Blue Ball # 32-36 - "Leaving shore" v2

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[Transporter Room One, Deck 5, USS Pegasus]

The blue light disappeared and Starfleet HQ made place for the familiar insides of the Pegasus, one month ago Caelen would've never thought he would want to be back, that it would feel good to be back. He picked up the black casing that held a guitar in one hand and a bag with keyboard in the other, the amplifiers and drums would be brought to the Cargo bay on the last shuttle that would drop supplies on the Pegasus. He stepped off the pad and nodded to the Transporter Chief, before he heard the transporter hum behind him again. He turned around slightly, curious who it was and eager to have somebody share the burden.

Russell had left for Earth without any luggage. But he brought a rather large case with him back to the Pegasus. In it was his bass guitar, an old MTD American 435. He hadn't played on it for years, but somehow felt the urge to bring it along. Probably because of the message he received from his late friend Dirin Yvex or 'Spots', who now turned out to be Nealas Yvex, a colleague aboard the USS Hokkaido. Just to pick up some tunes like he did years ago when he, his sister and Spots were playing in a band.

When the transporter completed his transfer back to the ship he saw the case next to him on the floor. Near the exit of the transporter room was his CO holding a familiar shaped case. Russell picked up his bass guitar and said "I somehow thought of you as a admirer of music. Rock music perhaps?" Russell smirked.

Caelen jerked his head back to throw is long hair over his shoulders "What gave it away?" he asked rethorically with a smirk, <Damn, he's already hauling a case> "So what do you play?"

Russell patted the case and said "In this box is my trusty bass guitar. I have tested my skills during shore leave and my wife Laura insisted that I brought it along. I'm not sure it had to do with my skill of playing." he smiled. "It's been a while. I used to play in a band with my sister and a good friend of mine some twenty-ish years ago." he added with a playful look on his face.

Caelen turned again and stepped to the exit "So where are you planning on practising those skills, Doc?" he looked shortly over his shoulder to make sure Floyd was following him.

"In my quarters of course. I'll bet my roommate Evans won't mind if I play some riffs. Tough chance I'll wake him up anyway." Russell said with a smile referring to the noisy way Evans slept on earlier occasions.

Caelen grinned but before Russell could walk out of the transporter room the pad energized again. Curious to whether he could let somebody else carry the keyboard, Caelen looked around.

Evans looked around... He barely had time to return the cargo shuttle 'U-Haul' to the resupply station on the surface, when the order came to embark again. "Oh, hello..." he said when he saw his CO and his roommate standing there with various pieces of musical equipment.

"Lieutenant!" Caelen said overly happy, and only because he wanted something from him off course "I've got a present for you." He held out the keyboard for Evans to grab and drag to the Cargo bay, it was heavier than the guitar so it was the logical choice to let Evans carry.

"Oomph! Eh, yessir... " Evans mumbled and stumbled, when he got the keyboard dumped into his arms "Ngh! This thing's heavy! What the hell is it?!"

"Your new keyboard, Lieutenant... welcome to that band" Caelen smirked, not explaining anything else "now come on we're about to leave and I want this stuff in Cargo bay one before we do" it sounded almost like and order. He then paced towards the turbo lift, hoping that they would all fit in with all that musical equipment. He leaned against the back waiting for the others to step in.

"Eh, for the record, I don't think that's gonna fit..." Ronald stated, as he compared the big cases to the relatively small lift.

Russell stood in front of the Turbo lift and watched Evans squeeze himself in with the large keyboard case. "There's no way I will fit in as well." he smirked seeing Evans and LaBrie fiddling to make some room for him.

With a lot of effort they managed to get into the lift and the doors could even close, Caelen shifted around a bit to try and make himself a bit more comfortable "ehm..." he thought out loud "...does anyone know the location of Cargo bay one?"

Evans sighed "I learned this trick from Nalash, observe... Computer, where is cargo bay one?"

The computer chirped happily "Cargo bay one is on deck eleven"

Caelen nodded "Thanks Ensign..." he knew he could ask the computer he just wanted to save the trouble by somebody who knew "...Deck Eleven"

"Eh, I'm actually a lieutenant now... eh... oh... Never mind..." Ronald stated.

The lift came to a stop again on deck eleven "Doc, you're on my toe." Caelen exclaimed before the lift doors opened on Deck eleven.

"Sorry 'bout that, sir." Russell smiled. When the doors suddenly opened he lost his balance as he was leaning against them in the tight fitting Turbo lift. He fell over backwards on the floor but was able to break his fall. He then saw his bass guitar case falling down heading straight for him. His quick reflexes made that he could catch it in time before it would make hurt more than just his backside.

As the doc fell, Evans' support vanished as snow for the sun too, so he too rather rolled than walked out of the elevator, followed closely by a keyboard case...

"Amateurs..." Caelen said stepping casually over the cases and his officers, just heading for Cargo bay one knowing that the two would follow him. On his way to the bay he hit his combadge with his free hand =/\= LaBrie to Lieutenant Black, please come in =/\=

=/\= Lieutenant Black here... =/\= As always, the engine room was in mild chaos. =/\= I leave for a few days and everything goes... well...=/\=

"Flat on the floor, you mean?" Evans said, painfully crawling from under the keyboard case...

Russell got up from the floor and tried to help Evans up. "They really should make these Turbo lifts a bit bigger." he smirked.

=/\= Are we ready for departure Lieutenant? =/\= Caelen ignored Evans and started making sure they would be ready to leave the second he stepped on the bridge. =/\= I am, sir.=/\= Kitty sounded bright and cheerful. =/\= I have nothing to do with how ready You are. =/\= Awfully cheerful.

=/\= I meant the ship Lieutenant, the Ship =/\= Caelen answered semi- seriously before triggering the doors to Cargo bay one with his presence.

=/\= The engines are still where we left them, sir, and we seem to still have a warp core, or at least something that resembles one. =/ \= Kitty responded. She couldn't stop herself in time.

Evans never bothered to pick up the heavy case. Instead he just walked backward, dragging the case behind him into the cargo bay. "Yup, still heavy... What's in this case next to a keyboard, a Romulan singularity drive? We could use that instead of the warp core if someone switched it with a plywood fake..."

Caelen arched an eyebrow before shaking his head a bit <I suppose Kitty gets it> he thought =/\= Well, get her up and running... I want to leave, time for a next mission, LaBrie out =/\= he came to a standstill in what appeared to be a pre-arranged corner in the Cargo bay. "Put the stuff here" he pointed out the place for the Doc and Chief Ops to plant the instruments they were hauling with them.

"We're not allowed to play instruments in our rooms?" Russell joked. "I'm sure Evans won't mind." he added looking at Evans with smile on his face.

"I could introduce you to my interpretation of 'Frere Jaque' at 5 in the morning..." Evans semi-joked, entirely not looking forward of having a roommate playing some instrument when he's trying to sleep...

"I'm sure I can follow that tune with my bass guitar. Even at 5 in the morning." Russell laughed.

"Well, I'm not..." Evans answered...

Caelen shook his head a bit. "Don't want to hear any complaints about Evans abusing his keys in that way..." he continued the joke with a wink before heading to the exit again "...for now Cargo bay one is our podium... but first, we need to get going again."

[Main Bridge, Deck 1, USS Pegasus]

Caelen and Evans stepped out of the turbo lift, having dropped off the Doc on deck 6. LaBrie headed straight to his chair and sat down, Lieutenant Evans headed to his own console. T'Rell was already on the bridge, probably doing some pre-flight checks or meditation or something "Ensign, do we have clearance to disembark?"

"We should in two minutes, sir." T'Rell looked over his shoulder. "I'm ready with all pre-flight checks, so we can disembark as soon as we have clearance." T'Rell continued. "How was your shore leave sir?" he asked as he looked on his console, checking if the course laid in was the most efficient.

"I haven't seen a single Shore Ensign" Caelen joked, he really was in a good mood today, a new guitar and with Floyd they had a complete band, although they could use another guitarist "Did you enjoy your time off?"

Evans couldn't help but groaning at the worst pun he had ever heard...

"Is there a problem Lieutenant?" Caelen asked at the groan of Evans.

"No sir, still aching from that enormous case..." Evans lied just in time...

"It was very interesting, I must say. I saw Macbeth the other day, a very intriguing story." T'Rell told his Commanding Officer. He then looked at Evans and listened to the explanation of Evans's groaning and then raised his eyebrow. T'Rell heard a beeping sound indicating that clearance had been given, he then turned back to his console. "Sir, we are cleared to leave." He then said.

"Yey... Off to another utter disaster..." Evans mumbled...

"Very well, move us away from the dock, quarter impulse" Caelen figured there were so many Captains ordering Full impulse disembarking the Starbase crew would like a change. "When we're clear of the base set a course for Starbase 343, Warp five."

"Power readings are nominal sir. Warp drive and primary systems are on line and ready. Secondary systems on standby..." Evans informed the Captain and T'Rell.

T'Rell 'shifted' the horse into first gear and it started moving. The left and right side of the stardock disappeared on both sides of the view screen. The ship reached quarter impulse in about thirty seconds. T'Rell steered the ship in the right direction and after about 1 minute, they were clear of the base. "We're clear of the base, sir. It would be logical if you gave the order." He said looking at his CO.

<Oh just push the button already!...> Evans mused.

Caelen stood up from his chair and walked forward "Go..." he just said, being rather original today and not using 'engage' or 'make it so' for a change. T'Rell kicked the Pegasus into Warp speed and everything seemed to go as planned, they were headed for the Starbase where they would get a more interesting mission then the last one. "There we go again" Caelen quietly mused softly to himself before turning around and walking to the ready room "Commander you have the bridge, I'll be in my ready room" he nodded to Kristiana, who had been rather quiet today, probably had something to do with Ryylar being in the brig and him being the one that put him there. He then eyed his new Lieutenant, the Chief Tactical, hoping that he had not misjudged her and that giving her a fair chance would help her do a little better at her job. He walked up the ramp and the ready room opened, allowing him entrance "Home sweet home..."


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