar fighter... weird, there had been no notice of Jem'Hadar in the Alpha or Beta quadrants... let alone this sector. And the nearest Prometheus class was two days away on Warp 9.99...


Getting into even more trouble by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "Don't Walk into the light!"


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Damnit, in command of the ship Again ?"


Lt. jg. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus (no tagline)


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Ops Officer USS Pegasus "Reporting energy shield and coffee level"


Lt. jg Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus


Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus